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2004-08-03abook 0.5.2nb1Text-based addressbook program
2004-08-26acid 0.9.6b23Database class library for PHP4
2004-05-09adodb 4.00Active Data Objects Data Base for php4
2004-05-10bdb-xml 1.2.1Native XML data manager built on Berkeley DB
2004-02-27cdb 0.75Creates and reads constant databases
2004-06-17db 2.7.7nb1Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 2
2004-06-30db3 3.11.2nb2Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
2004-07-03db4 4.2.52nb4Berkeley DB version 4 from Sleepycat Software
2004-05-09dbh 1.0.18Library to create disk based Hashtables
2004-08-25edb 1.0.3nb3Database abstraction layer to Berkeley databases
2004-05-10freetds 0.61.2LGPL'd implementation of Sybase's db-lib/ct-lib/ODBC libs
2004-03-12gdbm 1.8.3The GNU database manager
2004-03-12gdbm_primitive 1.15nb1Shell primitives for working with GDBMs
2004-05-10geneweb 4.09GeneWeb is a comprehensive genealogy database application
2004-02-27gnats 3.113.1Cygnus GNATS bug tracking system
2004-05-10gnats 4.0GNATS bug tracking system
2004-05-09gnome-mime-data 2.4.1nb1MIME and Application database for GNOME2
2004-08-26gq 1.0beta1nb3GTK-based LDAP client
2004-08-26gramps 1.0.6Genealogical Research and Analysis Management Programming System
2004-08-25gtksql 0.3nb4Query tool for PostgreSQL written with GTK
2004-08-26gtranscript 0.0.1nb7SQL Database Client with GNOME frontend
2004-08-03guile-pg 0.07nb4PostgreSQL interface for Guile
2004-05-09iodbc 2.50.3ODBC 2.x driver manager
2004-07-16java-db3 3.11.2Java interface to Sleepycat Software's Berkeley DB version 3
2004-05-09jdb 1.12Commands for manipulating flat-ASCII databases
2004-08-03jdbc-postgresql 7.3.3100% Java JDBC driver for PostgreSQL
2004-08-03jdbc-postgresql 7.4.3Pure Java JDBC driver for PostgreSQL 7.4.x
2004-08-26kmysqladmin 0.5.1nb6MySQL administration GUI
2004-08-25libgda 1.0.4nb1GNU database access library
2004-08-25libgda-postgres 1.0.4nb1GNU database access library - postgres provider
2004-08-26libgnomedb 1.0.4GNOME2 database library
2004-08-03libpqxx 2.1.3nb1C++ interface to postgresql-lib
2004-02-27libpqxx-doc 2.1.3Documentation for libpqxx
2004-04-08lua-sqlite 20030228SQLite binding for LUA
2004-08-26mergeant 0.12.1nb11GNOME2 GNOME-DB database front-end
2004-04-17metakit-lib database library
2004-05-09myodbc 2.50.36ODBC driver (server side) for MySQL
2004-05-16mysql-client 3.23.58MySQL 3, a free SQL database (client)
2004-06-22mysql-client 4.0.20MySQL 4, a free SQL database (client)
2004-05-16mysql-server 3.23.58MySQL 3, a free SQL database (server)
2004-08-25mysql-server 4.0.20MySQL 4, a free SQL database (server)
2004-08-26mysqlcc 0.9.4nb1MySQL Control Center
2004-06-14mytop 0.8Console-based tool for monitoring the threads and performance of MySQL
2004-05-09odbc-postgresql 7.2.3ODBC interface to PostgreSQL
2004-08-06openldap 2.2.13nb1Lightweight directory access protocol server and client package
2004-05-10oraedit 0.1.3Editor of PL/SQL source stored in Oracle database
2004-08-26p5-AddressBook 0.16nb1Perl5 module for unified access to addressbook databases
2004-06-14p5-Apache-DBI 0.94DBI DBI support for Apache+mod_perl
2004-08-06p5-BerkeleyDB 0.25Access Berkeley DB
2004-06-14p5-DBD-CSV 0.2002Access CSV files via DBI
2004-06-14p5-DBD-Google 0.11Perl DBI/DBD driver for using Google as a datasource
2004-06-14p5-DBD-mysql 2.1017Perl DBI/DBD driver for MySQL databases
2004-06-14p5-DBD-Oracle 1.14Perl DBI/DBD driver for Oracle databases
2004-08-03p5-DBD-postgresql 1.22nb1Perl DBI/DBD driver for PostgreSQL databases
2004-06-14p5-DBD-SQLite 0.25Perl DBI/DBD driver for sqlite databases
2004-07-22p5-DBD-Sybase 0.94nb3Perl DBI/DBD driver for Sybase/MS-SQL databases
2004-06-14p5-DBD-XBase 0.241Perl DBI/DBD driver for XBase (dBase/FoxPro) databases
2004-06-14p5-DBI 1.41The database-independent Perl database access API
2004-06-14p5-DBI-Shell 11.9Interactive command Shell for the Perl DBI
2004-08-25p5-DBIWrapper 0.20Perl extension for generic DBI database access
2004-05-09p5-DBIx-DataSource 0.02Create and drop functions for databases
2004-08-04p5-DBIx-SearchBuilder 1.01Extension for easy SQL SELECT Statement generation
2004-05-09p5-DB_File 1.806Perl5 module to use Berkeley DB version 1 API
2004-05-09p5-gdbm 1.05nb1Perl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
2004-05-09p5-MARC 1.15Perl5 module for manipulating MARC (MAchine Readable Cataloging) data
2004-07-19p5-MLDBM 2.01Perl5 module for storing arbitrary data in tied hashes
2004-07-19p5-MLDBM-Sync 0.15Perl5 module for safe concurrent access to MLDBM databases
2004-05-09p5-Palm 1.3.0Access Palm .pdb and .prc database files
2004-05-10p5-perl-ldap 0.30nb1Perl class to access LDAP servers
2004-08-03p5-postgresql 1.9.0nb2Perl interface class for PostgreSQL
2004-05-09p5-SQL-Statement 1.005Small, abstract SQL engine
2004-05-10p5-sybperl 2.16Perl modules for using Sybase/MS-SQL databases
2004-08-03pgaccess 0.98.8nb1Graphical database management tool for PostgreSQL
2004-07-16php-dba 4.3.8PHP4 extension for DBM database access
2004-07-16php-dbase 4.3.8PHP4 extension for dBase database access
2004-07-16php-filepro 4.3.8PHP4 extension for read-only filePro database access
2004-08-25php-ldap 4.3.8PHP4 extension for LDAP database access
2004-07-16php-mssql 4.3.8PHP4 extension for MS SQL databases
2004-07-16php-mysql 4.3.8PHP4 extension for MySQL databases
2004-07-16php-odbc 4.3.8PHP4 extension for ODBC access
2004-08-03php-pgsql 4.3.8PHP4 extension for PostgreSQL databases
2004-08-09phpmyadmin-2.5.7 pl1Set of PHP-scripts to adminstrate MySQL over the WWW
2004-08-03phppgadmin 2.4.2nb1Set of PHP-scripts to administer PostgreSQL over the WWW
2004-08-03postgresql73 7.3.6Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
2004-08-03postgresql73-client 7.3.6PostgreSQL database client programs
2004-08-03postgresql73-docs 7.3.6PostgreSQL database system documentation
2004-08-03postgresql73-lib 7.3.6PostgreSQL database headers and libraries
2004-08-03postgresql73-plperl 7.3.6PL/Perl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
2004-08-03postgresql73-pltcl 7.3.6PL/Tcl procedural language for the PostgreSQL backend
2004-08-03postgresql73-server 7.3.6PostgreSQL database server programs
2004-08-06postgresql74 7.4.3Robust, next generation, object-relational DBMS
2004-08-06postgresql74-client 7.4.3nb1PostgreSQL database client programs
2004-08-03postgresql74-contrib 7.4.3PostgreSQL database contrib programs
2004-08-03postgresql74-docs 7.4.3PostgreSQL database system documentation
2004-08-18postgresql74-lib 7.4.3nb1PostgreSQL database headers and libraries
2004-08-06postgresql74-server 7.4.3PostgreSQL database server programs
2004-04-05pxtools 0.0.20Paradox database export/info utilities
2004-08-25pypth-ldap 2.0.2LDAP client API for Python
2004-08-03pypth-sybase 0.36Sybase interface for Python using FreeTDS
2004-08-25py23-bdb-xml 1.2.1Python wrapper for Berkeley DB XML C++ API
2004-08-03py23-gdbm 0nb1Python interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
2004-08-25py23-IndexedCatalog 0.6.0IndexedCatalog Indexed Catalog extension for standalone ZODB
2004-08-25py23-metakit database library
2004-08-25py23-mysqldb 0.9.2MySQL interface for Python
2004-08-25py23-PgSQL 2.4nb2Python DB-API 2.0 compliant interface to PostgreSQL
2004-08-25py23-postgresql73 3.3Python interface to PostgreSQL
2004-08-25py23-sqlite 0.5.1SQLite database adapter for Python
2004-08-25py23-ZODB 3.2.1nb1Standalone distro of Zope Object Database
2004-08-25py23pth-bsddb3 4.2.4nb1Python extension module for Berkeley DB 4
2004-08-25py23pth-psycopg 1.1.14PostgreSQL database adapter for Python
2004-08-25quicklist 0.8.6nb3Simple database like AppleWorks & MS Works
2004-05-09rdb 2.6.4Relational database system that uses standard filters via pipes
2004-08-26rrdtool 1.0.40nb3Data analysis tool generating graphical representations
2004-05-16ruby-DBD-mysql 0.0.21DBD/mysql for ruby
2004-08-03ruby-DBD-postgresql 0.0.21DBD/postgres for ruby
2004-03-18ruby-DBI 0.0.21DBI DBI for ruby
2004-03-18ruby-gdbm 1.6.8nb2Ruby extension to GDBM library
2004-05-09ruby-mysql 2.4.5Ruby extension for MySQL
2004-08-03ruby-postgresql 0.7.1nb1Ruby extension for postgresql
2004-08-03ruby-vapor 0.7.0Ruby transparent persistence to postgresql
2004-02-27sdbm 90.12.1Substitute DBM, an implementation of the `real' ndbm library
2004-08-25shared-mime-info 0.14Core database of common types
2004-08-06sqlite 2.8.15SQL Database Engine in a C Library
2004-04-17sqlrelay 0.33.1Enables pooling and sharing of database connections
2004-05-10sqsh 2.1SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers
2004-05-10sqsh-motif 2.1SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers
2004-05-10sqsh-x11 2.1SQL shell for Sybase and MS-SQL servers (X11 support)
2004-05-10tcl-fbsql 1.06Tcl interface to MySQL
2004-05-10tcl-gdbm 0.10Tcl interface to gdbm - GNU database manager
2004-08-03tcl-postgresql73 7.3.6Tcl interface to PostgreSQL
2004-03-12tdb 1.0.6Small database system which uses files to store data
2004-08-03tk-postgresql73 7.3.6Tk interface to PostgreSQL
2004-05-10unixodbc 2.0.11nb1ODBC 2.x/3.x driver manager
2004-08-26unixodbc-DataManager 2.0.11nb1GUI tool for unixODBC data source management
2004-08-26unixodbc-ODBCConfig 2.0.11nb1GUI tool for unixODBC driver configuration
2004-05-09xmysql 1.10nb3Graphical front end to the MySQL database engine
2004-05-09xmysqladmin 1.0nb3Graphical front end for administering MySQL databases
2004-05-09xsqlmenu 2.10nb3X based GUI for MySQL
2004-06-14yasql 1.81Yet another SQLPlus replacement for Oracle
2004-08-25zope-mysql 1.1.3nb3Zope Database Adaptor for MySQL

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