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Workshop Format

To ensure the participatory character of BAQ 2004 one-third of the time in each of the plenary sessions andsub-workshop sessions will be reserved for discussions. The draft program of BAQ 2004 will be posted in this section in the next few weeks.

Plenary Theme Sessions

These sessions deal with topics which are believed to be of interest to the majority of participants.

Sub-Plenary Sessions

These are parallel, large-format sessions that cover broad themes on AQM in Asia.


These sessions provide opportunities for in-depth presentations and discussions on either policy, institutional or technical issues.

Networking Session

These allow countries and cities represented in BAQ 2003 to discuss AQM priorities among themselves. The networking session is conducted as part of the sub-workshops.

Poster Session

This is another possibility to share the results of your work on air quality management with other professionals. Posters will be displayed for the duration of BAQ 2004.

Here are some pictures from last year's poster session (BAQ 2003, Manila):

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