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Siberia Airlines official statement

August 25th 2004, 6 a.m. Moscow time

Siberia Airlines is sorry to confirm that on Tuesday, August 24th, the aircraft carrying out flight #1047 Moscow-Sochi disappeared from the radar screens approximately at 23.00 (Moscow time).

Despite the fact that details are not clear at the moment, we can confirm that there were 46 people including 8 crew members on board the aircraft. The Tu-154 liner (RA-85556) is being operated starting from 1982. The total number of flight hours is 30751 with the appointed resource being 37000 hours. The date of the last heavy maintenance is August 1993. The number of flight hours after the heavy maintenance is 14876 with the appointed number of flight hours between heavy maintenance being 15000 hours. The aircraft underwent the last maintenance (B+) August 2004.

Siberia Airlines will give out additional information as it arrives.

The contact hotline is 8 800 200 000 7.

For media contacts please call Ilya Novokhatskiy 7 095 518 17 98

Siberia Airlines has received hundreds of responses and condolences from all over Russia, from the countries of the former Soviet Union and other nations.

The air company expresses profound gratitude to all those who showed their compassion and support in connection with the tragic deaths of the crew and passengers of Flight 1047 Moscow-Sochi. Thank you!

You can send a message by e-mail: 1047@s7.ru

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