Kivalliq Region
Hamlet of Baker Lake
P.O. Box 149 Baker Lake, NU X0C 0A0
Mayor: Tel: 793-2874 Fax: 793-2509
Power Plant Tel: 793-2930 Fax: 793-2532

Baker Lake is also known as Qamani'tuaq, 'big lake joined by a river at both ends'. The two rivers joining Baker Lake are designated Canadian heritage rivers, the Kazan and Thelon Rivers.

Baker Lake, the only non-coastal Inuit settlement in Nunavut, has long been known for its fine arts. During the 1950s, artists from Baker Lake pioneered the art of printmaking in the North, achieving global recognition for their skill. more...

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Plant Status Report - Baker Lake - 611 April 2001
Power House
The existing powerhouse was phased in over a period of years from 1975 to 1985. The building was originally designed as a parking garage. There is also a shed next to the plant used for the fuel system. We are currently studying the floor of the plant for movement. This could lead to work being required in the future. An office trailer and storage space were added in 1995 along with improvements to the ventilation, mechanical systems of the building. A PLC was installed in 1994. The property was fenced in 1996.
Storage Facilities
Office Facilities
The office is an ADCO trailer joined to the plant. The area between the plant and the office
trailer serves as storage space. This facility is functional, but storage is at a premium. We use Zbed Fuel Services as our Agent in Baker Lake.
Prime Movers
Unit #
Total Installed Capacity
Peak 2000/01 Load Requirement
Fuel Tanks
There are two 90K tanks in Baker Lake in a metal berm. Our annual supply is all nominated
(1, 655,000 litres) and truck delivered. In 1984 there was a major spill in Baker Lake from the previous tank farm, which was located above the existing plant. That spill has contaminated a large portion of NTPC's property. The Hamlet became acutely aware of this in 1996 during the demolition of the old plant. This demolition was done with full disclosure to the Dept. of Ren. Res and the methods were agreed upon. Studies have been conducted and The Hamlet, in 1997, has approached the Dept. Of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. This dept has committed to look into it this summer.
Capital Work
1. Unit 3031319 has exceeded its anticipated life span and replacement is required.
2. Geotechnical Evaluation - 98/99 BI.
Plant Forecast
Residual heat doesn't appear to be an option due to the location of the plant in town. The
contamination of the site may become a major issue. The Hamlet is very set on a new plant and brings it up at every opportunity, but the existing plant will serve beyond our forecast range. The new Head Office Administration department will be in Baker Lake starting April 2000. Plans are underway to build a new powerhouse in a different location, completion by the fall of 2002.
Future Work




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