2004-01-11 - 1:11 p.m.

> h2o <

steam, ice, and water are all h2o.
& muons & tau neutrinos & other crap
leptons, let's not cling to technicalities,
but if you are attached to water
and water becomes ice, then you say
the water disappeared. so it is dead!
the fish is dead too. raise the temperature
and the water is born again. with
some cryogenic luck, the fish as well.
raise the temperature again and
the water disappears and becomes steam
and so you say the water is again dead!
this time the fish is cooked good.

if you are attached to something
and it disappears, you suffer.
if you are attached to only doing
what you like, you suffer.

don't be attached to water, ok?
eat the fish if it's cooked and
go snowboarding on ice when you
have suicidal ideations. name &
form are changing, changing, changing,
so another way to say this is that
form is emptiness and emptiness is form.

this understanding is apparently only
90 degrees on the zen circle. burn
the circle and use a tesseract if
you're so inclined. no one cares.

leap like a tiger while sitting.

dear seung sahn soen sa,

thank you for your advice. now i have put down your letter,
put down your opinions, put down your situation. i gave up
trying 108,000 years ago. zen master ma tsu said that this
line (__________) is either long or short. like wise [sic]
my w0rds are either ignorant or enlightened. from moment
to moment i discover my incongrous Self in every shadow,
reflection, and echo, in dust, noise, and stuck in kong-an disguise.
i am yours in neither doctrine nor no-doctrine. tony.

on the bottom of the original letter, the master's reply:


z0tl, like jerry springer, has afterthoughts:

i'ma pop open a dos equis (XX) and surf for some p0rn!


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