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 Result07-18-2004 04:15:04
As you visitor's gfrom the CWA Board may already know, two more vehicles have been added to the C2 section. They are; The Interceptor modelled after the ones used in the original "Mad Max" movie ( and, the infamous "Monster" driven by Frankenstein in the movie Death Race 2000 . There may be files missing from the original's as, I found these on a hard drive of mine that is now 7 years out of any system. But, I figured that you guy's would just like to have access to these great old-school C2 vehicles.
 Greetz!01-08-2004 08:31:15
As you are all probably well aware, the TDR section has gone into overdrive! But, the C2 section seems to be stuck in neutral... If you have ANY C2 files that are no longer accessible via the internet, PLEASE submit them! As I pointed out before over at the CWA Board, this is a community project (Kinda...) FOR the community. If you are having trouble uploading here for some reason, just send the file(s) to me at & I'll be happy to take care of the upload for you. We will also GLADLY accept any C1 stuff that might still be floating around out there.

 That's It... I Quit01-06-2004 15:39:10
Yep... All done.... nothing major to add... Just now to finish doing the small stuff on the site.... finish all the file indexs, thumbnails and crap like that.

The Forum is open if you wish to comment on anything on the site.

I think the whole site is ie5 compatible now, so it all should work.
 More Core Work01-05-2004 18:27:29
Well... I spent the better part of this day, working on some compatibility issues with IE 5( I am hoping) Now, some of the older browsers should be able to see the site more correctly now. I still havent tackled any part of netscape yet, and not much of mac compatibility... that is yet another huge task.

Other things that were done... I fixed the board, where anyone can post some news on it... I had a single number out of place... which of course will mess everything up. I also had a chance to fix the site stats... showing more accurately the things that are going on. As well as a Last Visitor stat(which may change, depending on how long you have had the site up.) I also fixed alot of the core Java. To help stop accedently deleted files. I also gave the admins the ability to change file names as needed. Which is a marked improvement.

Well.. What's comming up???
Well... As far as I know the last thing that I have to deal with is a cycling banner. Shouldn't take too much time. I am also considering creating a log on here, to help keep track of who did what, and what it will take to fix any errors that came across. That will be the fun one...
 Minor Update pt201-05-2004 13:45:01
Jus did 15 more Thumbs an added 4 more TDR Cars, tha leave like 6 TDR cars without thumbs for som1 else 2 tackle, but hope these thumbs help ppl 2 know what there gettin when they hit download.Peace, CaSpA
 Minor Update01-05-2004 02:49:45
I added a bunch of Thumbnails 2 the TDR cars(20 2 be exact), and I changed the thumbnail for MarkIV, witch i put on there a few days ago an I just didn't like it, so anyway, 2morrow I will try 2 finish up the car thumbnails, then I'll start adding cars from my backups, it's late an past my bed time so later pplz

Peace, CaSpA
 Guestbook and Counter are now complete01-03-2004 02:48:14
Hop on over to the guestbook, leave some comments about the site... we have 31 visitors at the moment... well, that is since the counter was started, some 180 files on the server(still working on most of em, getting them up and in place.), and more comming every day. Remember to vote for the files you download. Leave some comments about them. It takes alot to build these things, time and patience. The guys who created them should all be watching to see how much you guys like what they are doing.
See you on the guestbook...
 What's Happening????12-31-2003 23:31:49
Well... Alot is happening.... new files for Carmageddon 2 are ariving daily.... things are going great around here. And that nasty oozing has stopped for the moment.... Either way... Here is officially what is new on the site:

Members are now allowed to vote on the quality of the models on Carmadump... yep... this was a very big undertaking, and we want to know how satisfied you guys are with our models. So we made a cool voting system that tells us what models you like... (well, what models everyone would like...) Then we give them all back to you in a cute button that says by Vote. Yep, you can see the top 20 files listed according to how well you guys liked them.

Also... Not to be under done by any other "Real" site.... We have our own Comments section. Yep, you can share the reason why you like, or hate anything on the site.

What is comming????
Well... alot... For starters, the new year will bring a counter to Carmadump... we desperately need one. So that is in the works.

A cycling banner... for all the sites in the CWA. Some need more attention then others(and some like my own site, need not be neglected... )

Lastly... I am hoping to put a Guestbook/Rant collumn on here.... this will alow you guys to talk about issues or just bust on what this site will, or wont do for you. Remember, there is always room for improvement.
 Registration is now OPEN!!!!!12-30-2003 19:53:40
Hello Everybody.... The Carmageddon Dump site (aka CarmaDump) is now open for registration!!!! What does this get you you may ask... Well... First things first... It get's you, the user, an chance to be apart of the Great Carmageddon Dump site(not impressed???) Well you should be. This site is devoted to keeping Carmageddon Alive in one form or fashion.
You, yes YOU the user are now able to upload content to the Site.... No, it doesn't automatically appear... We the ADMINISTRATORS!!! have to go over what you offer us for validity, and junk like that. So it will take some time... You give us good files, and good information... we will post your files in a timely manner(er... kinda timely)

Happy Uploading and downloading.
 Hey Ya'll12-30-2003 19:39:18
Hey every1, I just wanted say whats up and that I'm starting 2 go Over my Carma Backups for Content, so I should have some Content for you guys 2 download as soon as it becomes available.