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Friday, August 27, 2004


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Bamboo gives up ‘Nairobbery’ rights

Rapper Bamboo has given up his rights for the Nairobbery and Nairobizm albums recorded at Samawati studios. He and producer Gich Boy recently met with Gido Kibukosya and agreed to terminate his contract with Samawati. His contract stipulated that he has to release three albums in three years with Samawati before going off to another studio.

He says he did not see the prospects of a third album coming out soon as long as he was working with Samawati.

"How can we have a third album when there isn’t a second album in the first place? I mean, there is no CD!" he says. He says that if Samawati agree to let him go they could have both his (K-South’s) album rights. "They can have ‘Nairobizm’ and ‘Nairobbery’, they can also keep the money they gain from the album sales or give me what they want. I’m not holding my breath for any money, though." But the other K-South member Jerry Doobies, on the other hand, is not willing give up his rights yet. He insists on meeting Gido with a lawyer and going through the contract to see who breached which part of it.

"I need to know what I will get out of ‘Nairobbery’ and ‘Nairobizm’ as both albums are available in the Uchumi supermarket shelves," he says. Doobies, however, does not intend to work on a third album with Samawati.

Both Gich Boy and Gido have confirmed that Bamboo has surrendered his rights. Gido says Gich Boy and Bamboo had spoken to him but he told them they needed to put the proposal in writing. Gich Boy, who has already started working with Bamboo, says his lawyer has already started drafting the contract.



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