Web Developer Help

Items found within this web site are mostly informational pieces, most of which deal with web programming and development. Here you will find some programming samples for PHP, Javascript and HTML.

If you have questions or comments about this web site or any of the content contained within, drop me an e-mail message. I may or may not respond, depending on the subject and content of the message.

Eventually, I may add some content dealing with CSS. Anyone who would like to contribute to the content of this website is welcome to do so. Just send me the idea/material, and if I find it worthy, I will post it.

I have added content for search engine optimization, but it's not information SEO pieces. That is, the pages I have added are SEO projects that I am (or had) playing around with to see what happens. Project #1 doesn't have much SEO-related info since I didn't really keep track of what I did on that one. If you want good SEO advice, start reading the alt.internet.search-engines newsgroup.

Web site Design

I'm not a designer! However, GreyWyvern has helped me a bit with some things in CSS. Using some of the ideas he presented to me, I have come up with this clean, simple design. If anyone out there is willing to send in a design using CSS (so I don't have to modify the XHTML code) that I like better than this one, I'd be glad to credit your work and give a link to your website in exchange.