"All of us who are disabled, shouldn't consider ourselves as something special. We are all normal people with special needs. We are all different, special -in our own special way. Every single one of us hides a spark of life inside, a creative power. This ability to offer is summarized in the best possible way within the lyrics of the Anthem of the Paralympic Games".

Stephen Hawking, Cosmologist

Athens welcomes the World
Athens brightens upThe Olympic Games are associated with the development of a country, it will give Greece a chance to show that its wealth is not only its past, but that it has a creative, modern profile as wellmore

Athens throughout the centuries | Games and Environment | Civilisation and sport

A historical event: On the 5th of September 1997, the International Olympic Committee handed Athens the mandate to organise the 28th Olympic Games in 2004. Olympic and Paralympic Games which will be a reference point for the futuremore

The Athens Bid | Sport and science | Technology | Great names of Olympic history

Travelling through Time
Staging of ancient Olympic Games © ATHOCIn the Classical Period, participation in the Olympic Games becomes a national matter and the games are held in a specific place and time. The great Games were bornmore

Mythology | Games in Antiquity | Staging of the ancient Olympic Games 

PlaygroundWelcome to the world of games! Learn more about the Olympic Games by testing your knowledgemore

Quiz game  | Slider Game


The Olympic Educational Programme aspires to mould an Olympic Generation that will carry the Olympic Torch responsibly through timemore

Olympic Education Material | The Olympic Games are inspiring! | From Ancient Greek to Modern Greek

Club 2K4
Olympic Games promote communication as much as they promote sportsmore

Olympic Youth Camp

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The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Emblem
The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games - Visit the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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Competition Schedule

Online Games
On-line Games of the ATHENS 2004 official website: Play with Phevos and Athena and learn more about the Olympic Games. more

Find out more about the Olympic Sports

Spectator Transport

Spectator Transport
Find out quick and easy ways to move around Athens during the Olympic Games. more

Olympic Cities

Olympic Cities
Thessaloniki, Patras, Herakleio and Volos are the four Olympic Cities, which host the Football Tournament. more

Athens Guide

Athens Guide
Discover the host-city’s lifestyle and its places of interest and make the most of your time with excursions or tours to monuments and museums. more

Advice for Spectators

Advice for Spectators
Useful advice that will help you to enjoy your visit to the Games. more