Thursday July 01th 2004

So guess what.. I got electricuted at work yesterday.. Fucking Fantastic. spent 6 hours in hospital it sucked.. but what can i say it must be my shocking personaltiy... lol.. IM such a loser. Anyways what is new and exciting in my life well im pissy i guess well not overly but i guess you can say i am getting sick of people.. I have a few things in life that piss me off.. One is friends who meet my friends and automaticly think that they are going to be loved by everyone.. I took a long time to get to the point where the people in my life can trust me and love me for who i am and i guard that respect fiercly.. So dont try to intrude on my life.. get to know my friends first it would work alot better for you.

anyways other than that i am fine.. well okay not totaly. i go in for surgery in 2 weeks and im scared shitless.. but hey its canada day so happy birthday Canada... party it up people.. ttyl oh yeah and please sign my G-Book twistedroses 2:58pm plug me in and call me sparky

Saturday June 19th 2004

So hey guess what.. I finaly got a guestbook.. yay. lol its fantastic.. please leave me messages..
anyways I saw the Chronicals of Riddick... omg amazing movie i loved it.. also inspired my layout.. do you love it or what..
Vin Diesel.. yummmy. lol.. SHRECK 2 lol hillariouse movie great.. but im going to watch fight club or something like that cause im so feeling like crap right now.. fun fun anyways give me some feed back on the site and let me know what you think. talk to you all laters. twisted

twistedroses 10:58am.. I am the monster

Friday June 18th 2004

so here is the update.. i have been sick again so not much has been done.. but finaly a new layout and some new stuff added.. images .... yaya.. look over to the left and what you will find is a few thumbnails click on them and you can see some of my photos from my camera and shit. i will try to get it all up and runnin soon anyways just a quick up date today as i need to shower and get ready to go out and get something pierced. lol ttyl. twisted

twistedroses 10.13am ..Fucking interbred monkeys

Wednesday May 26th 2004

So I hope everyone had a good long weekend.. Wanna hear how mine went.. oh come on its funny..

well my friend and i decided we were going to visit her family in Barhead... Barhead oh how i hate that place.. Hicktown in the middle of no where. No good bars to go to. and nothing to do what so ever.. what can i say it wasnt really something i was looking forward to. But anyways.. we decide that we area going to go in to barhead friday night and then go to edmonton on saturday and party that night.. Okay that makes things a little more bearable.. you would think..

. So we head out at oh what 6:30 in the afternoon friday.. Driving along.. lalalal having a riot.. we get pulled over for speeding.. UMM not good but we figure okay thats fine things will be okay... ha spoke to soon,... nothing ever is alright when it comes to my friend when she fucks up she fucks up good..

. not only are we sitting in the middle of nowhere.. but her plates are not registered... UMM hello why the hell are you plates not registered... so we get towed to LACOME..... even bigger hick town that barhead.. How hick is it i hear you cry! well lets put it this way.. we found a bar that had a seperate door for women and men.. the women were not allowed on the mens side of the bar.. umm its not 1900 here its 2004.. can you say backwards..

. so we spend 3 hours waiting for my friends parents to come pick us up. We drive back to barhead just so we can drive back to lacome the next day to get the car out of impound... oh fun fun..

so i figure well we got the car we will go pick up her sister and her friend in barhead and go to edmonton.. HAHAHAHAHA no.. she decideds we're not going so we end up going to barhead.. woooo hoooo.. and drive home on sunday..... talk about anti climax... so that was my fun and exciting weekend..

oh and i almost forgot.. driving home we got mooned.. and i got a picture of will spare you that experiance.. but you know i figure i would tell you heheeh... oh and HAPPY B DAY RORY... he was so drunk sunday night.. i have pictures and i will post them here as soon as i have time to go through my camera.. ttyl. twisted

twistedroses 10.13am ..Fucking interbred monkeys

Friday may 21st 2004

So i leave for edmonton today.... i cannot wait to see susan and mean lindsey,... it shall be fun. Unfortunatly i am still a Gimp.... damn trampoline.... lol.. Okay i want to give a Huge props to the out of your mouth cd DRAGHDAD... its so good.. well at least i think so... Or good all calgary boys.. so if you like them please support them buy the cd..
so i still havent seen Van Hellsing.. or Troy... im so upset.. grrr... hehehe...
Oh yeas and i know what piercing i want next... I want my temples done right by my eyes ehehe it will be hot... .. anyways i have to do laundry.. yaya me ... so i will post when i get back/... i am taking my camera so look out for new pictures.. okay laters..

twistedroses 11:14pam beautiful when im mad.

Saturday may 15th 2004

well i am a gimp..... I have sprained my foot... how did i manage to do such a stupid thing.. well wait for it thats right its big its bouncy and you can fit a few people on it.. thats it.. A TRAMPOLINE... what happened.. i fell.. and my friend accidently landed on my foot.... so me being me decided to walk around on it all night.. i woke up this morning and thought oh shit it may be broken... perhaps i should go to the doctor.. and what a happy fun adventure that would be... 3 hours in a doctors office.... wow what a way to spend the day it was shitty...... only to find out that its a sprain.. so i am now off work for a week because i cannot put any pressure on it.. it blows ass..... oh well another craptacular thing for me to deal with lol.. only me man only me..

twistedroses 9:22pm Trampolineing the new extream sport

Thursday May 13th 2004

So what can i say... My head is killin me... And my Friends Tom And Mike are Have been ordaned as Reverends... Creepy .. Tom and mike reverends... its awesome.. but scary to think of the kind of havoc you can cause... lol
well what else is new.... mn not much Bethers b/day tomorrow.. ehehehehe fun fun fun
I hope that things are going to get better here at home because this is getting to be so hard. i feel like i have done something wrong everytime i come home.. but ah what can you do... im sick of this ...mmmmn im kinda in a weird mood arrrgg what the hell .......... grrr never mind i cant do this right now to much on my mind

twistedroses 9:52pm "so i was afraid; so what?

Monday May 10th 2004

As i woke up this morning not to the tender touch of a lover or gentile kiss of the sunlight in my face... but to the consistant banging of a pot. why was i hearing a pot banging.. Looking around my room realizing slowly that i stayed at a friends house..dragging my half lifeless body out of bed and changing in to my own clothes dredding the walk out in to that cold may morning... life just seemed so pointless.. stopping by the couch on my way out to wake my friend to say good bye.. i looked at his face, so peacefull and calm in sleep i wondered what he dreamed of.. he stirred looked at me.. i bent and hugged him told him i would call him later.. he looked at me.. as if concerned smiled and lay back down... i walked away.. if only i could tell him that is concern was real... and the soul that once stood proud behind an ocean of blue green has dulled.. and is being swept away... lost is what i feel... as i walk home... lost... walking to a place that feels like a battle field rather than a home...rather than i place i should rest/..... lost is what i feel.... lost is what i am... will someone find me or will i be lost forever... a question on a cold may morning

twistedroses 11.34am i feel lost will you find me

Saturday May 8th 2004

well we went to banff and now we are back. Wooo hoooo... yaya me ... Anyways yeah, quick question... Do i look like fucking Kelly Osbourne... Geeeze.. Some guy in banff came up to me and yelled HEY KELLY WOOO HOOO.. Geeze okay people i do not look like kelly osbourne yes i have short black hair.. i do not look like her,....... grrr trust me if i was her i wouldnt be working my ass off in a god damn wearhouse would i frrrr.....

Van Hellsing.. I want to see it iwant to see it i want to see it.. grrrrrrrr yayayayaay .. im haveing a sugar high by the way cause i, got candy from banff... yayayayayayaya .... candy candy anyways got to go heheheheeh bye....

twistedroses 3.49pm i scream and yell like a bansheee


aka-- twistedroses
Sex-- Yes please
age-- 19
birthdate-- sept 8th 1984
Birth Country-- Scotland
Location-- Canada
City-- You wish
Starsign-- virgo
Eastern-- Rat
Piercings-- labrett. munro. i want more
Music-- Disturbed, Rasputina, scarling, JoJ, Distillers, billy talent, many more
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goddess of war

Twisted-roses is a 19 year old sarcastic Bitch... to put it simply... Im odd i love all things bizzare and strange.. i am most at home in black.. generaly i like to be dressed in black with little color.. except for red i like red.
My life has not been a walk in the park but it has been in some ways an easy life... Moving 0ver 3000 miles from a small unknowen town in scotland. where mist rolls off the sea and blankets everything, hiding the darkest secrets of the townsfolk.. and bring up the remnents of the past. Spectaral figures that haunt your steps and intrude apon your sanity... to move from such a rich cultured place to well canada where as much as i love the freedome it can never compare to scotlands history and culture.... ahhh to have that feeling creep over me again

Likes---- Well i have many, Fishnet, mesh , corsets, velvet leather, flowing and restrictive..,,, Piercings, tattoos, kink, and so much more... Music-- Disturbed, JOJ, Scarling, Linkin Park, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Billy Talent, Nirvana, Cradle OF filth, Mudvayne, Three Days Grace, Ramnstine, Godhead, Godsmack, The clash, The Ramones, Sex pistols, oh and so many more ,
Books---- Lord of the rings, Harry potter, Banned and the Bannished Series, His dark Materials ( philip Pullman- highly recomend) Kushiels Dart, Kushiels Chosen, Kushiels Avatar. Bittenn, Stollen, Dime store Magic, TRAINSPOTTING, PORNO, Bridget Jones Diary, and the Edge of reason, Anne Rice- anything by her. The music of the Spheres.

I love piercings and tattoos.. I plan to get many of both.... i enjoy being part of a small group of people who actualy understand that piercing and tattooing is an art form and is not just something to do cause they are cool...... please piercing has been going on in the world for years dont cheapen it by saying that its only done because it is cool.. in many cultures it is a right of passage..
if you havent noticed i like to rant and rave.. I'm opinionated so if i have something to say i will.. but i generaly will back it up with evidence.. You are entitled to your opinion as i am to mine....

IF i could live in any period in time i think i would love to live somewhere between the 16th centuary and 18th centuary.. well i think i can rant on for ever... so i guess if you have any questions you would like to ask me feel free...... email a question

Dislikes--- wow.. Selfcentered people.. stuck up snobs. People who cannot be happy for bitching about everyone else.. arrogent ass holes.... People who get offended for no reason... Spoiled Brats.. 14 year old girls that run around with there tits hanging out for god sakes your fourteen put it away... Posers, Fakes, People who have to compeate with me for no fucking reason... yeah im who i am be who you are dont try to out do me... fuck... Critical bastareds...... Girly Girls... Sorry but please breaking a nail is not the end of the world..
SO there i am you dont like me tough luck dont read this then,... If you want to get to know me better drop me a line twistedroses as for everything else.. have fun there will be alot more to come i can assure you,,,

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