ATHENS 2004 News

30 Aug

13:30 : OCOG President sums up ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games

29 Aug

21:38 : ATHENS 2004 President's speech at the Closing Ceremony

28 Aug

00:00 : August 27 - Ticket Sales

27 Aug

21:49 : Traffic arrangements for the Marathon Race
18:45 : Closing Ceremony Traffic Arrangements
00:00 : August 26 - Ticket Sales

26 Aug

00:00 : August 25 - Ticket Sales

25 Aug

14:39 : Pioneer Use and Promotion of the French Language by ATHENS 2004
14:13 : Thumbs Up For Olympic Recycling From Spectators, Staff, Volunteers
12:19 : Olympic Spectator Survey Is Favourable
00:00 : August 24 - Ticket Sales

24 Aug

00:00 : August 23 - Ticket Sales

23 Aug

16:43 : A Collectible Swatch For Every ATHENS 2004 Volunteer
00:00 : August 22 - Ticket Sales

22 Aug

17:03 Swimming: Swimming concludes: eight world records in seven days
16:33 Swimming: Olympic Aquatic Centre - Records Broken by Record Type
16:08 : Clarification as to Accreditations Revokation
00:00 : August 21 - Ticket Sales

21 Aug

17:00 : The Clean Venue Policy
16:02 Diving: Women's 10m Platform Semifinals: Comments from LIU Heng Lin

The ATHENS 2004 Headquarters © ATHOCOrganising Comittee

ATHENS 2004 Organising Committee shall host unique Games on a human scalemore

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Screenshot of the Sponsors TV spot © ATHOCSponsors
Sponsoring is a tradition that goes back to Ancient Greece, where wealthy Athenians would contribute financially to expenses related to culture, defence, the state and sports, in order to make them more accessible to all citizensmore

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A vast amount of careful planning and coordination has been made to ensure that the 2004 Olympic Games is a big success. This success will not be possible without the people who commit themselves to working for ATHENS 2004more

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Business Opportunities
About 40% of the ATHENS 2004 budget, (almost €765 million / $US 700 million), refers to goods and services purchased to support the venue operations and the overall organisation of the Gamesmore


Hosting secure Games is top priority for the ATHENS 2004 Organising Commitee for the Olympic Games.
Learn more about the initiatives and programmes of ATHENS 2004 concerning the delicate issue of environment.
AccessibilityThe project “ERMIS - Accessible Choice” aims at improving the accessibility of businesses.

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The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games - Visit the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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ATHENS 2004 has a limited group of sponsors, half that of previous Games.
All TOP V sponsors renewed their Olympic Sponsorship deals at the earliest date ever.
Olympic Village
The Olympic Village provides free accommodation to 16.000 athletes and team officials.

Olympic Village Pulse
Visit the archive of the daily electronic newspaper “Pulse”, which includes news from the Olympic Village. The special last edition of the Pulse was released on Monday 30 August.more

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Cultural Events

Cultural Events
"ATHENS 2004 Culture" programme: information on the "Monument to Now" exhibition and all other events. more

Celebrate humanity

Celebrate humanity
The new global promotional campaign for the 2004 Olympic Summer Games. more


Accreditation Manuals and instructions for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, available in four languages. more