Spectator Services

Venue Specific Information
Map of the Olympic Stadium © ATHOCThis section includes maps and information about the venues which hosted the 28 sports that were included in the ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games competition schedule. This information helped spectators move around the venuesmore

Spectator Transport
The Athens Tram © ATHOCFor venue travel, spectators used the Olympic Transport System, which consisted of the Metro, the Olympic Bus Lines (OBL), the Light Rail System (Tram) and the Suburban Railway. These systems form an extensive public transport network that covers all Olympic venuesmore

Volos | Heraklio | Thessaloniki | Olympia | Patras | Miscellaneous Information

Advice for Spectators
General view of the Panathinaiko Stadium, where thousands of people welcomed home the Greek National Football team, European Champion for 2004. 5 July 2004. © ANA/M.MAROGIANNIThe information within this section aimed to assist the spectators in enjoying the Games in a leisurely and unobstructed fashion. In this section spectators found general advice and tips on medical coverage, health, footwear and clothing, usage of photographic equipment, items and actions that are restricted at Olympic venues and moremore

Restricted Items and Actions | Lost & Found Claims CentreOlympic Hospitals

Events in Olympic Venues
Cultural events were held in various Olympic venues. The specially planned cultural events were held in the surrounding area of each venuemore

Ticket Information
This section includes general ticket information, as well as the conditions of ticket sales and the terms of admissionmore


The ATHENS 2004 Olympic Games Emblem
The emblem of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games - Visit the official website of the ATHENS 2004 Paralympic Games.

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Competition Schedule Venue Events
Events in Helleniko Olympic Complex
Events in Markopoulo

Olympic Village Pulse
Visit the archive of the daily electronic newspaper “Pulse”, which includes news from the Olympic Village. The special last edition of the Pulse was released on Monday 30 August.more

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Cultural Events

Cultural Events
"ATHENS 2004 Culture" programme: information on the "Monument to Now" exhibition and all other events. more

Olympic fans

Spotlight on the Olympic fans. See them in action.