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Water Polo

Water Polo

Women Semifinals Semifinal 01 - Match 17 - AUS - GRE

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Play by Play
Olympic Aquatic Centre - TUE 24 AUG 2004 - Start Time: 18:15
Australia AUS - Australia
11st Quarter4
02nd Quarter1
13rd Quarter1
04th Quarter0
2Full Time Score6
Greece GRE - Greece
1st Quarter
TimeActionScoreTeamCap No.Player
7:00Starting goalkeeper-GRE1ELLINAKI Georgia
7:00Starting goalkeeper-AUS1KNOX Emma
7:00Sprinter won possesion-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
6:35Centre shot - Goal0-1GRE6KOZOMPOLI Stavroula
6:14Turnover Foul-AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
6:1120 seconds exclusion in field-AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
5:47Action shot - Goal0-2GRE7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini
5:3120 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
5:21Extra player shot - Goal1-2AUS12FOX Joanne
4:57Turnover Foul-GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
4:51Turnover Foul-AUS13RIPPON Melissa
4:197m shot - Saved-GRE7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini
3:50Action shot - Missed-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
3:45Turnover Foul-AUS3CUFFE Nikita
3:25Action shot - Goal1-3GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
2:53Turnover Foul-AUS13RIPPON Melissa
2:27Turnover Foul-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
1:5820 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
1:40Extra player shot - Saved-AUS5SMITH Bronwyn
1:117m shot - Goal1-4GRE10KARAGIANNI Eftychia
1:11Goalkeeper substitution-AUS11BROWNLOW Jemma
0:51Action shot - Missed-AUS12FOX Joanne
0:21Turnover Foul-GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
0:02Centre shot - Missed-AUS13RIPPON Melissa
2nd Quarter
TimeActionScoreTeamCap No.Player
7:00Starting goalkeeper-GRE1ELLINAKI Georgia
7:00Starting goalkeeper-AUS11BROWNLOW Jemma
7:00Sprinter won possesion-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
6:267m shot - Saved-GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
5:53Action shot - Saved-AUS4CASTLE Naomi
5:33Action shot - Saved-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
5:04Action shot - Saved-GRE10KARAGIANNI Eftychia
4:36Turnover Foul-AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
4:03Action shot - Post-GRE10KARAGIANNI Eftychia
3:3420 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
3:18Extra player shot - Post-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
3:14Extra player shot - Post-AUS6BROOKS Belinda
2:5420 seconds exclusion in field-AUS12FOX Joanne
2:34Extra player shot - Post-GRE10KARAGIANNI Eftychia
2:2420 seconds exclusion in field-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
1:2920 seconds exclusion in field-AUS3CUFFE Nikita
1:12Extra player shot - Goal1-5GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
0:46Turnover Foul-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
0:22Turnover Foul-GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
0:2020 seconds exclusion in field-GRE7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini
0:10Extra player shot - Post-AUS12FOX Joanne
3rd Quarter
TimeActionScoreTeamCap No.Player
7:00Starting goalkeeper-GRE1ELLINAKI Georgia
7:00Starting goalkeeper-AUS11BROWNLOW Jemma
7:00Sprinter won possesion-AUS8GYNTHER Kate
6:3120 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
6:27Extra player shot - Post-AUS13RIPPON Melissa
5:5820 seconds exclusion in centre-AUS12FOX Joanne
5:43Extra player shot - Saved-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
5:14Turnover Foul-AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
4:33Turnover Foul-GRE6KOZOMPOLI Stavroula
4:09Turnover Foul-AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
3:43Turnover Foul-GRE6KOZOMPOLI Stavroula
3:23Action shot - Missed-AUS8GYNTHER Kate
2:5620 seconds exclusion in centre-AUS2RIPPON Rebecca
2:41Extra player shot - Saved-GRE7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini
2:3120 seconds exclusion in field-GRE2ASILIAN Dimitra
2:06Action shot - Blocked-AUS10HEUCHAN Kelly
1:55Centre shot - Goal2-5AUS7STUHMCKE Jodie
1:32Penalty foul-AUS4CASTLE Naomi
1:32Penalty throw - Goal2-6GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
1:1420 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
1:14Exclusion with substitution-GRE3MELIDONI Antiopi
1:08Extra player shot - Saved-AUS10HEUCHAN Kelly
0:54Extra player shot - Blocked-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
0:44Turnover Foul-AUS3CUFFE Nikita
0:0220 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
0:01Extra player shot - Blocked-AUS4CASTLE Naomi
4th Quarter
TimeActionScoreTeamCap No.Player
7:00Starting goalkeeper-AUS11BROWNLOW Jemma
7:00Starting goalkeeper-GRE1ELLINAKI Georgia
7:00Sprinter won possesion-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
6:34Turnover Foul-GRE6KOZOMPOLI Stavroula
6:05Action shot - Saved-AUS12FOX Joanne
5:35Turnover Foul-GRE7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini
5:04Action shot - Missed-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
4:27Turnover Foul-GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
4:14Counter attack shot - Saved-AUS4CASTLE Naomi
3:56Counter attack shot - Saved-GRE5LIOSI Kyriaki
2:5720 seconds exclusion in centre-AUS4CASTLE Naomi
2:26Turnover Foul-GRE11LARA Georgia
1:557m shot - Saved-AUS10HEUCHAN Kelly
1:27Turnover Foul-GRE9MORAITIDOU Evangelia
0:56Action shot - Missed-AUS9NORWOOD Elise
0:18Turnover Foul-GRE10KARAGIANNI Eftychia
0:0320 seconds exclusion in centre-GRE8ROUMPESI Antigoni
0:01Extra player shot - Saved-AUS8GYNTHER Kate
Australia AUS - Australia (White)
Cap No.NameGoals/ Shots%XPS20C20FSTTF
1KNOX Emma
2RIPPON Rebecca1
3CUFFE Nikita12
4CASTLE Naomi0/30.00/112
5SMITH Bronwyn0/10.00/1
6BROOKS Belinda0/10.00/1
7STUHMCKE Jodie1/1100.014
8GYNTHER Kate0/20.00/1
9NORWOOD Elise0/50.00/221
10HEUCHAN Kelly0/30.00/11
12FOX Joanne1/425.01/2111
13RIPPON Melissa0/20.00/12
Coach: GORGENYI Istvan
Greece GRE - Greece (Blue)
Cap No.NameGoals/ Shots%XPS20C20FSTTF
2ASILIAN Dimitra11
3MELIDONI Antiopi0/10.00/1311
5LIOSI Kyriaki0/20.011
6KOZOMPOLI Stavroula1/1100.013
7OIKONOMOPOULOU Aikaterini1/333.30/111
8ROUMPESI Antigoni2/366.71/1211
9MORAITIDOU Evangelia1/1100.01/114
10KARAGIANNI Eftychia1/425.00/11
11LARA Georgia21
12MORAITI Antonia
13MYLONAKI Anthoula
Coach: IOSIFIDIS Kyriakos
RefereeBOOKELMAN Peter (NED)
RefereeBOCK Torsten (GER)
X - Extra player shot
PS - Penalty Shot
20C - 20 seconds exclusion in the centre forward position
20F - 20 seconds exclusion in the field
ST - Steals
TF - Turnover Foul
FINA - Fédération internationale de Natation
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