"It is better to heal than to harm"
Pandora Lee:
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 123 lbs.
Age: 20 years/ 18 cycles
Sex: Female
Race: Alluresen
Species: Giant Panda
Date of Birth: 988.7.12
Place of Birth: Yukoutoki, Zui, Napaj
Class: Hybrid
Marital Status: Single
First Appearance: Ex. Vol.2 #1

Born in the small village of Yukoutoki, Pandora lived a rather stable life. The daughter of the village healer, Pandora learned a lot about the healing arts from her father, who secretly taught her all he knew about natural healing techniques. By the age of 10 (12 cycles) Pandora was assisting her father on house visits. As with all female alluresens of the higher class (giant pandas were high class and red pandas were low class), Pandora was trained as a youth in the arts of self defense. This was to better help females defend themselves from the advances of unwanted males. Educational opportunities for females of both high and low class, however, were very limited. High class females, however, had more of a chance to gain somewhat of an education than lower class females.

It was during a cold rainy night, at the age of 17 (19 cycles), that Pandora's life would change forever. Without warning her home was attacked by Skull Hunters, who were convinced that her bio signature registered her as being a hybrid. She witnessed the brutal death of her parents, who were killed right in front of her and was taken back to a secret underground slave camp.

Pandora would spend a whole year in the slave camp, undergoing numerous painful tests in the attempt to discover what her powers were (apparently with zero results). It was during this time she would meet Cee Cee Reese and they would soon become the closest of friends. During a black out in the camp Pandora and Cee Cee escaped their cells and would eventually team up with Red Firefox, Phenix, Starfox, and Alleycat in the attempt to free all of the other slaves.

Pandora could be considered the best friend that you'd always want on your side. She hates violence, but understands that sometimes peaceful means won't always solve a problem. She is an excellent hand to hand combatant and is versed in several armed weapon fighting styles.


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