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  SPECIAL REPORT - "Undermining Democracy"
(PDF download 280kb)
  Left at the Gate
(Daily News - 08/31/04)
  Party Battle Looms at GOP Convention
(The Post-Standard, Syracuse - 05/16/04)
  Major Parties to Anoint Their Senate Combatants (Newsday - 05/15/04)
  Benjamin Campaign to Conduct Pro-Democracy Rally Outside GOP State Convention in Syracuse (05/13/04)
  GOP Senate Hopeful Blasts Pataki
(Newsday - 04/06/04)
  Hispanic Toils for Position on Senate Ballot in N.Y. (The Washington Times - 03/23/04)
  Schumer Foe Sees Business, Security as Top Issues (The Ithaca Journal - 03/20/04)
  Senate Hopeful Claims GOP Bosses Snubbed Him (The Albany Times-Union - 02/25/04)
  Benjamin Champions Enhanced, Inexpensive Homeland Security System (01/07/04)
  GOP Should Consider Backing Benjamin
(The New York Sun - 11/26/03)
  He's Spoiling for a Chance to Take on Schumer
(The New York Times - 11/10/03)
  Benjamin Calls Schumer Failure To Oppose Partial-Birth Abortion Disgraceful (10/22/03)
  Benjamin Calls for an End of Unfunded Medicaid Mandate on New York Counties; Proposes Federal Legislation (10/14/03)
  Estrada Withdrawal Sets New Low for Senate Democrats (09/04/03)
  Michael Benjamin Stresses Need for Social Security Reform (08/26/03)
  Michael Benjamin Presses for New Approaches to Combat Illegal Drugs (06/10/03)

Since the devastation of September 11, New York has undergone an extraordinary transformation. We can no longer rely on vast oceans and bordering allies to ensure our safety. We can no longer afford inaction as terrorists, tyrants and other threats against freedom target America and all her promise.

As this new era dawns our commitment to freedom and democracy must remain strong. As we bring peace and security to our homeland, we must also set the example for compassion, civil liberty and human rights. And we must continue to build and strengthen New York so it remains the strongest and most reliable pillar of hope in the world for generations to come.

This new era holds great promise for America – bringing new life to our communities and new opportunities to all of us for a better future. I am running for the United States Senate because this new era demands strong and dynamic leadership. It is time that New York has a Senator who can effectively engage the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

I have spent more than 15 years dedicated to public service. Most of this time has been on behalf of women and children who are victims of domestic violence, public school students, HIV/AIDS education and children with disabilities. In 1993, I founded The New York Benevolence Council, Inc. (NYBC), an all-volunteer, not-for-profit organization designed to improve the educational experience of public school students and support different humanitarian causes.

Professionally, I have spent many years in the financial services industry. I have worked to provide life insurance to young couples with limited budgets and long-term care to seniors on fixed incomes. I have also worked as a securities trader. My experience in business has given me a clear understanding of the challenges facing our economy and financial markets today.

I am committed to the people of this great state and to the cause of freedom.

I will work hard to drive New York and America forward, not leaving one man, woman or child behind.

I hope you will support my vision for America and my candidacy for the United States Senate.





























My campaign will promote policy initiatives that maximize individual liberty.   



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