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Just how configurable are our free hit counters (also known as web counters), and why should you use one? Firstly it is completely optional whether to display a counter or not. We track your visitors for free and you can choose to go completely invisible. No ads!

Most members however, freely choose to display a hit counter because the level of configurability is just so damn good. If you do go for the counter option - then that's all that will be displayed. Your perfectly configured hit counter! We do not add on any of our own advertising to your counter. It's your website - you know what works and looks good. We always prefer to give the control to you - the webmaster.

Begin your starting count at whatever number you wish - very handy if you are transferring over from another web counter service. You can also 'lie' about the popularity of your website - but if you're going to artifically inflate your count, then try to use a realistic number. Or your visitors won't believe you.

Choose between displaying unique visitors or page loads. Specify precisely the background and digit color for your counter to blend in perfectly with your website. It gets even better than that - if you want to place your counter over an image on your website, you can set your background or digits to be transparent. Allowing the image on your website blend in very nicely with your counter.

There are 5 different digit fonts to choose from, and you can instruct how many digits long you want your counter to be! We are damn proud of the configurability we offer. Please show me someone else who offers all this for free or even paid!?

Unique Visitor Count
A unique visitor is determined by cookies. If someone visits your website and does not have a cookie, or their cookie is older than an hour they count as being a unique visitor and a pageload.

Page Load Count
If someone visits your website and they have a cookie that is less than an hour old, their cookie is updated and they are only counted as a pageload. A pageload is simply the total number of times your page has been accessed, ignoring the unique aspect altogether. This naturally means your pageloads will always be greater than or equal to your unique visitors.

Minimum Number of Digits
How many digits long do you want your counter to be?

Counter Digit Color

Red: Green: Blue:

Counter Background Color

Red: Green: Blue:

Counter Digit Font

Small Font Small Font

Medium Font Medium Font

Bold Font Bold Font

Large Font Large Font

Stylish Font Stylish Font

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Of course the only way to experience this highly configurable counter interface for yourself is to register right now for your free account.

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