An umbrella organization for all alumni, the Curtis Alumni Council exists to unite Curtis alumni worldwide and to serve as advisors, guardians and supporters of the Institute. The mission of the council is to strengthen ties among alumni worldwide and between alumni and Curtis. All Curtis alumni are represented by the council with no membership dues. Elected alumni serve as class representatives as well as representatives from independent Curtis alumni organizations. One elected council representative also serves on the Curtis Board of Trustees to represent the alumni.

Executive Committee
Class Representatives
Alumni Organization Representatives
Alumni Council Meeting Schedule, 2004/2005

Miles B. Davis (Double Bass '74), Chairman
Daisy Jackson (Voice '80), Vice-Chairman
Sarah Hatsuko Hicks (Conducting '99), Recording Secretary
Marcia Peck (Violoncello '68), Treasurer


1925 - 1947

Charles Jaffe (Violin '35)
Mason Jones (Horn '38)
Erwin L. Price (Trombone '42)
Mary Davenport (Voice '43)

1948 - 1959
Edith Evans Frumin (Voice '48)
Abba Bogin (Piano '49)
Henry Charles Smith (Trombone '55)
Plato S. Karayanis (Voice '56)
Winifred D. Swift (Voice '56)
Francesco Sorianello (Voice '59)

1960 - 1970
Rodney E. Stenborg (Voice '62)
James P. Kennedy (Violoncello '64)
Cherry Rhodes (Organ '64)
Danis Kelly (Harp '66)
Dukju Kim Chang (Piano '67)

1971 - 1977
Heide Rice, M.D. (Piano '72)
Deborah Fleisher (Harp '76)
Mark T. Cedel (Viola '77)

1978 - 1985
Molly Vivian Huang (Piano '80)
David M. Bernard (Clarinet '84)
Elizabeth Starr Masoudnia (Oboe '84, '85)
Shelley Showers (Horn '85)

1986 - 1993
Susan Gulkis Assadi (Viola '88)
Cheryl Majercik Baranes (Voice '89, Opera '91)
George C. Chase (Trumpet '93)

1994 - 2004
Chris Clark (Trombone '95)
Jack Sutte (Trumpet '95)
Paolo M. Bordignon (Organ '96)
Jason DePue (Violin '00)
Adrian Morejon (Bassoon '03)


Mary Wheelock Javian (Double Bass '99)
Alumni Society of Greater Philadelphia

Daisy Jackson (Voice '80)
Curtis Alumni Association West, Inc.

Curtis Staff Representatives:
Gary Graffman (Piano '46), President/Director
Robert Fitzpatrick (Clarinet '68), Dean
Amanda Mitchell-Boyask, Vice President, External Relations
Anne O'Donnell, Director of Alumni Relations
Jennifer Roseman, Alumni Relations Associate


Semi-Annual Meeting
Saturday, October 2, 2004

Annual Meeting, Election of Officers

Sunday, May 8, 2005

The Curtis Alumni Council can be contacted through the Alumni Relations Office by telephone, 215-893-5272; fax, 215-893-5258; or e-mail,


From the Archives

As part of its 80th-anniversary celebrations, Curtis will give a free concert in Rittenhouse Square on October 1.

Curtis and the Square have shared an ongoing relationship. Music drifting from Curtis studios has serenaded people in the Square and students have played to audiences there on numerous occasions, such as the Mozart on the Square concert series in the 1990's. For its part, the Square has lent its prestige to the Curtis address and has served as the de facto campus green from the very beginning.

Above: Selma Amansky, Benjamin de Loache, Natalie Bodanskaya and Dan Healy, who all sang with various Philadelphia opera companies. Ms. Bodanskaya (under the name Bodanya) went on to sing with the Metropolitan Opera Company. This picture was taken circa 1931 and is part of the Walter Vassar (Voice 1934) Collection.

For more information on this and other photos in the Archives of The Curtis Institute of Music, contact Joanne Seitter.

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