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2004-06-08anomy-sanitizer 1.68Mail message filter and sanitizer
2004-08-25archivemail 0.6.1Tool for archiving and compressing old email in mailboxes
2004-08-23autorespond 2.0.5Simple autoresponder add-on package for qmail
2004-08-26balsa 1.4.3nb9GNOME EMail client
2004-09-03balsa 2.2.3GNOME2 EMail client
2004-05-25bbmail 0.8.3Mailbox monitor (not only) for the blackbox windowmanager
2004-02-27bmf 0.9.4Self contained and extremely efficient Bayesian mail filter
2004-08-31bogofilter 0.92.6Bayesian spam filter written in C
2004-02-27bulk_mailer 1.13Assist in delivery of mail to large numbers of recipients
2004-08-05clamav 0.75.1nb1Anti-virus toolkit
2004-09-01clamsmtp 0.7SMTP filter that allows you to check for viruses
2004-08-03columba 1.0M2Graphical Email Client written in JAVA (TM)
2004-04-07coolmail 1.3Xbiff replacement with 3D animation and sound
2004-07-16courier-auth 0.45.6authentication modules for Courier mail packages
2004-08-25courier-authldap 0.45.6Courier LDAP authentication module
2004-07-16courier-authmysql 0.45.6Courier MySQL authentication module
2004-08-03courier-authpgsql 0.45.6Courier PostgreSQL authentication module
2004-07-16courier-imap 3.0.5IMAP server for access to maildir-style mailboxes
2004-07-16courier-maildir 0.45.6Courier maildir utilities
2004-02-27cucipop 1.31nb1The Cubic Circle POP3 mail server
2004-05-10cue 20040426mh-e like mail user agent
2004-08-25cyrus-imapd 2.0.17nb3Cyrus IMAP server
2004-08-25cyrus-imapd 2.1.15nb3Cyrus IMAP server
2004-08-25cyrus-imapd 2.2.8nb1Cyrus IMAP server
2004-05-29deliver 2.1.14nb1Local mail delivery agent with shell-script control
2004-08-19demime 1.1dTool to scrub mime from mailing lists
2004-05-09distribute 2.1.26Mail dispatcher for mailing list. Fits nicely with majordomo
2004-08-23dot-forward 0.71nb2Reads sendmail's .forward files under qmail
2004-08-03dovecot IMAP and POP3 server
2004-02-27drac 1.12Dynamic Relay Authorization Control
2004-09-01dspam 3.0.0nb4Extremely scalable, statistical-hybrid anti-spam filter
2004-04-07elm 2.5.5nb2ELM Mail User Agent (without ME extensions)
2004-02-27elm-me 2.4.93nb1ELM Mail User Agent with ME extensions
2004-08-24elmo 1.2.0nb1The ELectronic Mail Operator MUA
2004-08-26etach 1.2.9Emacs Lisp package for dealing with MIME email attachments
2004-09-03evolution 1.2.4nb10GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager, and communications tool
2004-09-03evolution 1.4.6GNOME mailer, calendar, contact manager, and communications tool
2004-09-03evolution-data-server 0.0.93Evolution data server
2004-05-09exim 3.36nb2The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
2004-08-29exim 4.42The Exim mail transfer agent, a replacement for sendmail
2004-08-29exim-exiscan 4.42_27The Exim mail transfer agent, with exiscan-acl patches
2004-05-09exim-html 4.30HTML documentation for the Exim mail transfer agent
2004-05-09exmh 2.6.3X11/TK based mail reader front end to MH
2004-08-23ezmlm 0.53Easy-to-use, high-speed mailing list manager for qmail
2004-08-23ezmlm-idx 0.421ezmlm-idx ezmlm with enhancements by third parties
2004-08-26faces 1.6.1nb2Visual mail, user and print face server
2004-08-23fastforward 0.51nb2Sendmail-style /etc/aliases support for qmail
2004-05-10fetchmail 6.2.5nb2Batch mail retrieval/forwarding utility for pop2, pop3, apop, imap
2004-08-25fetchmailconf 6.2.5nb1Configuration tool for fetchmail
2004-05-09fix-mime-charset 0.5.2Correct MIME charset type in mail headers
2004-05-09fromto 1.5Sendmail logfile viewer
2004-09-03getmail 4.1.4Secure, flexible, reliable, easy-to-use fetchmail replacement
2004-08-03gmime 2.1.7Library for the creation and parsing of MIME messages
2004-08-26GNUMail 1.1.2GNUstep clone of NeXT's application
2004-08-26gnus 5.10.6Gnus is a flexible message reader running under GNU Emacs
2004-06-25grepmail 5.30mbox formatted file search utility
2004-03-12hypermail 2.1.7Creates indexed, threaded HTML archives of email
2004-08-22ifile 1.3.4Intelligent mail filtering system
2004-02-27ifile-procmail 0.3Set of scripts for ifile used in procmail environment
2004-08-15imap-uw 2004aUniversity of Washington's IMAP, POP2, and POP3 servers
2004-05-24imap-uw-utils 20020102nb3UW IMAP mailbox utilities
2004-05-25imapfilter 1.0Mail filtering utility for the IMAP
2004-02-27imapproxy 1.0Simple connection caching IMAP proxy daemon
2004-09-06imp 3.2.4Internet Messaging Program
2004-02-27incm 0.5Tool to get mail from mbox file or maildir
2004-05-10isync 0.9.2nb1Synchronize a maildir with an imap server
2004-02-27ja-mh6 3.03Rand MH mail handling system + Japanese patches
2004-09-06ja-squirrelmail 1.4.3aPHP4 webmail package with Japanese localization
2004-07-02jchkmail 1.3.1aBehavior-based virus and spam milter for Sendmail
2004-08-26kbiff 3.7nb1A new mail notification utility for KDE
2004-05-30libesmtp 1.0.3Library to manage posting of electronic mail
2004-07-10libetpan 0.32Really nice mail library
2004-09-01libmilter 8.12.11Mail filter support library for sendmail
2004-09-02libmilter 8.13.1nb1Mail filter support library for sendmail
2004-08-25libsieve 2.1.12nb1RFC3028 sieve library
2004-05-10libsnert 1.23Support library for milter-sender
2004-08-25libspf_alt 0.4.0nb1Sender Permitted Framework (SPF) library
2004-05-09mailagent 3.0.73Sophisticated automatic mail-processing tool
2004-08-26mailcrypt 3.5.8Emacs frontend for PGP and GPG
2004-07-16maildrop 1.3.9nb1Courier mail delivery agent with filtering abilities
2004-05-10mailman 2.1.4The GNU Mailing List Manager
2004-05-09mailserv 3.29WWW interface to several types of mailing list servers
2004-05-24mailsync 4.4.4Mailsync is a way of synchronizing a collection of mailboxes
2004-08-12mailwrapper 19990412nb4wrapper wrapper to support arbitrary Mail Transport Agents
2004-05-09majordomo 1.94.5The Majordomo mailing list manager
2004-05-09mdfrm 1.0Print a summary of mail in a Maildir waiting to be read
2004-08-23mess822 0.58Library for parsing Internet mail messages
2004-06-19metamail 2.7nb6Implementation of MIME, the Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
2004-08-26mew 2.3nb2Messaging in the Emacs World
2004-08-26mew 3.3Messaging in the Emacs World
2004-06-23mhonarc 2.6.10Mailbox to HTML converter, suitable for list archives
2004-08-25milter-greylist 1.4Easy-to-use greylist milter for sendmail
2004-07-02milter-regex 1.5Milter enabling regular expression filtering
2004-07-02milter-sender 0.41Real-time sender's e-mail validity check
2004-07-02milter-spamc 0.10Yet another SpamAssassin Milter
2004-07-20mimedefang 2.44To inspect/modify e-mail as it passes through your mail relay
2004-02-27mini_sendmail 1.3.2nb4Accept email on behalf of the real sendmail without spooling
2004-06-22msmtp 1.0.0SMTP plugin for MUAs
2004-02-27mush 7.2.6.b4.pl1Text-based mail client
2004-07-18mutt MIME mail client with PGP support
2004-08-03mutt 1.5.6Text-based MIME mail client with PGP & S/MIME support
2004-09-02nail 11.4BSD mail utility with MIME extensions
2004-02-27newmail 1.0.1Program to check multiple local mailboxes for new mail
2004-02-27nmh 1.0.4nb5Cleaned up MH mailer suite
2004-02-27nullmailer 1.0.0rc7Simple relay-only mail transport agent
2004-02-27oe2mbx 1.21Outlook Express messages to the Unix mailbox format converter
2004-08-28offlineimap 4.0.6Powerful IMAP/Maildir synchronization and reader support
2004-06-14p5-Email-Valid 0.13Perl5 module for testing validity of an email address
2004-05-09p5-IMAP-Admin 1.6.1Perl5 module for administration of RFC-2060 IMAP servers
2004-06-14p5-Mail-Audit 2.0Perl5 module for filtering mail
2004-05-10p5-Mail-ClamAV 0.04Perl5 module for mail/clamav virus scanner
2004-05-09p5-Mail-IMAPClient 2.2.9Perl5 module for talking to RFC-2060 IMAP servers
2004-06-14p5-Mail-ListDetector 0.18Perl5 module to detect whether a message is from a mailing list
2004-06-25p5-Mail-Mbox-MessageParser 1.2Perl5 module for parsing mail messages
2004-05-09p5-Mail-Milter 0.03Sendmail::Milter enhancement API modules
2004-05-09p5-Mail-Sendmail 0.78Perl5 module dedicated to Sendmail
2004-06-14p5-Mail-SPF-Query 1.996Perl module for Sender-Policy-Framework queries
2004-07-19p5-Mail-SRS 0.30SMTP envelope sender rewriting for SPF-compliant forwarding
2004-08-04p5-MailTools 1.62Perl5 modules related to mail applications
2004-05-09p5-MIME-Lite 2.111Perl5 module for simple creation of MIME email messages
2004-05-09p5-MIME-tools 5.411.1Perl5 modules for encoding and decoding MIME messages
2004-05-09p5-MIME-Types 1.12Definition of MIME types
2004-06-14p5-razor-agents 2.40Distributed and collaborative spam detection network
2004-05-09p5-Sendmail-AccessDB 0.07Perl5 module for manipulating the sendmail accessdb
2004-08-12p5-Sendmail-PMilter 0.95Pure-Perl Milter protocol API
2004-05-09p5-User-Identity 0.07Define a person
2004-08-25Pantomime 1.1.2Objective-C mail system class library
2004-09-06php-imap 4.3.8PHP4 extension for IMAP (Internet Mailbox Access Protocol)
2004-08-15pine 4.61Program for Internet News and E-mail
2004-06-07pine-pgp-filters 1.1Filters to integrate Pine with gnupg or pgp
2004-08-03popa3d, reliable, performant, and small pop3 server
2004-02-27poppassd 4.0.5nb2Qualcomm's password change server mainly for Eudora
2004-08-03poppy 3.1Client to perform simple tasks with a POP3/IMAP server
2004-08-03postfix 2.1.4Postfix SMTP server and tools
2004-07-04postfix-2.2 20040628Postfix SMTP server and tools
2004-05-24prayer 1.0.8nb3Small, fast, web mail interface
2004-02-27procmail 3.22nb1Local mail delivery agent
2004-07-09pulsar 0.1.1nb1Small, secure POP3 daemon, featuring native SSL support
2004-02-27qcheck 1.0Text-only biff with Maildir support
2004-08-31qgreylist 0.2Simple greylisting for qmail
2004-08-23qmail 1.03nb9Secure, reliable, efficient, simple, and fast MTA
2004-08-23qmail-conf 0.60nb3Collection of tools for setting up qmail services
2004-08-03qmail-lint 0.55nb1Examine the qmail configuration for common errors
2004-08-25qmail-qfilter 1.5nb2qmail-queue multi-filter front end
2004-08-25qmail-run 20040823Configures qmail to receive and deliver mail
2004-08-03qmail-users 1.0Users required to build & run qmail package
2004-08-03qmailanalog 0.70Collection of tools to help analyze qmail's activity
2004-08-03qmHandle 1.2.0Tool to view and manage the qmail message queue
2004-06-24qpopper 4.0.5nb4Qualcomm's POP server for Eudora
2004-08-23qtools 0.56Utilities for filtering via .qmail
2004-08-30queue-fix 1.4Check and repair the qmail queue structure
2004-08-30queue-repair 0.9.0Check or correct most corruptions of the queue in qmail
2004-02-27rblcheck 1.4Command-line interface to Paul Vixie's RBL filter
2004-02-27ripmime the attached files out of a MIME encoded email package
2004-08-26rmail-mime 1.13.0MIME-capabilities for RMAIL in Emacs
2004-08-30rss2email 2.54Get RSS feeds emailed to you
2004-03-18ruby-tmail 0.10.8Mail manipulating library for Ruby including MIME multipart support
2004-09-01safecat 1.12Write data safely to a maildir
2004-02-27sendmail 8.11.6nb7The well known Mail Transport Agent
2004-09-01sendmail 8.12.11The well known Mail Transport Agent
2004-09-02sendmail 8.13.1nb1The well known Mail Transport Agent
2004-02-27sigrot 1.2Signature file rotation program
2004-02-27sma 1.3.2Sendmail log analyser
2004-02-27smtpfeed 1.18SMTP Fast Exploding External Deliverer for Sendmail
2004-02-27solid-pop3d 0.15Flexible POP3 server
2004-07-02spamass-milter 0.1.3anb3Milter interface to Spamassassin
2004-08-12spamassassin 2.64Mail filter to identify spam
2004-05-10spamprobe 0.9hSpam detector using Bayesian analysis of word counts
2004-08-26spruce 0.5.17nb4MIME-aware, GNOME-based email program
2004-09-06squirrelmail 1.4.3aPHP4 webmail package
2004-07-16sqwebmail 4.0.5webmail webmail CGI for access to local maildir-style mailboxes
2004-05-10ssmtp 2.60.3nb2Extremely simple MTA to forward mail to a mail hub
2004-08-26sylpheed 0.9.12X based e-mail and netnews client
2004-08-25sylpheed-claws 0.9.12X based e-mail and netnews client
2004-08-26sylpheed-claws-dillo-viewer 0.Plugin to allow Sylpheed-claws to render HTML attachments
2004-08-26sylpheed-claws-ghostscript viePlugin to make Sylpheed-claws display PostScript and PDF attachments
2004-08-26sylpheed-claws-image-viewer 0.Plugin to allow Sylpheed-claws to display images attached to mails
2004-08-25sylpheed-claws-trayicon 0.9.12Plugin to make Sylpheed-claws display an icon in the system tray
2004-09-03sylpheed-gtk2 GTK+ 2.0 port of a lightweight, featureful, and fast e-mail client
2004-08-03sympa 3.4.2nb1Mailing list manager
2004-08-03teapop 0.3.8Yet another RFC1939 compliant POP3 server
2004-08-26thunderbird 0.7.3Redesign of the Mozilla mail client
2004-03-02thunderbird-bin 0.5Redesign of the Mozilla mail client (binary pkg)
2004-09-06thunderbird-bin 20040906Redesign of the Mozilla mail client (nightly binary pkg)
2004-08-26thunderbird-gtk2 0.7.3Redesign of the Mozilla mail client built on GTK2
2004-08-25tmda 1.0.3Python-based SPAM reduction system
2004-05-17tnef MS-TNEF MIME attachments
2004-02-27tnef2txt 1.4Portable application/ms-tnef parser
2004-08-26vm 7.17VM (View Mail) is an advanced mail user agent for Emacs
2004-08-26wl 2.10.0Mail/news management system with IMAP4rev1 support for Emacs
2004-08-29wmbiff 0.4.25xbuffy like "mail-checker" for WindowMaker
2004-08-26wmmail 0.64nb1xbiff like "mail-checker" for WindowMaker
2004-04-07xbuffy 3.4Replacement for xbiff that handles multiple mail files
2004-05-10xfmail 1.4.7nb5Xforms based mail application for Unix operating systems
2004-04-07xmailbox 2.5nb1Enhanced xbiff, with pixmap and sound support
2004-04-07xmailwatcher 1.6Mailbox checker which displays sender and subject lines of mails
2004-02-27yatsvrs 5.00.6nb2Extended POP3 server and some supporting servers
2004-05-10YoSucker 37nb1Download mails from Yahoo webmail into mbox

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