Yonsei Korea



Teachers and Experiences

The Understanding Teacher by Park, Do Hyun

Mr. Park Jin Yong taught me German when I was a high school student. He had short hair and was of average height; he did not look quite different from other teachers in my high school. However, he had a different quality that other teachers did not have. Most teachers only cared about how many students would get admission from top schools, so an understanding teacher seemed to be an oxymoron in my high school-yet he was understanding toward students. He was wiling to try to be in students' place, understand their problems, and give them any help they would need. One day my friends and I sneaked out of school and played basketball during the compulsory nighttime study. On the way back to school, we were unexpectedly caught by Mr. Park. If he had told other teachers that we played basketball during the nighttime study, we would have been in an enormous trouble such as a lot of beatings by teachers, bringing parents to school, and a few weeks of suspension because to skip the nighttime study was considered as one of the worst student's “crimes.” However, he never told it to any other teacher. Instead, he literally spanked us as his own punishment and told us, “I know you guys like to play basketball. But there is a time and a place, and now it is time to study for your future. You can play basketball as much as you can later.” I was surprised that there was a considerate teacher in my high school; I really appreciated his willingness to understand students and got to admire him. Since then, I realized what was the most important to me, so I studied hard and finally got admission from Yonsei University, one of the top schools in Korea. In addition, I resolved that I would try to be considerate of other people like him at any position I would be.

Horse's Nose Is My Benefactor by Lyu Su-Min

As the proverb says "Don't step on your teacher's shadow." Mr.Cho, my junior teacher of highschool remain in my memory. He was a strict teacher in charge of my class and had a nickname 'horse's nose' because his nose looks like it. Every student was afraid of him, so some students played a trick on their classmate by various means. For example, they disguised them as a teacher and opened the front door with a bang. After that happened every student quieted down then they giggled but it was habitual. One day someone opened the front door with a bang again. I pissed off and said "Horse's nose! Why are you come again?". A quiet stillness prevailed. Mr.cho stood in front of me when I looked up so I was shocked. He ordered me to follow him but he didn't fairly tore into me and preferably he was anxious about my family's financial embarrassment. For the first time, I was afraid of him, however I changed my mind because he proved to be a strict educator the other side warm-heartedness. Moreover when my family's financial condition was badly off, he became my friend and invited me to his friend's academy free. It was a teacher's 'Jung' to poor students. Thanks to his assistance I could improve score. I am indebted to him for what I am. He was enthroned in the hearts of me. I strive for imitate the virtues of benevolent 'horse's nose'.

                   A Teacher Who Was 6.8 Feet Tall by Kang Myung-hwa

    When I was freshman in middle school, I was obedient and kept quiet in classroom. One day morning, most of my classmates were mading a noise in the classroom . I had to do my homework, so I was reading English book. While reading, I glimpsed at front door. At the moment, a teacher who was 6.8 feet was coming to my classroom and our eyes met for a while. I didn't worry about that and continued reading English book again. Then he pointed at someone around me and ordered to go to him. All my classmates were frightened, but I was not afraid of him because I hadn't chat with anyone. However, his finger was pointing at me. I was mortified, but went to him. Then he slapped on my cheeks. He didn't want to know who made a noise. He only wanted for students to obey him. After the incident, he always hit students like that. He enjoyed hitting students. I noticed that he was incompetent as a teacher and thought he would be fired soon. However, he was not only keep his job up but also loved by many teachers. After that, I realized there couldn't be inventive student but only obedient student in my school.

The Teacher Who Taught Me the Meaning of Real Love by Kang, Min-ju

     When I was 12th grade in high school, I met a teacher whose name was Lee Namil and he is the best teacher that I have ever met, because he taught me the meaning of real love.  He developed a potbelly and it looked like a big gourd. My classmates and I used to call him "Teletubbies," the characters in TV series for kids made by BBC (the British Broadcasting Corporation), because his potbelly really looked like that of "Telletubbies." Sometimes he laid his hands on his abdomen, and it made my classmates and me laugh.  His eyes were so big and clear-cut, so s/he got to be tensioned when he stared at one of my classmates with his big eyes. Because of his big and clear-cut eyes, he had two nicknames.  One is "Garfield", a cat character in a famous cartoon. The other is "Cat bus" which appeared in the animation movie, Totoro, created by Miyajaki Hayao. Sometimes he looked severe, but other times he really was friendly. He really loved and cared about his students. He visited the classroom whenever he had time and talked with students and ate lunch or dinner together.  Through it he could get closer with his students, so many graduates still visit him from time to time and so do I. He likes drinking pretty much, so he often drinks liquors with his pupils.  Even when he drinks liquors, he teaches his pupils drinker's etiquettes without forgetting himself a teacher. I have drunk liquors with him and his other pupils several times.  When drinking we talked a lot, so we could get much closer. When I sad because my grades in exams went down, he consoled me and when I showed a better record in exams, he was delighted together and inspired me.  When I worried about the university entrance exam, he comforted me. When I was sad and shed tears because of some troubles with friends, he soothed me.  He gave me real love and true care, so I can not forget the time spent with him in high school. I dare to say no other teacher could be more enthusiastic to his or her students and no other teacher could give such a great love to students. I dare to say again he is one of the best teachers in the world and that is why I love and respect him.

Need for Guarantee of Diversity in University by Cho, Seon Yeong

From the case of professor Ma Gwang-Su, I've learned that it is very important for Universities to function as a forum of varied discussion. In the first term last year I took a lesson, “understanding of a play” from Prof. Ma who had both good and bad reputation. In 1992 he was called for obscenity of his novel, “The Happy Sara” by prosecution and given a suspended sentence of two years. After being pardoned, he was rehabilitated to his former position in 1998. In my class, Prof. Ma frequently emphasized, “ Be garish! I hope young people feel free to express their emotions and opinions about sexual relations though our society taboo them.” He assented on the legalization of prostitution for practical protection of prostitutes' lives rather than remaining it illicit deal if government could not eliminate it completely when I asked him about that matter. Unfortunately he had to leave the Yonsei University again in August last year for not being accepted in professor reappointment. Officially announced reason was a lack of qualification in his treaties, in fact it was the result of a conflict between the liberal minority and the conservative majority. It's regrettable that the university pushed him out nevertheless the educational institution has to promote students and professors to express their ideas whatever those are. Through Prof. Ma's several events I realized that universities should contribute to forms the ground works for admitting diversity.

Why I Had to Take a Year Off by Lee, Young-uk
When I was in 11th grade I went out with a boy who I had known since kindergarten. It was him who asked for dates. Besides liking him, I thought seeing him would give me an energy to deal with stress from school. After a few pleasant weeks passed, girls who I had not known came to my classroom. They said they wanted to talk to me behind the basketball post after lunch. I just ignored them because they were too rude. When the fifth period endede, those girls came back to me with anger. They blamed me for not meeting them and tried to bully me into not going out with my boyfriend. One of the girls pushed my shoulder, and swore at me in the classroom. I did not know who they were until they left. After they returned to their classroom, I burst into tears. My close friend told me they were friends of my boyfriend's old girlfriend. They thought I screwed up the relationship between their friend and my boy friend, but I did not mean to hurt her. I did not even know their relationship. Things were getting worse. Gossip about me grew. Eventually no one who graduated from the bullies' middle school talked to me. Often my slippers were found in the garbage bin. Even worse, whenever I came into classroom, the whispering became silence. Finally I told my boyfriend what happened to me. He repled it was my problem and refused to give me help. I felt betrayed and decided to take a year off from the school.  

“My Captain” Teacher in the Middle School by Lee, Mi-Deok

Do you remember the movie “Dead Poets Society”? I have such a teacher in my life. I met my respectful teacher in the middle school. She was a biology teacher and homeroom teacher in the second grade of the middle school. She was very kind and thoughtful, so I and my classmates liked her very much. She also had many positive influences on me in some aspects. First, she treated me and my classmates on the same footing with another. She listened to everyone in my class all the time and showed me and my classmates careful care about each person equally. Second, she almost joined many events and did the work concerning my class with my classmates and me. She left together in the classroom after school when I and my classmates prepared for something, such as a class chorus contest, an athletic meeting, examinations, and so on. For example, on an athletic meeting, she wore the same T-shirt with me and my classmates and cheered all together, putting arms around each other's shoulders. Third, she taught me not only many things in studying but also true friendship in humanity. At that time, one day a classmate's father passed away. She was very heartbroken at it because she had a warm heart. And she said to my classmates , “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” When the friend was painful and mournful, my classmates and I sympathized and helped her. I really wanted to divide her sorrow. In brief, she was beloved teacher from my classmates and me. I am very grateful that she taught the true friendship, cooperation, helping each other in the hard time, and so on. She still remains me as the best teacher and maybe forever.