Stafford Lab Gain
1997 Result:
Kidney, David Lab 24,606 47.50%
Cameron, David Con 20,292 39.20%
Hornby, Pamela LibDem 5,480 10.60%
Culley, Stephen Ref 1,146 2.20%
May, Ashton Loony 248 0.50%
Majority 4,314
10.7% swing from Con to Lab
1992 Notional
  Con 26,464 48.08%
  Lab 19,229 34.93%
  LibDem 9,097 16.53%
  Others 257 .47%
Notional Majority 7,235 13.14%
Description: Stafford has a long history of heavy engineering but in recent years there has been a large growth in light industry and other commercial activities. This is based on the M6 motorway which passes around Stafford and the town's proximity to the West Midland's conurbation. The number of professionals is comparatively high as is the number of people in the 40 to retirement age group. Unemployment is low.