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Title(Korean):  Neumi

Also Known In English as : A Deaf Worker





Year Of Production



 110 min.

Production Company

 Sinhan Hunye Film Company


 Kim Ki-young


 Kim Ki-young


 Gim Yong-jin, based on the novel by Yeom Jae-man



Director Of Photography

  I eung-eon

Production Design

  I Myeong-su


 Seo Byeong-su


  Han Sang-gi


 Hyeon Dong-chun


 Kim Seong-chan



Main Cast

 Jang Mi-heui, Ha Meong-jung, Baek Il-seob, Gwon Mi-hae


       After Jun-dae graduates top of the class from university, he lands a good job and moves to a boarding house next to a brick factory.  He becomes interested in a deaf woman laborer at the factory named Numi and takes up casual work at the factory.  She lives with Old Sin, a veteran at the factory, and their baby.  Her husband treats her badly because truck driver Gwak is attracted to her, but she is devoted to her husband.  Once he starts his good job, Jun-dae decides to forget about her.  Kwak runs Old Sin over and kills him.  He is jailed.  Jun-dae takes care of Numi on behalf of her dead husband, and he asks her to forget about him.  They begin to live together and start having sex after only three days.  When Jun-dae goes to work the neighbors come in and attack Numi and trash her house, criticizing her for having sex with Jun-dae.  Jun-dae and Numi flee to Seoul, and live happily together in a rented room.  But Jun-dae¡¯s father comes and forces them to separate.  Jun-dae¡¯s colleagues a

lso ignore him when he is with Numi, so he quits his job and begins to work as a peddler.  Numi feels this is her fault.  Suddenly, driver Kwak, released from jail, comes to see her.  Numi decides to commit suicide with Jun-dae and her baby, and tries to gas them all one night.  The plan fails because Kwak intervenes and makes her leave with the baby.  Jun-dae goes looking for them.  Kwak tells him Numi refused him and left for Seoul again.  Some days later, she returns.  Jun-dae suggests a fresh start, but for his sake she resolves to leave him and live only for her baby.  He cannot dissuade her.  She tears up all the clothes he bought her and sell all the things in her kitchen to the neighbors.  Then she leaves with the baby.  Jun-dae goes running after a truck which he spots Numi traveling, and is killed in a car accident.

(written by Lee Sun-Hwa on the basis of viewing the film.)



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