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Title(Korean): Yeo

Also Known In English as : Woman





Year Of Production



 10 reels

Production Company

 Korea Art Film Company


 Bak Won-seok


 Kim Ki-young, Jong Jin-u, Yu Hyon-mok


 I Eun-seong



Director Of Photography

 Choi Ho-jin, Jang Seog-jun, Son Hyeon-chae

Production Design

 Bak Seog-in


 Go Hae-jin


 Han Sang-gi


 I Gyeong-ja


 Han Yang



Main Cast

 Sin Seong-il, Gim Ji-mi, Mun Heui, Choi Eun-heui


   A man visits the woman owner of a boutique to get her wig, which has been made with his lover’s hair.  He offers to find her lost son for her in exchange for the wig.  He introduces a kidnapper, who is due to be executed, to her as her lost son.  She denies that he is her son and starts to remember the Korean War.  She lost her son then and has not seen him since.  She also lost her hair, and has had to wear a wig since.  The man was a war orphan.  His mother had informed on him to the Communists, and caused his death.  After the war, she was arrested by the South Korean army.  The boutique owner goes to visit the kidnapper in son, but he also insists he is not her son.  He disguised himself as her lost son because the man asked him to do so.  He even made a fake scar on his arm like her son.  He says he would not have become a kidnapper had he not been a Korean War orphan.  After returning home, the woman imagines all the wigs in her closet rushing out and throttling the man.  He suggests

 she’ll be able find her son again if she can recover her womanhood, and comes on to her.  After they have sex, he throttles her, but in the process is throttled himself by her wigs under the bed.  The kidnapper in prison speaks of how much he appreciated her visit.

(This synopsis of part three of the film written by Lee Kyung-Eun on the basis of viewing.  The whole three parts were based on an idea by Kim Ki-young’s wife, Kim Yu-bong.  The first episode is written by Lee Eun-sung, and directed by Chung Jin-u, and the second episode is written by Gim Seung-ok and directed by Yu Hyun-Mok.  Kim Ki-young wrote and directed the third episode.)



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