September 9, 2004
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Jenna Jameson
At age 18, Jenna Jameson ditched her stripping gig at Las Vegas' Crazy Horse bar and appeared in her first XXX-rated movie.

Fifty-five films later, the now 30-year-old still graces the small screen, but only with her hubby, Jay Grdina, 36. Star drilled Jenna, who has a racy new autobiography, How to Make Love Like A Porn Star, about her steamiest moments:

Q: Nicolas Cage was one of your regular visitors at the Crazy Horse bar in Vegas. Dish!

A: I did not have sex with him! I would dance for him for hours, and he was a total gentleman.

Q: When you met Cindy Crawford in 1997,were you attracted to her?

A: She sat next to me all night and was rubbing my shoulders. I am totally bisexual, and she's so insanely beautiful. My panties were all in a twist, but I was so intimidated, I got up and walked away. I should have just kissed her!

Q: Bruce Willis' bodyguard once said to you, "Mr. Willis is waiting for you in his limousine." Did you take the bait?

A: I was totally blown away by Bruce, but I was like, 'Excuse me?!?!' So I went home alone. A lot of guys take it for granted that I'm a sure thing, and I'm anything but.

Q: You dated Tommy Lee?

A: He was an amazing lover! Almost overly passionate -- you can't get him off of you!

Q: What plastic surgery have you had?

A: I love Botox. I had a chin implant and two sets of breast implants. I actually have surgery scheduled in October to make my breasts smaller. I want to go back down to my natural size, 32C. --DAVID CAPLAN

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