Interview with Forrest Kline
by Kane

I discovered this band one lonely night while searching for bands that sound like Devo, while maintaining their own pop sensibility. At first, I almost wrote them off as a cheesy 80s pop act, but then I realized that Devo was a cheesy 80s pop act, and so I decided to embark on a journey that probably no other interviewer has experienced…. Oh year, and they had no idea who the opera/rock phenomenon "Muse" is.

Q: Hellogoodbye is:

A: Silly, silly, synthesized music my friends and me make in my bedroom on my mediocre computer.

Q: Ok, now you guys are young, but how young?

A: I am 17. I'm a senior at Huntington Beach high school. Jesse is 16. Parker and Aaron are older, but [laughs] I'm not sure how old exactly.

Q: Did you get your name HelloGoodbye from the Beatles track of the same name? If not, where?

A: Partly, yes... mostly, a little bit.

Three things pretty much define the name Hellogoodbye as I intended it. Mostly I was talking about how fast chances pass and trying to remind myself to cherish with you've got while its here, and to not let opportunity pass you by. That is kind of a main theme of a lot of the songs and everything Hellogoodbye.

Also, I was watching saved by the bell at four in the morning last summer and it was the Hawaiian episode. Just before the credits rolled Screech says "aloha: hello, goodbye, and to remember with affection." I thought that was real nice.

Thirdly, is the Beatles song.

Q: In tracks like "I Saw It On Your Keyboard", there are distinct influences, but what are your other influences?

A: I myself listen to a whole lot of "Jimmy Eat World", and I guess that doesn't show too much in stuff I write but they've definitely influenced me. I've gotten ideas from rich creamy paint, he's really cool (I recommend him!), and "Reggie", "Ozma", "Weezer", and the cure... this guy "Self" is rad, I've just gotten into him. when I was younger I listened to nothing but oldies and the "Beach Boys". I love oldies.

Q: You got 10 tracks on but where is the album? We at the Break Dance Glove are looking forward to receiving our own copy.

A: See the thing is, I recorded all those songs on, in my bedroom. So there is no 'album' just a bunch of songs. We've got about 15 recorded now (and the recordings keep getting better!). I will make everything we ever do available online for free cause this is just something I do for fun and I could never charge anybody for anything if it didn't cost me anything. A few shows ago I even screen printed maybe some shirts and gave them all away for free. That was tough cause I lost money [laughs]. I made patches and burnt copies of the CD and gave everything away. I plan on having stickers, shirts, messenger bags, sweatshirts, CDs, and anything else I think of at the next show at cost which is real cheap. Anytime I can I will make everything as free as possible.

Q: How many people are in the band and are the songs written as a band or by key members?

A: Funny question... really it's mostly me. But I owe a lot to my friends who've helped me with ideas and Shows. The shows usually consist of me on guitar and vocals, Jesse Kurvink on keys, and Parker case (also of Astoria, check them out) on drums or Aaron flora (of countless other bands). I wrote most of the songs, but Jesse helped with many (esp. the bonnie song, its about his girlfriend).

Q: Worst gig ever?

A: We played the freshman class orientation assembly and that was not amazing. I still had fun and I guess some people still thought we weren't too bad, but it was one of those things were it takes forever to set up and nothing was planned very well and the pa was awful... but I've really enjoyed every time we've played. I love seeing a band that is obviously having fun, cause if they aren't... why are they up there?

Q: What do you think of Muse?

A: I don't know what muse is... do I get marked down for that?

Q: If you could meet any one person in the world who would it be? Why?

A: I don't think I could narrow it down to any one person... I really think it would be neat to meet Jack Kerouac (author, poet 'on the road'). He seems real nice and I like him because he is thinking. He lived. He traveled and thought and learned and prayed in the woods with nothing around bothering him, not worried about everybody else's opinions. I'm not very spiritual but he was definitely inspirational.

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