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Links Championship Edition

Fore! Golf addicts are screaming more than errant-ball warnings—we're screaming with joy over the Mac arrival of Links 2001, the Arnold Palmer Course Designer, Links Expansion Pack, and four Championship Edition courses—a foursome also known as Links Championship Edition.

Links CE is 100-percent simulation, using the same old graphics engine and photo-realistic, flat backdrops that were low-tech in Links LS 2000 (Reviews, Feb/01, p58). New features include Dynamic Camera options (which change your view as a ball flies and lands), a powerful and unforgiving PowerStroke swing mode, and the chance to build your own golf course with the included Arnold Palmer Course Designer. If you already enjoy Links' customizable gameplay, where you control environmental variables such as wind and rain, pin placement, green hardness and speed, and all the rules (Unlimited mulligans and 100-foot gimmes? Hell, yeah!), you'll love building your own golf course. The Course Designer is intuitive if you've used any sort of 3D software; an avid golfer will figure it out and start laying turf inside of a day.

Once you figure out the installation rituals for all the extras (Links CE comes on four CDs), Links CE is a true golfer's golf sim. It's deep enough to engross hard-core golfers, yet the rules and setup are pliable enough that anyone can quickly fire it up and play a round (or just play around). —Niko Coucouvanis

GOOD NEWS: Arnold Palmer Course Designer. Online play. Superlative realism.
BAD NEWS: Real golf should be so easy. Will bore non-golf fanatics.
COMPANY: Bold by Destineer
CONTACT: 866-512-9111 ,
PRICE: $48.95 (SRP)
REQUIREMENTS: 300MHz G3 (no upgrade cards), Mac OS 9.1 or later, 128MB of RAM