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Mr Blobby Goes Down The NewsagentsAdvanced Road Rage Simulator - M4 Joyrider Edition

Once upon a time, a long, long time ago, whilst commenting in the newsgroup on the crapness of Cascade's Cassette 50 compilation, I suggested it would be fun for everyone to write a crap game and put together our own Cascade-beating compilation of crapness. The result - 60 utterly abysmal NEW games, as written by the readers of comp.sys.sinclair in the early part of 1996. Unshaken by the utter horror that was the first compilation, the readers of the newsgroup badgered me into organising another one this year! Lo and behold - the Crap Games Compilation 1997 edition was born! 51 more excruciatingly crap games, created especially for you by a bunch of devoted fans....

My overseeing of the competition ended with my forced retirement from the newsgroup, but it continues to this very day (in fact I've entered this year for the first time in ages)! The first two compilations are here for your enjoyment, the rest can be found in the link at the bottom of the page! Enjoy! Er... yeah. Enjoy.

Click HERE to download the original compilation (250K ZIP file)

Click HERE to download the 1997 compilation (160K ZIP file)

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