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September 09, 2004

Web page design and readability...
[participatory journalism]

bradblog logoHere’s an interesting article I tracked across while surfing geeknewscentral.com. The Eyetrack III study brings an interesting analysis to a few dozen readers of online media.

The article discusses things in generalities, but does identify trends such as the upper left corner is a hotspot, why people read blurbs associated with specific types of headlines, and why they avoid them, and what seems to be working for advertising.

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September 08, 2004

Migrating to a 'real domain name...
[participatory journalism]

bradblog undergoes name changeRecently I was browsing my rss[offsite] feeds with feedreader[offsite] and I noticed a few sites offering free .info domains. Never being one to refuse free, I thought I’d give it a shot.

bradblog[offsite] can now be found via http://bradblog.info[offsite]

as well as the former http://bradblog.homeip.net[offsite]

What fun you can have with the internet, and free stuff.

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September 07, 2004

gmail tools...
[general news]

Got Gmail?Just a quick update to list some cool gmail utilities floating around the net.

Above tools found while surfing Aimless Words[offsite]

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September 03, 2004


Got Gmail?Yep, I are one of the few many folk who are now proud owners of a gmail account[offsite] - thanks to the kindness of a friend a work. 1GB of storage to play with. And look! Some enterprising soul has created a Gmail file system[offsite] - a linux application that lets you use your 1gb on Gmail as an online hard drive. Think of it as an online backup device. Very Cool.

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August 28, 2004

Hey...why can't I find that damn cache!

My Modded XboxThis summer we discovered the sport activity of GeoCaching[offsite] . Yes we had acquired a GPSr (GPS receiver - in the lingo), and had the inclination to start beating the bush to find these smallish containers, usually ammo cans or plastic-houseware-boxes, filled with trinkets from the Dollar Store.

Yes, it’s a modern day treasure hunt, employing the high-tech internet, a multi-billion dollar navigation system (helpfully provided by American tax payers through the courtesy of the US Military), and a few enterprising people who recognized the wholesome entertainment value of the treasure hunt.

The point is…you grab a set of coordinates from the GeoCaching[offsite] website, plot the relative location on a map, plan your route in and out, then execute the plan.

Half the fun, nay, the art, is getting to the cache without attracting too much attention from the ‘muggles’ - regular folk who may be out walking, hiking, whatever, but don’t understand GeoCaching. Not too easy when the cache you’re trying to find is a microcache taped to the bottom of a picnic table in a popular park.

A quick visit to Buxley’s Geocaching Waypoint[offsite] shows you just how popular this activity is. Click on the Maps to see all the caches in your area.

Looking to buy a GPSr? I found an excellent deal at GPSCity.ca[offsite] (the Canadian version of GPSCity.com[offsite] ). My Garmin eTrex Legend[offsite] arrived overnight, I was GeoCaching in Kelowna a few days later. Great fun!

A good source for maps, hiking and outdoor gear is the Mountain Equipment Co-op[offsite] . They too sell GPSr, backpacks, climbing gear, poles, clothing…etc. And they’re cheap!

‘nuff said…off to GeoCache.

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July 04, 2004

Modding my Xbox...
[video games]

My Modded XboxA while ago I managed to lay my hands on a refurbished Xbox for a fairly reasonable price. Great, methinks. A game console and a DVD player, all rolled into one. And hey, it’ll even play music from the built in hard drive too… but not stock from the factory. No, my friend, you have to void the Microsoft warranty and mess with the happy technology that lies buried within your game console. Once you do that, you then have unlocked the power of your Xbox[offsite] , and created a Monster…here’s how I did mine…

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