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Let me share something that will delight and amaze you. It's one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

Ever read superhero comics as a kid? One was called "The Legion of Super Heroes" (LOSH). A group of teenage super heroes, each with a different super power. Chameleon Boy could change his shape into anything (not very well-named, since chameleons can't, but let that pass). Saturn Girl was telepathic, Cosmic Boy could emit energy bolts and so on.

Some of the characters had silly names and daft powers. For example, Matter-Eater-Lad could literally eat anything. I am not making this up.

I'm getting to the best bit.

LOSH comics sometimes featured 'audition' stories. New teenage superheroes would turn up, demonstrate their special super powers, and see if they could join the LOSH. And who featured in one of these stories? I will tell you, but you will not believe me.

Arm-Fall-Off Boy.

That was his name and yes, that was his power. He could make his arms fall off, or detach one arm and hit things with it. Hence... Arm-Fall-Off Boy. I believe this is the greatest name bestowed upon any character in all of creative fiction. (He was also known as Floyd Belkin, and as 'Splitter'.)

It is my crusade to make the comics people bring back Arm-Fall-Off Boy. I want the TV people to make an Arm-Fall-Off Boy live-action TV series, and Hollywood to make a major motion picture. Superman, Batman etc. are all very dull compared with Arm-Fall-Off Boy. Think of the merchandising - for the first time in history, you could have a doll or action figure where it doesn't matter if the arm comes off!

So, wanna meet him? Here he is.

Can you imagine a comic book artist coming up with this idea? Discussing it with the guys down at the office? Isn't it majestic that someone actually gave the go-ahead for this character to appear? Life is more wonderul than we can ever imagine.