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Hosted Sites - 19 April 2002 - posted by Alenor

C64Unlimited may now also be accessed at WWW.C64UNLIMITED.COM :) As I speak, there are also 2 subdomains now under WWW.C64Unlimited.COM. They are http://ztp.c64unlimited.com and firefox.c64unlimited.com Check them out and who knows.. Maybe more to come...

Boulder Dash!- 26 March 2002 - posted by Alenor

For all of you Boulder Dash fans, this is just a head up that our good friend Firefox will be updating his website on Saturday to include an all new Boulder Dash game! So head out to http://www.firefox.ch where you can find the famous 'Firefox' collection of custom Boulder Dash levels made by the Boulder Dash Community, and by Firefox himself! Check them out! Try the Christmas Boulder Dash for a challenge. Oh yea before I forget, Happy Easter, if it applies :D

Updates - 6 March 2002 - posted by Alenor

I just wanted to take this moment to remind people of the following: 

 If you are a programmer or software company and you wish us to remove a specific game for any reason, then email us and we will remove the file(s) immediately.

Other than that not much else happening at the moment..  still working behind the scenes on a couple of new things but these are taking longer than expected..   On a side note, I am 1 year older tomorrow :o) I feel old lol.

Happy New Year - 30 December 2001 - posted by Alenor

Yes, I know it is not new years yet but I wanted to at least get this one in before the 31st! On a side note, there is a new link on the left. Please visit our friends at audioGnome, with their friendly support chatroom and an easy to use interface, it is one of the best clients out there!

Message Board and Guestbook - 1 November, 2001 - posted by Alenor

Well, seems our favorite Message Board/Guestbook admin has done it again. Harly has moved the Message Board and the Guestbook to our servers instead of the slow ones we were using. You should notice an increase in the response from both of those, and not so many errors. Thanks, Harly!

Poll discontinued - 17 September, 2001 - posted by Alenor

Well, I have decided to discontinue the poll. Seems the poll host, 'www.sparklit.com' had problems and changed the URL of the poll, so I have decided to just go ahead and make a screensaver, and post it under 'Applications' and see if you like it or not. I would appreciate e-mails on what games you would like to see in the screensavers. I was thinking about maybe 7 to 10 pictures per screensaver, so e-mail me (Alenor) with your ideas. Anyone who knows a good preferably free poll host, e-mail me (Alenor).

Screensaver Poll - 15 September, 2001 - posted by Alenor

Well, here is a quick poll. Would you like a monthly Screensaver with C64 Game pics?

USA- 13 September, 2001 - posted by Alenor

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the families who suffered losses due to this cowardly attack on the USA.

Letter Z Update - 8 September, 2001 - posted by Bugs

Finally letter Z in the games-database have been cleaned and updated. A total of 52 new games were added, including a lot of screenshots and manuals, solutions, maps etc. The newly added games are: Zack!, Zahlenratenspiel (German), Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders (German), Zantarr, Zap, Zap!, Zapp Hussein, Zarcon, Zarjaz, Zaron (German), Zauberschloss (German), Zaxon (preview), Zaxxon (Spanish), Zeeslacht (Dutch), Zeittunel (German), Zellion, Zenon, Zeppelin Rescue (version 1.3), Zeppelyn, Zero Gravity, Zeus, ZFL Football, Zgadula (Preview), Zig Zag 2 - New Levels, The Zinj Complex, Zip, Zix, Zjggen, Zodia, Zoggon, Zoid, Zombies, Zona Quarta (Italian), Zona Roja (Spanish), Zonal Patrol, Zone 7 (Dutch), Zone Cruiser (Dutch), Zoomball (German), Zoomerang, Zork I - The Great Underground Empire (Golden Edition), Zorphon, Zozoom, Zuul, Zwark, Zwei Bereten (Preview), Zynax, Zynax II, Zynon, Zyrax, Zyto, Zytron - Mega Blast and Zyx.


The Zinj Complex



Zeppelin Rescue


The Messageboard is finally up again- 1 September, 2001 - posted by Bugs

Finally Harly put the new messageboard up. The topics are well organized, namely: General discussion, Games, Applications, Emulators, Frontends, Tools & Converters and Wanted. So feel free to drop suggestions, remarks, questions etc. or post a message if you are looking for something in the Wanted forum. We hope you like the messageboard.

Two new games added - 22 August, 2001 - posted by Bugs

Two new games were added that were missing in the archive:
Note: soon there will be an update of letter Z; about 47 new games will be added.



Guestbook added to site - 30 June, 2001 - posted by Bugs

Great we finally have a Guestbook up and running. I hope you all visit it and sign it for us.
All credits for this achievement goes to

New coverscan added: Pastfinder - 30 June, 2001 - posted by Bugs

Armin Vogl has send us a coverscan of the game Pastfinder. Thx again Armin for the great coverscan!!

New link added: Gremlin Graphics World - 17 June, 2001 - posted by Bugs

This site contains games, including boxscans and pictures, for the Amstrad PC, C-64, MSX, PC Engine and Spectrum. If you can donate any of the missing boxscans or screenshots, please contact the Fox at Gremlin Graphics World.