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750th Anniversary (1249-1999)
Visit by Her Majesty The Queen, 21 May 1999 (New)

University College, colloquially known as "Univ", is (arguably!) the oldest college at Oxford University, founded in 1249. Here is a description of the college, originally written in Latin, by Thomas Neale (1519-1590?), Professor of Hebrew at Oxford, for the visit of Queen Elizabeth I on 31st August 1566:
Now before your eyes a handsome college appear college appears which although it is a section, has acquired the name of the entire establishment. Just as in logic a section is often named after a group and a single division frequently stands for the entire body. Archdeacon William of Durham gave this college a name taken from a city which was synonymous with learning.

Founded in the reign of King Alfred in 873. Restored by William Archdeacon of Durham in about 1249 A.D.

The claim that King Alfred founded the College is now considered apocryphal, but makes a good tale anyway.

View of the college from the High Street.

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