The Enchantress

by Sean McQuaid

Real name: Amora
First appearance: Journey into Mystery 103
Favorite quote: "Wouldst thou care to test thy firm resolve--against my yielding lips?" (Defenders 4. Enchantress beguiles the Black Knight, who samples said lips and becomes the latest in her long line of love slaves. Amora's got more pucker-power than Rogue; one smooch and you're done for.)
Team affiliation: Amora's most devoted admirer and frequent partner-in-crime was Skurge the Executioner, from whom she frequently withheld her favors to keep him on a short leash. The frustrated Skurge eventually abandoned her and died heroically on a quest, an event which (to the surprise of many) devastated Amora. Before his demise, they were both members of the original Masters of Evil and allies to fellow renegade Asgardian Loki. Amora has also employed a plethora of pawns such as Valkyrie, the original Power Man, Wonder Man, Hercules, the Black Knight and the Lady Liberators.
Powers: As a near-immortal Asgardian goddess, Amora possesses considerable superhuman strength and stamina, although she rarely exercises these attributes. She is one of the most powerful sorceresses alive, capable of force bolts, illusions, paralysis, mind control, inter-dimensional travel, force fields and transmutation; however, she has channeled the bulk of her magical studies and energy into the enhancement of her already formidable beauty and seductive powers. Few men can resist Amora, and those who do earn her bitter enmity.
Favorite storyline: It's a guilty pleasure, but my favourite Enchantress story is the goofy tale from Avengers 83 in which Amora (posing as the heroic Valkyrie) leads a group of frustrated super-heroines in forming the Lady Liberators and revolting against their male colleagues. It's just too ridiculous. My favorite serious Amora story would be her entanglement with the Valkyrie, first fully chronicled in Defenders 107-109.
Least favorite storyline: The Ellis-era Thor stories that recast Amora as Thor's blandly clingy gal-pal and a sometime scullery maid. Whatever.
Who was that Enchantress I saw you with last night? The silly "Heroes Reborn" pocket universe to which the Avengers and FF were temporarily exiled featured alternate versions of many existing Marvel characters, including an alternate Enchantress. This Amora remained a big-league villainess and foe to the Avengers, albeit with a new twist; she was secretly the mother of her reality's Scarlet Witch. She was also inhumanly leggy (see the Avengers [v2] # 1 if you dare), leading some readers to speculate that the Heroes Reborn version of Enchantress is the love child of Amora and Stilt-Man...
Update: These days, the Enchantress is back to being a powerful, seductive sorceress in a funky green outfit, the way God and Jack Kirby intended. She did help the outlaw heroes known as the Thunderbolts break into Hell in pursuit of Hawkeye, doing it as a favour for Atlas (formerly her lovestruck pawn as the original Power Man), but she made it clear that Atlas would have to repay this favour someday. More recently, the Enchantress has been an occasional ally, advisor and amour to Thor, whose recent ascent to the throne of Asgard made him even more appealing to Amora than before...


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