2002-11-03 - 5:11 p.m.

> what if <

what if the whole science is a hoax
jes' as big as da bibles, jes' some
new books for new people, jes' like
the tv is a newer dumbing tool done
better than those old faulty bibles
i'd have me a big laugh if this new
science queen has your mind in grip
and will not ever let go until u'll
turn it into dust so she'll recycle
you for a purpose undefined so far?

what if the majority was wrong all
the time, like they usually are?

what if you were brain-washed at a
global scale?

what if a technologically advanced
society will always be inferior to
a mentalic one?

i'm laughing my ass off, jes' now.

*note: if you knew how much math
i know, you would be surprised i
dare such blasphemy w/ my bitch.


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