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The Charlotte M. Allen school building at 1810 Elgin Street was completed February 1, 1907. At that time, it was one of the finest buildings in the city.

From 1907 until 1955, the Allen school was an elementary school for white children, but as the population surrounding this area grew with Negro children exceeding the white it was necessary to convert this school for Negro children.

In September 1955, the overflow of Jack Yates High students was relieved by transferring the Seventh grade to the Allen school, and it was known then as the Jack Yates Annex.

On September 1956, because of an over-crowded condition Blackshear elementary school, students from both Blackshear and Dunbar were sent to the old Allen school, and the previous Yates Annex School, and later in the month was named the J. Will Jones School. In 1966 a 12 classroom annex was added with a lovely courtyard between it and the main building. This school was set up under the Principal ship of Mrs. Irene G. Stone, who was formerly a teacher at Blackshear. We are a Title I school and have an Extended Day Fine Arts Magnet Program.

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