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The Uncaring, Lord of All Magic, Archmage of the Powers

Greater Power
Attributes: Magic, Arcane Knowledge, Foresight, Balance
Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Trickery
Symbol: Eye in pentagram
Typical Worshippers: Mages, scholars, seers, sages
Raiment: Purple robes, gold trim
Preferred Weapon: Staff
Holy Days: By star phase, no sacrifice


Boccob is the archmage of the Powers. Whether or not any serve or revere him seems of no importance to him. Throughout Taliesin, seers and diviners entreat him for omens, sages revere him, and those seeking to create new magical items or spells often seek his aid. Boccob almost never directly interferes with events, sending instead his Demi Power servant Zagyg, the mad, instead.

Boccob is portrayed as an old man with bright, intense eyes, clad in garments of purple bearing shimmering golden runes. It is said that within his halls he has at least one example of every magical item ever devised and a copy of every alchemical formula ever scribbled down.

Seek balance above good, evil, law or chaos. Fight to push back the encroachment of good just as you would the oppression of evil. Magic is the most important thing on Nam, and it must be preserved so that the balance can be preserved.

All times and planes are open to Boccob. He manipulates the energies of the Positive and Negative planes as he wishes. He ever seeks to learn more of planar structures, the logic of magic, and long lost lore. Services honoring him involve complex rituals, incense burning, and recitations from works honoring knowledge.

Boccob’s clerics are expected to be grave, serious folk devoted to the pursuit of knowledge. They devote themselves to research, particularly prophecies, which they guard carefully lest they fall into the wrong hands. They may adventure to recover lost magical treasures, tomes of lore, and the like.

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