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Last update: Package name:Version:Description:
2004-02-27clusterit 2.2Clustering package for unix
2004-09-12dqs 3.3.2nb2Distributed queueing system
2004-05-09glunix 1.0anb1Global Layer Unix for NOW (Network Of Workstations)
2004-09-09GridSim 3.0.2Toolkit for simulation of parallel systems
2004-05-10linda 0.1.1nb4Parallel distributed database environment
2004-05-09mpich implementation of the Message Passing Interface
2004-05-09openpbs 2.3.16Generic network queueing system
2004-07-22p5-Parallel-Pvm 1.3.0Perl module for PVM (Parallel Virtual Machine)
2004-07-22pvm 3.4.4Parallel Virtual Machine libraries and environment
2004-05-10sge 5.3p6Sun Grid Engine distributed resource management system

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