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Business Highway 8 to be renamed County Highway P

Rhinelander old timers and Town of Pelican residents will have to mind their "P's and Q's" beginning July 1, 2005.

Well, at least their "P's." Beginning that date, the portion of highway currently designated Business Highway 8 will become County Highway P. The stretch of road affected by the change extends for approximately five miles.

Highway P will run from the intersection of County Highway C and Lincoln St. to the present intersection of Business Hwy. 8 and State Highway 8. Residents and businesses located along the highway are welcome to send comments on the re-designation to the Oneida County Highway Dept. by Wednesday, Sept. 15.

Highway Dept. crews intend to remove all Business Hwy. 8 signage. Both the Oneida County Highway Dept. and the Town of Pelican recognized that re-naming the highway County Highway C would create confusion as well as creating a problem for emergency response vehicles because of the duplication of fire numbers on Highway C East and Highway C South.

The county and town recognize that the re-designation to County Highway P may be difficult for residents and businesses who must change addresses and business information, but they concluded that this is the best viable alternative.

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