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Posted 9/17/04 at 3:06AM

Site updates and new changes are currently taking affect.





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Poetic Ramblings: Essays and Plays? Comments: 0
Date: 9/17/04 at 6:30AM (21h6m ago)  Modified: 9/17/04 at 6:38AM (20h57m ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend

For some reason, I had to change the poll, I had to get rid of Essays and Plays. I suppose essays are fine in certain situations, although I find nothing wrong with them. I have nothing against plays either, but I always wondered what others thought of reading an actual play on paper, do they enjoy it? Is it like reading a book? Does the lack of detail trouble them? I have always found them informative.

I once met a man who read plays for fun, but he never met another person who loved to do the same. He said " A play is a story that is quick to understand. I've read very few books, but have read countless plays over the years." I watched the old man in the play house in New York read on for hours until the sun arose. I must have joined him because I already new his lines

The Poll: The Results Comments: 0
Date: 9/17/04 at 3:39AM (23h56m ago)  Modified: 9/17/04 at 6:04AM (21h32m ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend
Basic Results

Which is the best form of presenting long novellete sized literature online?

PDF 50%

E-Zines 50%

Magazines 40%

Look at those statistics, isn't that exciting? Doesn't that just make you want to click your heals in the air like some chees poof? The truth is, I like the fact that everyone understood that I forgot to implement the '.exe' method, and I sincerely apologize for that slight error.

Information: Guidelines Linking: 1  Comments: 2
Date: 9/11/04 at 5:57AM (6d21h ago)  Modified: 9/11/04 at 8:32AM (6d19h ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend

The Winged Dragon Publishing Group

Please follow this link for guidelines. For questions on our services and more information, please contact the following department:


This Mod Blog will undergo a slight change, stay tuned.

Epiphanies and Decisions: The Voting Booth Linking: 2  Comments: 0
Date: 9/2/04 at 2:06PM (2w1d ago)  Modified: 9/2/04 at 2:18PM (2w1d ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend

I understand the concern with the selections in the voting booth. E-Zines don't seem to work and the PDF format may pose some problems because the user, or reader would need to download the file to their computer or they would have to download the Acrobat Reader from the Adobe website.

There's also another form of downloading which would never ask the customer to download another program. The third method would be through . exe which is the most preferred method of securely downloading stories. Large ebook sellers like Fiction Press use the .exe method to present their fine literature online. This is something that I would like feed back on since I forgot to post this particular method in the voting booth months ago. You are welcome to contact me through email or through this blog in the comments section.

New Stuff: Movie-Corpses Are Forever- Linking: 3  Comments: 0
Date: 9/1/04 at 9:13PM (2w2d ago)  Modified: 9/11/04 at 5:16AM (6d22h ago)  Add Comment | Send to Friend

I've been receiving a high amount of email from the many production companies and independent film studios out there. I was recently greeted with a "thank you" letter from a production company I met at the Sundance Film Festival in Park City UT. That's where I ran into a few of the guys from Sony Pictures and the crew who were working on the movie Resident Evil Apocalypse. And today I received an email concerning the press release to this new and high-octane Zombie flick Corpses Are Forever by C-47 Pictures.

Hey Elygian,

I loved your site, so I thought I should drop you a line to let you know that my new 35mm feature, CORPSES ARE FOREVER, the first-ever zombie/spy thriller, is now available in BLOCKBUSTER and HOLLYWOOD VIDEO stores.

I have a great cast, like Debbie Rochon, Brinke Stevens, and Linnea Quigley, Felissa Rose, and even Richard Lynch in CORPSES ARE FOREVER. I would really like for you guys to check out the movie and give it a review on your site.

You can check out my website for more info: Corpses Are Forever

Thanks and take care.

Jose Prendes

This does appear to be the type of movie I like. It has that Indy flare. But alas, at this moment, my time is inundated with work. I first believed, that perhaps, they had no review for the movie. However this wasn't until I ran across the following website:

By Mike Watt

2003, Un-rated, 90 Minutes, C-47 Pictures

(Read the full article here)

It not only takes the will to make a film, but the sheer gut. I've learned that it takes more out of people to bridle the strength to create a piece of art and to then completely brake the rules of convention. And to seek out new and unexplored territory like their directorial predecessors, one being George A. Romero. His directorial work on The Dawn of The Dead was seen as thunder that eventuates after a bolt of lightning. Its early and unorthodox style is what brought its popularity and rise to the cult classic status. A few years later, the same was thought of The Evil Dead when it first appeared in 1981.

When I sit to watch a film, I think of what I like about that particular film, so I never impetuously heed the call of someone else's review if I don't really need to. I personally believe that I would enjoy this movie to some degree because of the sort of style that is no longer evident in the movies filmed today. If I'm capable of watching a movie, then I can make an assessment.

End: A review (in the end) is but an indecipherable form of conveying to the public a movie that they may, or may not like. Nevertheless, the public will see the movie regardless.

Stay tuned for a new and important update tomorrow!

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