Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Just A Blog, Blog, Blog

Just got back from my sisters house, had dinner there. I guess I go there quite a bit for dinner, but it is nice. Considering she is never the one that does the cooking but, we have fun.

We usually have a few drinks although today we didn't have any. Just as well though. However, I must say everyone thinks I make a mean margarita. I think I have to agree, they are quite good. Now that I am writing this I wish I had one, LOL... But all the mixes and stuff I left at my sisters.

So the ground breaking on the new WTC building, The Freedom Tower was on July 4th. I think it is nice that they are doing it as quick as they are but I do have some things I don't like about it. I am hesitant to write about it here but I guess here goes....

First of all I know that not everyone agrees with this, so no need to bash me. I will say though that I can understand why so many people are unhappy with what is taking place with the site. Too many people have lost loved ones and everyone wants to have their say with what goes on. It is however to make everyone happy and something must be done.

Well, for starters, the reason I am unhappy with it is all of the empty space at the top. I love the idea of it being 1,776 feet tall to commemorate the birth of our nation and the ideas on which it is founded. But all that empty space gets to me. It makes my stomach queasy. It is highly understandable that the building might have empty office space at the top. I do not think many New Yorkers are ready to go back into a building like that yet to be honest.

At least the "victims" family members probably feel that way. See the thing is many people also worked at that site afterwards as well. People put a lot of time, blood, sweat, tears, and all kinds of emotions into their efforts while working at the WTC site and at the landfill. Many of these people have no voice at all and a good deal of them would have liked to have seen it rebuilt. Also some that want nothing there as well.

Not the same exact building mind you, but a much better, stronger, and safer copy. I have seen the design and thought it was great but, too much opposition to it exists.
In a way it kind of makes me feel "they" the terrorists have won in some respects. I know I am not alone in think this way because, many other people I have spoken with that "survived" and worked through it feel that way.

See, a few generations ago times were different. Many veterans of WWII have even expressed this to me as well. It used to be the "American way" to rebuild, bigger, better, stronger. Those seem to be times of a by gone era.

Another thing about the site I think is a shame is that they are making an area for family of the victims that no one else can go. While this sounds like a good idea on the surface I think it is a poor idea. The fact that other people who were there cannot go and pay their "respects" to friends or even to just sit and remember in any area of a memorial is not such a good idea. Many people worked at the two sites for a long time not to be able to go back and see what beauty has returned. The biggest voices of opposition are always from the "widows of fire fighters". Not that I do not think that they should not have a voice. But, I think everyone should have a voice. What about the construction workers, steel workers, sanitation workers, and the untold number of volunteers that showed up from across the country and world to help. Those people deserved a voice too.

Anyway, I know and came to the realization long before the rebuilding plans ever started that many people would be unhappy with the site. I just hope that whatever is their people will always remember September 11th 2001 and not just be sad for what happened. But to also be proud of the way we came together to help one another.

If you have taken the time to read this I thank you.

Monday, July 05, 2004

Holy Cow


I was tired today. I slept the entire day away today. Guess I did not miss much since it rain a bit, so I hear. I also assume most people slept late today since everyone was out late partying last night. It was busy at work until about 2:00 am.

Most of the calls we had were BS though, completely unfounded. Only one actual patient that we took to the hospital.

Did see the third installment of the Lord of the Rings though. Good film, not easy to watch while at work though since it is so long. However, I will say that I think everyone needs a friend like Sam. My Girlfriend said that to me a while ago when she saw it. I must say I have to agree with her.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Happy 4th

Well Happy fourth of July to all my Friends and fellow Americans. I'll be spending the day celebrating some of my relatives birthdays today as well. So I am keeping this short as I have to run....

Very beautiful day as well. Unusual for the 4th of July.

Have a great day everyone, be safe and have fun.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

The Hidden Truth

Well I was not going to post anything here until later today but....
I am getting tired of Michael Moore and his bullshit. Granted he has his story to tell and I am all for the first amendment rights and all. However, his movie is being touted as a documentary. Well, it is not a documentary at all according to Webster. It is just his opinion.

Now to be honest, I have not once heard Michael Moore himself call this film a documentary. But, that is how it is being touted by a majority of the media. In fact I have even heard him say it is just his "opinion". Don't get me wrong the movie itself could win an award for its masterful editing one should keep in mind however, that it is his opinion and editing that truly make the movie. If a person is to form an opinion of their own that person should have all the facts to form such an opinion.

Michael Moore

Moore Watch

To be fair and impartial I have included two different links above so that you can start your own research to form your very own opinion.

In a couple of days I will post something about the RIAA as well.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Its Been a While

Well, it most certainly has been a while since I have posted here. Not without good reason though, of course...

I have been very busy working on my business, and finally have the web site for it up. You can check it out here Dynamic Network Technologies

Granted it is not anything flashy or anything, no pun intended. I wanted to keep it simple for my non-tech savvy clients. I think it achieves its goal nicely. Anyway, I am honestly kind of tired of all those sites with all that "i-candie" and nothing to say. Sure it looks good, but isn't it more important to inform your clients. Yeah, I guess you could do both, but you just do not really see that out there too often.

We will be starting a new marketing campaign in another month. Things have been going well so far though. A bit rough having to still work my other job and all but it pays the bills.

I have also been working on another website but I am keeping that one a secret for now. Perhaps I will mention it here within the next month or so. I just want to work all the bugs out of it first.

Hopefully it wont be so long between my posts anymore.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Nice Sunday Morning

I had to work this morning because someone wanted switch hours with me. I know I got the better deal out of it. Last night from 2130 hrs to 0530 hrs was very busy. I knew it would be, Saturday into Sunday always is. But instead I got to work an uneventful Sunday morning from 0600 hrs till 1400 hrs. I did one call the entire shift and even that was truly uneventful. Just someone needing sutures on their leg. Worked out well I must say.

Went to my sisters for dinner too, had a B-B-Q turkey. Man is that good stuff.
I ate like a PFG (Potential Fat Guy) as my friend would say. Other than that I have no idea what is going on in the world today so I cant even say much.

I am pretty tired today too as I did not get much sleep last night. So, with that I will end this pretty worthless post. I just feel like I have to put something here since I started only yesterday.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

My First Blog

Well, as the title says this is my first blog. I've thought about doing it in the past, however I never got around to it. I also made the attempt at keeping a journal but it was somewhat of a pain in the ass to be perfectly honest. This seems to be a quicker and easier way of doing this so I figured what the hell.

Anyway, some people might find some of my rants and raves amusing. If... That is anyone ever bothers to read this. I will be commenting from time to time about the experiences I have and things I see on my job. I work full time for NYC EMS, which is now part of the FDNY. Has been so since March 17, 1996. How appropriate to make the day the Fire Dept. takes us over St patty's day.

I wont really get into to much of that right now, I'll save it for another time. I will say however from my experience though, people really do the most stupid shit. I was actually thinking of writing a book with all the stupid things people do. I wonder if it would be a good seller. As I said though I will save the stories for another time.

I also started my own business a while back as a computer consultant, not that should really interest anyone, but it is part of what I do. I'm kind of hoping that it starts to take off really so that I can quit my other job. Ya know, stupid people and all have that effect on you after a while.

I'll say a little more about myself and my business later. I am kind of tired right now after working all night.

Oh, I thought I should say something about President Reagan,being that he past away and he is the first president that I really started to watch. I thought he did a really great job, even when I was younger. I was still in junior high back then. I used to like to watch him on TV..... I remember the time he said we just went to war with the Russians and the bombing starts in five minutes. I found that amusing.
Well, Rest In Peace Ronald Reagan.