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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Then What Excactly is the new Springtime? 

New Springtime Not About Numbers, Ratzinger Says

I've always appreciated the candor of His Eminence. What I find so odd is that so many Neo-Catholics lionize this man(or at least only certain parts of him, the rest they flat out deny or simply say he "Misspoke" when Ratzinger never says he did!) yet they are never on the same page as him.

Always we hear about how we now have "60 Million Catholics." Men such as Dave Armstrong attempted to tell me how we know that Vatican II was a big success, because we have all these new converts, conversions are up! Of course Mr. Armstrong did not interact with the reality that so many Catholics were leaving, these new conversions were not filling the void, and that this problem simply did not exist before the Council. How these men can be such brilliant apologists against Protestants, and so fiercly deny reality is beyond me. (Though perhaps it is PR to placate Protestants that Rome is Camelot, rather than we are still one Church, but things aren't perfect, and we could always use more strong orthodox voices within the Church. Many Protestants rightly reject such patronizing.) Indeed, this same style of argumentation was enunciated by my good friend Shawn McElhinney many times, that because of Vatican II, the Church is beginning to grow, and it certainly is more and more Orthodox.

Yet along comes Ratzinger to shatter these Neo-Catholic fantasies. His Eminence candidly admits that these ideas of growing numbers of Catholicism are flat out myths. Yet rather than lamenting this, he praises it, saying that the Catholic Church and her mission is not neccessarily about numbers.

Last time I checked, and I'm not sure if this went by the wayside in Vatican II, I can't find anything to state this is so, the Church's only job was the salvation of souls, to save as many as possible from the darkness of Satan. So with all due respect, this is in a sense a numbers game. (And I don't mean to use the word game as in a childish way, but there are winners, and there are those who don't win. Our strategy against Satan has always been, we win, he loses.)

Ratzinger then talks about how since Vatican II, we now have a minority that "renews the world." With all due respect, there cannot be a larger disconnect from reality! The world has gone(and continues to go at breathtaking speed) to hell in a handbasket, so the Catholics are not "renewing the world." Ratzinger, beinga European, should recognize this, as Europe will not even recognize any Christian heritage, much less a Catholic one. That was their time of enslavement according to modern man's eyes, and with the Pope's capitulation about the "horrors of the Inquisition" (the very day a report came out vindicating it!) that only assures Europe they were right to throw off such a demonic institution. Let's be honest here my dear readers, if half the myths of Christianity were true, who can blame people for not being Christians?

The only Christians that are "renewing the world" are certainly not following that which is Vatican II. Prelates who courageously stand up against all the liberals and announce that The Church has authority over how its subjects are to live morally, the old ways of "hurling condemnation" are drawing strong orthodox people to defend them. In these areas conversions are up, seminaries are filled, and Catholicism is a "religion for the masses" such as in medival times.

Rather than offer any solution for the problem, we're told to accept the fact that the people aren't converting, nor should they be, because the Church isn't a "religion for the masses anymore." Such defeatism will never get us out of the crisis.

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