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The Annwn Members

A Member's List is now operating.

Cost of subscription to the List is $US 100 for 12 months.

If you wish to subscribe, please contact me first by email at: J_Chiappalone@hotmail.com




By regular mail at:

J Chiappalone,


Queensland, Australia, 4872


Members will automatically receive 10% discount

on all books, tapes, CDs, and fees to Conferences, etc.


Acceptance of Membership implies that the Member will honour

the request NOT to divulge informationto non-members.






The Members' is more than just news and commentary on the news.

In fact, it is an elaborate and evolving emailing service that touches on all aspects

of Metaphysics that will assist one's evolution on the spiritual path.


There is a continual progression with ideas

and exercises in the lessons sent out regularly.


Advice and meditations, etc., are given so that

Each Member can grow with the knowledge that is provided.


The material allows each to progress at his or her own pace.

There is also the opportunity for review.


As always, each will be free to take that which one feels is of value.


No one is being coerced to accept anything in any way.


Each Member has the opportunity to ask any questions pertaining to spiritual progress,

and questions regarding events in the World that may impinge on one's spiritual well being.


Time may permit me to give my opinion on their personal matters

about which members may ask.


Certain parts of the various publications by Annwn

will be made available for study and review

so that those who have not read the books in detail

will have knowledge of these books.


Chapters of new books that are of relevance will be made available.




New essays will be sent to Members well before public posting,

if public posting is to be made.


Members will be considered as Members of the Foundation which exists

for further education in spiritual matters with True Gnosticism as a basis.


As those who attend the Conferences know, it is hoped that camaraderie will

develop within the Membership that like-minded individuals can share.



If you feel such a Membership may be of value to you,

meditate on it, and let me know if you wish to join.


This site that you are reading will still be free.






Members are on an email list and Lessons and other communications

are sent out by me more or less weekly.


Articles, essays, short stories, metaphysical discourses, meditations, self-improvement exercises, contemplations,

thoughts, commentaries on the news, etc. are provided, as well as letters from Members and Sites of Current Affairs.


Here is what some of the Members have said about the Membership:

Please note these have been edited for clarity.



Dear Dr.,

Thank you for Lesson 51 that starts your second year of these Lessons.  You write with Calmness, Strength, and Authority - the likes of which are rare indeed.


When I read your Lessons I feel at peace and at the same time a determination to strive even harder towards my goal of being what the Light wants me to be. Your work brings a much-needed element to many.��������������������������������� ��������������������������������������

L. Y., Colorado


Dear Dr. Chiappalone,

In looking back over the first year of Lessons, I am amazed at the amount of material and the wide range of information you gave us!  You have addressed so many aspects of life, the world, our place in the scheme of things, and how to cope with all of the changes facing us. This first year of Lessons has given me a much firmer grounding and focus on what this all means and how to become more spiritual.

����������� I can't think of any other Membership that gives so much practical and psychological assistance to improve our lives.V. C., Arizona.




Hello Dr. Chiappalone,

Being a Member has been of great assistance to me over these past six months. I have noticed steady improvement within myself in many areas. The lessons are great because each week they keep me on the ball, actively serving as a reminder of why I'm here, who I am, what I'm hoping to achieve, where I'm going, what my responsibilities are, what's going on in the outside world in the true Gnostic sense. When I look around and see so many people unprepared for what is about to occur in this increasingly evil deteriorating world I count myself truly blessed and fortunate for being given the opportunity and responding positively to the call to awaken and prepare adequately for the coming changes. How horrible it would be to not have this knowledge and peace of mind that All Will Be Well and that the Light is firmly in control of the situation when things really start wobbling out of control in the physical.


This weekly gift of Light, Love and Divine Guidance and Instruction has been essential in helping me discern and separate that which is of Light within and around me, and that which is not, and therefore must be discarded in order to reach that glorious goal of Total Liberation from Darkness, Total Victory, Total Purity..




Dear J. C., during these 6 months of lessons, I could assess their spiritual value in practical terms in allowing me:

        to improve my spiritual well-being in an ever decaying and fragmenting world in remaining sane mentally and viable spiritually;

        to learn to cope better while having to assume a material role just for the physical survival of the shell, in being able to protect more efficiently from the PPI while mingling with the robots and demons at work, in shopping malls, etc.;

        to set priorities according to my spiritual needs, that is learning to discern what is the most important at this late stage in order to remain fit spiritually and also physically with the less energy drainage possible so that I'm able to fulfil my role as best as I can;

        to find the needed strength, courage and power to cut off or restrain as much as possible all sources of energy drainage, be it at work, in family, with peers, parents, etc., so that my quality of life can be improved until my final liberation is at hand;

        to learn to evolve in a more healthy and spiritual environment in "creating" it with thoughts, words and deeds as best as I can while I am still in this physical hellhole in order to be able to live out my Warriorship fully and get a pale foretaste of what life could be when it is lived in Light, Truth, Love, with an indelible inner Joy and unhampered by Evil;

        to learn to look forward to a better future and stay firm on my Spiritual Path to Happiness even while the world around me is fracturing and showing me its true face of ugliness.

Thanking you for all the spiritual gifts you allow us to partake through these lessons and being game enough for another 6 months round of lessons, I wish you all the best for what is to come.

Love, Light and Blessings.


Dear Dr. J,

Sunday morning is the absolute high point of the week for me because, with it, comes the weekly Lesson.  I haunt the computer, checking continuously until it arrives, and then virtually declare myself incommunicado for the duration of the first reading.  (Sometimes the entire day, when the set chapter or two for the week usually becomes the entire book, and more).

����������� I am continually amazed at how much each lesson reawakens in me and helps me to refocus.  I also benefit much from the concentration required, as I find that my short-term memory is hopeless (and getting worse) at this stage of the game.

Each lesson brings the means of resolution to a current problem, or clarifies a point with which I have long wrestled. Each lesson reminds me forcefully that I am not alone in suffering attacks, and gives me the means to combat them. I know that I have improved tremendously in many areas but need much work in many more. I do know that I could never have survived the emotional turmoil of the last year or so without the survival techniques contained therein.

I sometimes think that the only way to thank you, and Amitakh of course, is to put as much effort as possible and then some into striving for perfection.

I, too, have all but written the rest of the world off, and long for the day when we will all be out of here. I pray to the Divine Mother morning and night to assist me to become the Perfect Warrior, win my Personal War, and hence be able to contribute in the General War.

The Conference CDs were all that one could wish for and more.  I went through almost the lot in the first sitting as soon as they arrived, and felt that I was there.  I am still in the process of digesting all of the new information related in the CDs.Indeed, the affirmations do work.

I send you much love and thanks.��� Jackie.



Dear Dr. Chiappalone,

I wish to thank you for your Member lessons. They are such timely reading with the way current affairs are happening, just as you have prophetically said they would. We have all seen so much in the news and on the internet about what is happening all over the world but you are the only one who can tie it all together. No matter how dismal it looks I am finding that I look forward to doing your spiritual exercises to keep me in good spirits. My son and I would be lost without them to look forward to, and we'd like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We feel so much more aware and able to cope with everything.

Sincerely, A. Naitoi


Dear Dr. J.,

Thank you for your e-mail, Wed. All our previous searches along different paths towards true spirituality and the Light came always to a dead-end. But then, from the beginning of our contact with you and Amitakh, about 15 years ago, we have always received and experienced a special energy through all your writings, (books, newsletters) lectures, tapes and CDs, website, radio shows, and conferences.


However, the new Members' carries a much stronger energy which is deeper on a personal level. It exposes our personal egos, hypocrisies, negative thought patterns, and general human failings. It wakes, it shakes, it takes the blindfolds off. It seriously challenges our monkey mind and forces us to make a very important decision: Use the given energy and knowledge; change; shed your negative habits; connect to the inner mind, Higher Self, and work towards the Light, or procrastinate and stay in your self-imposed spiritual prison which is then self-inflicted darkness.


This stronger energy challenges us and helps us to get off the fence. It allows us to see our true selves. It offers us a way out of darkness. It also enriches one with a true immense joy which one cannot get from a worldly source. This is my own experience. Thank you again,




J. W. wrote this about the Members:

A great source of energy and knowledge - especially needed these days when it is no longer possible to isolate oneself from the chaos and pollution of this disintegrating world.



Hi Dr. C.,

I enjoy being a Member very much and look forward to each week�s new entry. They give much needed energy and guidance and help me to focus on the things of true importance including the wonderful thoughts of finally Going Home. I have noticed a diminished level of energy in the past 12 months making attacks harder to fend off and the feeling of having a "leak in the fuel tank", where relatively high energy periods are of a shorter duration than before. Being a Member has certainly helped in these more difficult times.

Thanks. A. M.


WB writes:

Dear Dr. Chiappalone. The Member Lessons are the tuition I have been looking for, ever since I started reading the Annwn books. The information creates new knowledge and awareness even though I have been reading the books for several years. The exercises make me know that there is change that is new, different, and good. The insights it is fostering are now daily that were once fewer and farther between. Thank you, this is such a rare privilege. I know that I deserve it because I have chosen it and I also know I am ever so fortunate because it is a gift. I am very grateful for this opportunity you have provided.




Hi Dr. C - I am finding the Members very supportive and powerful. The time for mincing words is long past. I am not one who thought the readings were too much - I'd like even more!! I had enjoyed the journal entries with your comments about current events - somehow you manage to seem gracious in tying events to your writings.




Hello Dr C.


I love the new Members. My health has been up and down lately and when I log on the first time I read thru the lessons and then I print them out and as they are printing I go over them again. I find I can absorb more by reading them a second time and referring back to previous lessons. The poetry is very soothing to me as I do get fearful a lot of the time because I am in such ill health. They give me a much needed lift. Thank you so much for providing this valuable service.



A Member from New Zealand wrote:

Hi Dr Chiappalone, I find the lessons a great support. I really enjoy them although I am working through them slowly. I am grateful to you for establishing the Members as I experience it as an oasis in a maddened world.

Many thanks R McD.


K. H. wrote:

Each time a new lesson is given, I feel a keen sense of eager anticipation to learn what it will reveal. They are providing a strong point of focus through which I can re-evaluate and adjust my life to endeavour to bring it closer in line with the path to which I have always been drawn. The information and exercises are great reminders of what is truly of value and importance in life.


Y. M. wrote:

I am new to the Member's List but already I can feel and sense a deeper depth. The member's lessons move beyond the need to identify or point out how ill the world truly is. Those who choose to participate are well aware of the darkness. The Member's is helping me by reinforcing hope for "lighter" days to come. Knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel provides fuel for persevering. I am grateful for the suggestions and tools.




Regarding the Member�s:


If a person has found any hope, joy or expanding awareness in the material from the Annwn site, I can only say that, based on my experience, there is more to be found in the Members provided a person is willing to put forth the effort.




I feel very privileged to have access to the Members� Lessons, as the depth and scope of information and assistance it offers at this critical stage of the planets existence, is invaluable and not available from any other source on the Web.

K. A.


Dear Dr Chiappalone I think what you are doing with the Members' is very important to so many beings in this very difficult time. As you have said many times in the past: "It is not over, until it is over", and we can expect things to get worse right up to the end. If there was ever a time when we need a 'sane' voice crying in the wilderness, it is now. Thank you for that 'sane' voice!



Dear Dr. Chiappalone,

A sincere note to tell you how valuable your Membership List is to me. The lessons therein are keeping me focused on the only thing that truly matters in this life, my spiritual progress and being of service to the light. As the world becomes darker by the day, the lessons are guiding me through, and giving me hope that all will be well in The End. I appreciate the knowledge and wisdom you give, and look forward to each new lesson to learn by. There is no other Truth to be found out there, but what I read on your site. Thank you for doing this, I am truly blessed by your Love, energy, wisdom, poetry, and humor.

Sincerely, J. L A




Dear Doctor

Thanks for the lessons. We have perceived the energy through your teachings since a long time and now that energy becomes more defined and helps us to get closer and closer to the Light.

Best wishes, C and W


L. S. writes:

Dr. Chiappalone, I want to thank you for the Member's Lessons. They help me a great deal in that they focus my attention on the very things that help me to maintain my sanity and stability, while gaining a greater understanding of what is going on around me. It is like a life line on a sinking ship, providing me with the direction and nourishment that I so clearly need in these difficult times. You explain the things I have questions about, as well as tell me new information that I had no idea about. The assignments are excellent in that they focus my attention on what will help me to help myself and maintain my viability.


I find them interesting and engaging and absolutely meaningful. In addition, the reading assignments are always fun in that I feel like I am on a treasure hunt into the volumes of your work and am always so pleased at what I find, like I am truly uncovering a treasure and gift. Even though I remember reading it so long ago, it is always fresh and inspiring, and often just the thing I needed to hear. And more than that, I look so forward to them as I would look forward to meeting a true friend. The energy of them helps me and sustains me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for always being there for us and always thinking of us. Your love is true and an inspiration to us all.

Thank you




Dear Sir

I have found being a Member to be extremely helpful. It has given me focus and a clear direction to follow on my Journey of Spiritual growth. The lessons spur me on to higher levels of expectation for myself and give me the guidance I need to reach those levels. The exercises given in the lessons open up doors to understanding where I am now, where I want to go, and how I can get there. I have found that each lesson touches me personally as if they were written just for me. Simply saying "Thank You" seems inadequate when compared to the blessings I have received since joining the Members.

C. F.



Hello Dr Chiappalone,

The Members Lessons are Wonderful!

They have Focused me tremendously. It often describes exactly what I am seeing-feeling-etc but cannot express correctly. It opens up new energy pathways that push-out old junk and brings in Focused Light. It Crystallizes my thinking. It increases my Strength and Will. And it dovetails with the summer lecture cd's. Thank you!

Best always, V. A.




Dear Dr C.


I�m so glad I joined your Member�s List last year! I cannot believe what an impact it has been in my life, and what an indispensable part of it the lessons have become.

����������� Each week I look forward to them with great anticipation, and when I read each one, the energy in me soars! It�s beautifully addictive.The exercises in the lessons help me to cope with the swiftly changing world and to focus on what is important.


I know from talking to others that some have questioned the cost, but to me they are worth more than 100 times the $100 fee. They ARE my lifeline in this rapidly deteriorating world. The lessons are indeed food for the spirit, ambrosia from Heaven. Enclosed is my fee for the next 12 months.


Thank you, thank you, for the efforts you make for us all.I do appreciate all that you do to make the Endtime easier to go through!You are truly a Blessing.

F. M. California, USA





Annwn Address Information

Please send your orders and correspondence to:

Dr J Chiappalone
PO Box 137

Australia 4872





All Three books of

Making Sense of the Madness


$US 33 (normally $60) for a US postal address.


$US 50 for a postal address outside of the USA








On CDs or as Email-books



�My Conversations with God.�


Volumes 1-5



Cost: $15 each, on CD


$US 10 as email book



Here are some readers� comments about these books:






About Volume One of �My Conversations with God�.


Have you had countless sleepless nights

worrying about Planck�s Law and the true value of Planck�s Constant?

Well, find out what God thinks about them in this new book!!!!


What the critics are saying about my new book:

�The conversations in this book are brilliant, witty, thought-provoking, hilarious and entertaining all at the same time.�

����������� �These snippets are wonderful, insightful, meaningful, powerful, filled with Love, and many other things!�

�I didn't know that so many answers would be right on target!�

����������� �This book contains some of the best advice one could every want to receive.�

�I found that they helped break through some of the negative thoughts that have passed through my 'monkey mind'!�

����������� �This book fills me with Hope, Love for the Father/Mother, and Wisdom from God.�

����������� �I couldn�t stop reading it!!�




Hi Dr. C.,  

I read your book �My Conversations with God� right through and enjoyed it very much. It�s funny, informative, and quite touching too. The answers are amazing and witty at the same time.

L.P.; Australia


Dear Dr. C.,

 ���������� Thank you for the "Gem" you sent us, namely your latest book: �My Conversations with God, Vol 1�.  It is truly a delight and is so much the thoughts we often ponder.  Thank you for brightening up our day!  I liked the answer to the question of whether God exists; it makes one think, very clever.

S. P., Australia



Hello Dr.

Re: Your conversations with god - was feeling rather upset, lousy today, because of various interpersonal things going on, etc., etc.,  ...... it is also my birthday today.......I normally don't make much of a deal around birthdays - mine or anyone else� - but I mention it only because of a �BIRTHDAY GIFT� I received by way of reading some  - the first 14 pages actually � of your conversations with god book.It made me both laugh and cry!

I arrived here where the computer is and sat down and just started reading it.......... and it was such a wonderful experience.....I am definitely looking forward to reading the rest of it.

A.      I., Portland, Oregon.



Hello Dr. C.

Just finished my first reading of "My Conversations With God". Incredible!  It made me laugh heartily and then often immediately go deeper and get reflective.Great questions and even Greater answers! There is more Wisdom in this little booklet than in heavy religious texts.This book would even make someone who is brain-dead think! �A Wonderful format that covers much of the True Teachings, at a very deep level, in a witty, light-hearted way. I want to re-read it in a week or so. Well designed and beautiful too. Thank you very much! This should be mass published! Fundamentalists be ------!

Best Always, A. V., New Jersey, USA




Hi Dr. C. Love the book, Conversations With God, Vol. One. You always have us thinking. That's what I love about you.


�.. I have received Conversations with God, book One. I laughed and I cried when I initially read some of it. Thank you so much for this latest work. �����������������������������������


Dr. C.Volume 1 of My Conversations with God is very wonderful. What I notice is that as one keeps reading, there is such a simple sweetness that quietly builds and by the end of the book, your heart is opened and you can't stop smiling.


R. J.wrote: Thank you for My Conversations with God, Volume 1. It is such a delightful read. I am very fond of your �God� and I hope mine is the same.


Hello Dr. C. What a WONDERFUL Book My Conversations with God is! ,,, each answer from God contains so much love, humor, patience, wisdom, and Infinity...The book is So Sweet and dear and such a joy to read. As I continued to read each question and answer, this world of vicious evil just faded further and further away. I felt like a child sitting with Jerry before the Father and just being...in His Presence was all that I had Truly ever searched for and dreamed of...�������������������������������������������������� ����������� Sincerely N. I.,MT, USA





Hi Dr. Chiappalone!

I am amazed at the new formats you keep coming up with to impart your knowledge and dispense the information!I particularly enjoy this one � Conversations with God - the simplicity is delightful but the content is still very profound.

 ���������� Vols. 1 and 2 have had the curious effect of making me feel a lot less anonymous and more connected to the grid and beings that I don't even know!  And that the vast beingness that is God, is not nearly as remote and far removed as it seems. 

Big thoughts and concepts that I am still exploring and letting them lead me where they will... �� Of course I want Vol. 3! (and 4 and 5 ...).����������������� B.W., Washington, USA



Hi J.C.,

I received �Conversations 1 & 2�.Thank you.

I am slowly savouring each one and drinking in the nectar of Divine Love and Light that each of them holds ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������� M-L. MC.QLD.


Hi Joseph

Thank you very much for lessons 31 and 32. Also for the essay. Following your instructions in the lessons makes life so much easier. I wouldn't want to do without them.

After a bit of struggle with the computer I could finally read "My conversations with God", 1 + 2. It brings warmth and joy and happiness to the heart. It overrides the intellect. It's power is in it's simplicity. Everyone of a true heart can understand it. It doesn't need to be translated, nor to be explained, nor to be lectured on. It's self-explanetory. It answers many of the important questions for old and young, rich and poor, sick and healthy, educated and uneducated and all the races and religions, etc., etc. Because the underlying essence of all the answers is pure love. Thank you. Looking forward to #s 3 + 4. Hope you are well.

Best wishes. W. B.




Dr. J. Chiappalone,

����������� I am reading volume two through for the second time and the 'conversations' are just as wonderful as the first time!  Even more I can feel the warmth, love, care, and gentleness in the way the questions are answered.  The deeper concepts are dealt with in a clear and careful manner.  It is truly easy to see that God is full of Love and Compassion for His creations. Thank you for writing these two books.  I look forward to volume three with great anticipation!������������������������������������� F. C., Colorado, USA


I thought your Volume One of �My Conversations with God� would be unsurpassable.

Reading Volume Two, that you made available to me, made me realize how wrong I was!!

In it, there was much, much more of the same brilliance and insightfulness!

�A fan forevermore.�





Dear Dr C,

     I just read, "My Conversations with God" Volume Two. Your thoughts, and putting them on paper amaze me. We as a group are lucky that you take the time and effort to express your thoughts. Thank you!




Hi Dr. Chiappalone,

I recently got back from 2 weeks holiday camping on the Murray River in Victoria. It's so good to get away from the city for a while. On returning I was delighted to find the E-book version of My Conversations With God Vol. 1 waiting for me in my email. As I read the book I had an unshakeable smile stamped on my face as I experienced the Love and Joy of being in the presence of the True All Knowing, All Loving Father/Mother. The book reminded me of Path to Happiness in its simplicity, wisdom and nurturing and empowering True Love. ������� Thank you once again. A. M.




Dear J. C., I received the 2 volumes of �My Conversations with God� on email first thing yesterday morning and read them both straight through immediately. When I had finished the first 'read-through', I read them again.  I laughed out loud several times, and I had tears in my eyes a few more times (the little puppy, etc.) I emphatically agree with the superlatives already used by other members of the 'family', and would dearly like to add a few more - but there are no words really to express the love, joy, humour, humanisation of the Divine, instruction, clarification, and all-round BOUNTY encompassed in these volumes. Little bits and pieces stayed in my mind (wonder of wonders) all day, and I frequently found myself smiling into space while recalling some little gem of wisdom and love. PLEASE keep them coming. I will definitely be sending for Volume 3 next week, and can barely rein my impatience until then. Sending you back all the love there is, Jackie.

P S: A million 'thank yous' for all that you do for us.






Hello Dr. Chiappalone,

Thank you for the latest volumes 2 and 3 of the Conversations with God series. These latest two books are information packed and go into detail on many diverse subjects. The conversations highlight the contrast between existence on this plane of evil with all its traps, deceit, ignorance, ego, emotions, pain, exploitation etc. and existence in the unpolluted realms of purity where the True God resides. I know which existence I want to live in. Outside in the virtual reality there is nothing that even comes close to the energy conveyed through these books, (and where else do you get to hear about the thoughts and adventures of Jerry Attrick). The joy, hope and True Love felt when contemplating thoughts of Liberation and existence beyond this illusion is priceless. Thanks. A.M.



A. I. From Oregon writes: volume 2 of your conversations with god - I have been noticing that, since reading this (am on the second reading right now) there's been some kind of, well, change in how I view GOD.   It�s not easy to explain but the whole thing about LOVING GOD and that GOD LOVES ME seems to have taken on a greater reality and meaning for me.  One point which hit home was the idea that MY LOVING GOD helps to open up the pathway between GOD and me. . I�ve never been one to say I LOVE YOU GOD but I find myself saying that now. Interesting. Best wishes, blessings to you.






Dr. Chiappalone, Thank you, for sending me an advanced copy of Volume Three in your "My Conversations with God" Series.  You have outdone yourself again!  Volume Three carries with it the same love, compassion, patience, and humor of your first two "Conversations".  It also takes me so much further on my spiritual journey.  It is like a step-by-step guide on how to handle what comes up in this world.  I really like the depth and detail you go into for answering the questions.  I await Volume Four with great anticipation!





Each time I read Volume Three I get so much more out of it!  It seems to go deeper inside with each reading and make more and more sense.  I can feel it working on me.  It is helping me see things clearer - such as how the physical and emotional bodies work against my spirit.  I know that I have heard and read these things before, but they seem to have a new and intense energy about them. Thank You for all of the work you are doing to give me, and others, the chance to make real changes! Y. F. Colorado.



Hi Dr. C.I've read all three of your books �My Conversations With God�.  The questions and answers are indeed informative and profound. But it�s the ENERGY CONTENT of each book that is beyond description!  What Gems they are.  What Gems they are. Can�t wait for more volumes.������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� A. L., California


Hi Dr J. C, A big Thank You for Volume 3 of "My Conversations With God".These

volumes are really helping to crystallize for me how best to proceed on a daily basis.I often puzzled about how to manage aspects of this earthly existence, particularly interactions, and the gems of wisdom contained in these volumes are very illuminating.Reading in greater detail about some of the evil mechanisms such as the nocturnal ones is a real eye opener.I am glad that further details about protective mechanisms were also provided - the information about evil's ways certainly emphasizes the paramount importance of protection at all times.Jerry's humour is much appreciated, too.The messages of Love and Hope in these volumes are truly uplifting and heartening � great fuel for the ongoing journey.

Kind Regards, N. I.


Dear Dr. C."Conversations 3" surpassed (if that's possible) even the two previous volumes. 

As always, J. M. Qld.


Thank you for volume three!  This is the best one yet!  I can hardly wait for volume four!

Love, B. W., USA


Hello, I just finished "My Conversations With God" Volume 3. It is MAGNIFICENT! It goes very deep into the Truth but is easy to understand. A Great and necessary addition to the Annwn Library!Thank you! Best always, A. V.



Dear J.C.Thank You for no 3!   It is such a treat to sit down, let the world go by and do something really useful, gain insight and think!  How little do people use "respect". Thank you for the greatest gift one can receive. Looking forward to more in 4.������� Love S. P. Qld.




Hi Dr. C. Conversations Volume 3 is the best so far.You have given a much deeper understanding of various aspects of the Gnostic Wisdom, as well as presented new information which fits in ever so well with what I already know.Indeed, I am left with much to reflect upon as I go about my daily routine. You give many very practical suggestions on how to survive and prosper spiritually amidst the decaying, fragmenting Virtual Reality.And I continue to be deeply touched by the Essence of Divine Love which permeates every word expressed.And then there is the really beautiful presentation.The colors help to bring the contents to life. I'm glad that there are more to come.I feel very blessed to be one of your loyal readers. ������������������������������� ����������� B. N. Montana.




Hi Dr. C.,

I love My Conversations with God # 3. Instead of the path, it should be called God's path to joy, peace, happiness and liberation.




Dear Dr. J. C.You have made us very happy with your really phenomenal Book 3 of �My Conversations with God�.��������������������������������������������������� �������H. P. and Fineke, The Netherlands



Dear Doctor, The CDs of �My Conversations with God� have been exceptionally helpful.They are so special and amazing ...wonderful ... very helpful - like a few of the conversations were written exactly for me. I just couldn't believe how it hit the nail right on the head.Makes me think they are truly watching over us and know everything that is going on and are helping us.



Dr. C., I managed to read all the 3 volumes of �My Conversations with God� and here are my thoughts.

In a very simple, thought-provoking, witty, playful, jovial and straightforward manner, the reader is very pleased taking part in this cheerful dialogue which provides him with all the needed answers to his own questions, being unable to formulate them loudly and clearly. It also spurs the reader to continue this dialogue within his own inner being and find himself the means and tools to make sense of the Madness according to his own needs and wants.

Though the matters are deep-seated in Metaphysics, at no time does it put the reader into strains because the style is very refreshing and uplifting. The reader is conveyed to develop more questions to be answered because that kind of dialogue is very nurturing and healthy for his True Self. I'm awaiting eagerly other volumes of a long and enriching series. Thank you for those little "pearls of invaluable Wisdom".

Best Wishes and Kindest Regards. Yves W. France



From another Californian:

��� Hello, hello, I am so excited about book # 3 of Conversations!!! It simply seems to get better and better with each volume! At fist I thought nothing could top the first book, nor could I consider giving up the first one for a second or even a third, "god forbid", but than it occurred to me it is GOD and it is "god for yes"!!! (sometimes you have to hit this guy over the head to wake him up) but once he�s awake it seems to work out just fine!! In fact it just came to me that; God I love you. God I have always loved you. God I will never stop loving you. God I know that now and in spite of what I may have thought before, my full surrender is of more value than any thing else! God thank you for your true love!!!

��������� It took book #3 to realize that. And of course many other concepts that preceded that in order for me to understand that which I know in my heart! Thank you for your great understanding and love you have given to me and all the other beings!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!








Thank you for "My Conversations With God" Volume 4!  It was very deep and profound, though easy to understand. Many important subjects were examined and exposed! The humor and beautiful design added a nice light touch.�������������������� Best Always, A V


Conversations with God # 4 reveals more intricate pieces of the diabolical puzzle that is this Virtual Reality.  I felt like I was being taken on a journey, ever deeper, into the workings of the Evil Mind.  I recalled the hatchery scenes from the movie, MATRIX.  Your discussion on what defines a "good" person in this illusion was very revealing. This volume also reveals the Divine qualities of Wisdom and Power.  My lower mind will need several readings to digest and assimiliate all the fascinating information this volume contains.  Thanks for another great "Conversations"!




Thank you for sending me your latest Conversations (number 4) with the Great One. You are getting more serious and giving more in depth answers to questions I am sure have been on many minds. I found it to be very informative and most intriguing. 




Hi! I finished vol. 4 this morning.  As usual, there is so much in it to think about!  I'll probably start re-reading it tomorrow! I've been having great fun standing back and looking at what particular traits this shell is manifesting or the things it is vulnerable to and it is quite amazing at how that has changed my perspective about myself!  Abruptly, I feel that much more separate from it - and I didn't think I was very attached to it in the first place!

 ���������� This is what I love about these particular books - the little things that reach out and grab you and give you new things to think about and new perspectives. At this particular time, when it's harder and harder to stay focused sometimes, I consider new thoughts like these a true gift indeed! Each thought, that seems so simple, leads further and further as one follows it so before you know it, several days have gone by in a pleasant mental exercise!

 Thank you, once again! Love, B. W.



Hello J, I am only halfway through book 4....WOW!!!!!With each answer that God gives to Jerry's questions, another aspect/part of this evil viritual reality is destroyed.As one sits quietly and reads each page in these books, it is as though you can feel each illusion that has effected you in your life disintegrating one by one before your eyes.Every answer that God gives, the Energy of that explanation and clarification Liberates the sincere reader from one subtle trap after another. It is as though one can feel the oppressive burden of evil being lifted off our shoulders by God. Each one of the "My Conversations with God" books are Truly such a Divine Gift, a Divine Lighthouse of Love and Light.������������������� Sincerely N. I.




Hi J.C., We hope you are still well!  Evidently you indeed risk getting too busy for your own good  - as you yourself admitted recently. You are continuously producing the most phenomenal books with really astonishing speed. And, as many others agree, surpassing yourself each time. We just already received #4, much to our enjoyment. A quick first look sufficed to manifest its really incredible importance and profound help to us. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!��������������������������� Our very best wishes to you! H and F


Hello J.C., I am deep into Volume 4. Amazingly it is even better than 3, which I did not think possible. And a Wonderful introduction! Thank you for all your hard work and resoluteness!




Hello Dr. Chiappalone,

I recently finished reading Conversations Vol. 4. that you so kindly sent to me. In a word, Brilliant". Each volume of this series seems to delve deeper into detail leaving no stone unturned in exposing all facets of the virtual reality just as you stated in the introduction of the book. The amount of material that you put out so quickly is unbelievable and it never ceases to amaze me. And what's more it is the most important knowledge anyone should hope to acquire at the most critical time in the history of the planet. The World is sinking into madness fast with any restraint among World leaders dissipating very quickly. They can't wait to launch those missiles..................  And yet here we are happy and bright, for we know of evil's imminent demise and the Total Victory of the Light. 

Thank you, Dr. Chiappalone for doing your utmost to safely guide us HOME.



Each book is building upon the previous one, there are triggers setting off my awareness to heightened levels.I find myself being more attuned to 'talking with God'.I have been aware for years that my own thoughts are not 'hidden from God', but now I am learning to be more centered about listening, and bypassing all the chatter.

You are answering many of my "WHY"? Questions, the volumes are a delight to my spirit.I know you have often stated 'the devil is in the detail'......I hear that phrase at times then follow up with 'on a need to know basis'. But, I must confess, I want to know everything.Enquiring Minds want to know, and patience is proper.

����������� I suspect all is well with me, and that the questions I have are a gift too. I used to ponder how God could know all.....and you have given me the keys to understand that more fully.One of my others has been to ponder the Height, Breadth, and Depth of God and his Love for us (my bible years and parts of the indoctrination, I graduated from a bible college, can you imagine :). I stumble on understanding Love.... Faith settles me down.

����������� I was very confused at first on 'the phase of the shells'....now I have a better understanding of that too, volume 4 is lighting that concept for me. I watched a program on the teee veee about Nostradamus...they said he predicted the machines would come alive...HA!!!!at the time I discarded it and thought it to be silly.

����������� Thank you for sharing these talks.......they are helping me immensely in coping, giving me more food for thought, and strengthening my Armour. God, I love you.

P. S.One of my many favorites...God, do you really exist?�� No.




Dear Sir: Regarding Vol. 4 of your book �My Conversations with God�: While I had for quite a while thought of Earth as a robot farm, I had thought of these physical entities as robotic more in terms of outer mind programming (i.e. I could relate more readily to the notion of robotic outer minds than I could to the bodies being in and of themselves robotic).The info. in Vol. 4 makes it much easier to comprehend the way in which the physical bodies are mass produced artificial containers that are, in themselves, programmed robots.We are so indoctrinated from an early age to think of "flesh and blood" as something to be valued above all else, both in terms of its apparently miraculous occurrence and its spurious relationships, that it takes a mental bombshell to blow this apart.I've also become more aware of the duality of my mind(s) in that one trudges on in the daily grind thinking it'll go on for ever (nothing changes), while the other says, hey! remember what this is all about!Also, over the past year or so I have become markedly less interested in the minutiae of World events and seem to expect/accept that the bigger picture that is clearly emerging.

����������� I definitely find benefits and insights in the lessons, essays, and books.Without a doubt, these have been an impetus to major life changes, without which I would have exited the physical long ago apparently of my own accord (but really through adverse programming).I do however currently still struggle with getting over events of the past few years.I feel like I've let the side down and have missed opportunities that have been offered.Actually, I have often felt it extremely unlikely that I could be considered a viable candidate to be in a much better place, though I do know that in the deepest parts of me that is where I long to be in due course. �..





I have only just finished Volume 4 of �My Conversations with God�.It was just what I needed and I just wanted to say a big thank you for providing the material for me to read and experience. Kindest Regards,  G. Mc.






Thank you very much for Conversations # 5! With #5 you have produced another great work which rightfully can only be described as a Masterpiece  - even surpassing those fabulous preceding ones. The whole idea of presenting true spiritual tuition in this very vivacious novel conversational format is a unique invention in itself. And your elaboration of this idea is incredible in its effectiveness, depth, comprehensiveness, and powerful stimulation. Another wonderful gift to us  -  from a Source which through your very special function and capabilities comes nearer and nearer to us.  - A cause for deep gratitude.

 ���������� A personal observation regarding all our dealings with you as our spiritual teacher and guide, doctor, and very good friend:  we feel urged to state that we are impressed by the striking similarity between your Teachings and your personality. We feel that any communication between you and us makes us already experience part of the Essences of the New Dimension.  - Another cause for gratitude. Best wishes!

Hugo and Fineke (The Netherlands)


Dear J. C.

My Conversations With God, Volume 5 is Truly, Truly Amazing. I am not sure I can put it into words adequately...but Thank you for everything that you said.I simply could not put Volume 5 down and I did not want it to ever end.And as I read page after page, I felt released...as though the words and Divine Energy in the pages was cutting the last of the anchors, that had quietly kept me bound in earth's gravitational field for such a long time.My heart opened up more and more as I read each page.At the end of the book, I felt like a small child sitting before the Father, whom I love with all my being, completely happy to just be in His Presence.

����������� My Conversations With God, are the TRUE Bible for all those beings who have yearned deep within their heart to know God.The Love, humor, assistance, guidance, reassurance and Grace in each of these books is truly amazing and such a wonderful gift to us in this Endtime. Infinite Thanks and Smiles.��������������������������� N. I., USA



Dear Doctor, Conversations 5 made its way into my inbox last night. Thank you...thus far a fantastic read!



Dear Dr. Chiappalone,

I have just finished reading "My Conversations With God" Volume 5.  This book is FANTASTIC!!!  It is even better than the last one.  Each volume keeps getting better and better.  I don't know how you do it! Either I�m getting wiser or you�re getting smarter! J

You break down and dispel the Myths of Humanity with ease.  Jerry is once again such a delight. These are very difficult times we are living in and they will get so much worse as the End draws near.  Your "Conversations" make this time much easier to bear as you help us focus on the Light and keep our Path true. Y. L., California, USA


Hi Dr. Chiappalone,

I just received Conversations No. 5 . Thanks. In the last few days I have received the first issue of Xee-A Magazine which is wonderful. These along with your Lessons and Discourses from Amitakh certainly is evidence of the very high energy output at this time which is much appreciated. I am reminded of the phrase, "When the world is at its darkest, the Light will shine at its brightest". Many thanks. A.M.





My Conversations with God # 5 is excellent.  It clears up a lot of little questions that often float around in our minds. You certainly have a talent for putting words together. One of the important things for us to know is that in a war it is not needed for everyone to know every detail of what goes on. God has His own plan and if we try to anticipate and guess what is to happen we can be disappointed. Things have a way of working out better, in the long run, than we often expect.��������������������������� Best regards from all, R. & Co




From Tasmania:

And thanks for another great lesson.Just now I have finished reading Vol. 5 of "My Conversations With God".What a ripper!It has been just so helpful and really lifts the fog that threatens to cloud the mind.I have to say that, in parts, just as I formed a question in my mind scrolling down to the next page revealed that very question.Trust

Jerry to fall asleep at the most crucial point!I would have liked to have been near enough to nudge him awake.Having said that, I can imagine that if one were given the exact timing of the end, the outer mind and lower being could be very overtaxed.I really do hope we will be reunited with our dear pets.A wonderful cat I named Jasper spent

only a little over a year with me, but he brought such love and joy into my life that I would dearly like to be with him again one day. Thanks for all the lessons, etc.


Dear J. C.  

I love My Conversations with God series. It is like a great Symphony, that gets better as it progresses. You feel the Love, Joy and Happiness in the Conversations. If everyone would take this advice, we all would be ready for this battle that we are engaged in.

Thank you for your time in helping us on our journey. R. H.


Hi Dr. Chiappalone

Privileged once again have I been, To catch a glimpse Into The Almighty's Mind, And within, Much Healing Wisdom Once again did I find.   Thanks for Vol. 5   Regards A.M.




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