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 I'd say apathy but I can't be fucked.

tommorris, 16:06 16 February 2004 :
Just making this official.
arsepuppy, 16:07 16 February 2004 :
Abe Frohman, 16:09 16 February 2004 :
Jesse-less polls really get my goat.
tommorris, 16:11 16 February 2004 :
I've got the double apathy option if that's any consolation.
Sul, 16:12 16 February 2004 :
No its not and you know it!
arsepuppy, 16:12 16 February 2004 :
Jesse is worth around 8.32 'apathy' options.
Abe Frohman, 16:12 16 February 2004 :
Go stand in the naughty corner Tom!
tommorris, 16:19 16 February 2004 :
I repent, I fucking repent, okay.
Abe Frohman, 16:23 16 February 2004 :
Tom, Don't back down, they will think less of you, Stand up tall and say No!, Bollocks to you! Stick your Jesse up your Einbahnstrasse. (or words to that effect)
tommorris, 16:41 16 February 2004 :
No, I agree. It was an oversight. A tragic one.
Perclissigi, 19:54 16 February 2004 :
Brock, 22:28 16 February 2004 :
Careful, Perc, that nearly had numbers in it. A heinous crime on this site, and no mistake...
Vikki, 13:30 19 February 2004 :
whats Jesse?
Abe Frohman, 15:25 19 February 2004 :
Vikki, 22:44 19 February 2004 :
what is it? anyone.....
Brock, 23:09 19 February 2004 :
hint: it took me less than 3 minutes with the search box at the top of the page to reach understanding...
arsepuppy, 10:49 20 February 2004 :
Vikki - To make to easy for you, it's explained here...


...But originated from here....


(this thread also led to me giving my g/f the nickname "chickenmummy". Oedipus? Bah! I shit 'im.)
Abe Frohman, 11:12 20 February 2004 :
Ah, back in the day.
Uma, 11:19 20 February 2004 :
arsepuppy, what do you do for a living? (if you don't mind me asking)
Mr.Nishi, 12:39 20 February 2004 :
Oedipus's actions were non-deliberate and inflicted upon him as a curse from the Gods for his father's failure to listen to them...not that it's a FRIKKIN' huge bugbear for me or anything *twitch*
Uncle Moc, 00:25 28 April 2004 :
but he had
a big old fork
sticking from his eye
after he blinded him self
and did his mother wedding style
and killed his father with a bad old axe
and abey frogman boked up his internal organ
did i say eye
frikkin eye!!1

o yea
WarHead, 00:25 28 April 2004 :
Sung to the tune of .... what?
Brock, 08:52 28 April 2004 :
Now, that was funny. Even just for the image of Abe boking his insides up.

Uncle Moc, 13:35 28 April 2004 :
"Bsck in the USSR", by The Beatles.

Sorry, I'm not entirely sure what happened to me last night. Some of those posts were a bit more cryptic than usual.
WarHead, 13:40 28 April 2004 :
It's OK, nobody noticed.
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