2003-07-14 - 9:36 a.m.

> d major <

some(one) pointed me to
pachebel's canon in the
title's octave. does that
mean my friend octavio has

invented the staff? i hope
that's what the 5 or 6 or
however many parallel lines
that hold the composition's

notes are called, i hope my
writings don't become so
idiotically simplistic that
they appear as soopa-complex,

i would hate to be labeled
as the originator of another
crappola theory like the strings
theory which should be simpler

has become just a bunch of
goobledeegook math with no
practical applications, i hope
i stay focused on the task at

hand and that is to proceed
to the stars .* and back *.
to tell the stories in time
for supper or else i may get

my hands bitch-slapped by my
wifey who can't stand to see
the heated food get colder, no
siree bobby, back in time for...

*note: avril says "i need to listen!"


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