2004-03-05 - 5:55 a.m.

> steel here <

lipsey'll advertise again, dawn has nevah left,
alien can't hold a grudge even if he tried, om:g
are we collapsing the d*land into its primordial
state once more? can this be true? once a galaxy,
always a galaxy? even nebulas won't be forgotten from
the equation, we'll reminisce about bubbles & doom.

we'll rehash the same theories, the same fears, taste
the same chicken flavored icecreams, we'll phoenix our
asses back into an effervescent climax of apoplectic rage.

the mystery of it all, the strings that vibrate in us

with asynchronous synchronicity. it don't get no bettah!

*: don't forget to visit transylvania sometime:z


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