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Psytopia : Jamaica Aug 17 - 25, 2005

2004 Schedule

Sept. 15 - Egos
Salt Lake City, UT

Sept. 16-19 - Charlie Goodnight's Raleigh, NC

Sept. 23-25 - Comedy Catch Chattanooga, TN

October 1-2 - Jukebox Comedy Club Peoria, IL

October 7-9 - Skyline Comedy Club Appleton, WI

October 21-23 - FunnyBone Fairview Hts, IL

October 26-31 - Harrah's Resort & Casino Las Vegas, NV

Nov 2-4 - Zanies Chicago, IL

Nov 5-6 - Zanies Vernon Hills, IL

Nov 11-13 - FunnyBone Shreveport, LA

Sign the Mailing List and you could have Doug Stanhope play in your own living room.

I'll be pulling one name off the mailing list on December 1st, 2004 to win a Doug Stanhope & Friends show right in your own house, backyard, boat, bar, sauna or tenement building.

Why? To get you and your friends on my fucking mailing list, that's why. This is important. Say your local comedy club is a piece of shit or you have no club at all - if I have enough people on my mailing list in your area, I don't have to rely on shithead bookers to play there or squeamish radio stations to promote it.

So sign the mailing list. Get everyone you know to sign the mailing list. The only spam you'll get from me is if I'm coming to your town or putting out new product. Plus, you could end up with Doug Stanhope and friends performing live for your own personal holiday bash.

Here's the rules - you have to be in the US or Canada. Show date to be mutually arranged for December 2004 or January 2005. We won't be held responsible for property damage or lost articles, keep your valuables locked up.


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