If It Ain't Cheap, It Ain't Punk!


here is the news for AUGUST 2004.
hi. first things first... in august everyone in bloomington plays musical houses, which is kind of like musical chairs, but, you know, with houses. so chris was left standing when the music stopped, but left for europe soon after, and i was busy trying to take everything with me to my new house. if you are wondering what this means to you, it means that if you have been waiting for an order, that's why, and now that plan-it-x world headquarters is in boxes in a corner in my house, you will all be getting your orders soon. thanks for your patience. oh, and if you have an order-related question, you can bug me with it, as i will be doing mail until early september, when i leave for tour myself, and then there will be no one for about 2 weeks, until chris returns. in the meantime, you can reach me at thanks-cathy
a few things about ordering: i currently do not have the screens required to print shirts in my possession right now. so you might want to hold off on shirt ordering until chris gets back. also, the new this bike is a pipe bomb record is hopefully coming out soon, but that is wishful thinking, so only order it if you want your order to be held up for, what could possibly be, a really long time.

the plan-it-x 10-year anniversary party was a huge success! thank you so much to everyone who helped to make it what it was. the bands, for coming and playing and bringing the kids. the staff, for making sure everything ran smoothly. the people who cooked, for making delicious food from the little we gave them to work with. the venues and their staff, for being extremely cool and patient with us and all of the kids. everyone else who worked behind the scenes, picking up little bits of slack here and there. and last but certainly not least, all of you for coming! everyone was so nice and so friendly and just so amazing. i think it's safe to say that we all made a lot of new friends, and i'm really happy that this event brought everyone together so much. not only that, but everyone was really respectful of the town and the venues, and i know all of the locals are relieved about that. nothing got trashed, no one got arrested, and our worst incident all weekend was some pies being thrown (which, if you're wondering, all got cleaned up and there was no permanent damage to anything. and the venue was remarkably cool about it.) so all in all, it was a great weekend. plus, we raised even more money for the benefits than we had hoped (about $3000 each for both mother hubbard's cupboard and the midwest pages to prisoners project.) so thanks everyone! we couldn't have possibly asked for a better birthday party.

i just thought i would explain how things work and what bands get paid etc. first of all, we release music by our friends because we love them and their music. this is the first and most important part. then we pay them up to $300 to record but we encourage them to record for free or cheap. most bands get a hook-up. some bands pay the extra out of their pockets because the want more than we can afford. we then pay for everything. we release the CD. this usually cost about $1,000-$1,500. we then give the band 20% of the pressing. (200 cds) they get to sell them and keep all the money. when they run out of cds they can buy more from us for $2.50 each. so when they sell them for 5.00 they are making 50% +the 20% of the pressing they got for free. the money we make goes into putting out more records and buying me something to eat sometimes. we sell the CDs for $3.50-$4.00 wholesale to distros (like NO IDEA.) we is really mostly me, but recently i have been paying cathy to do the mail when i go on tour. i pay her $10 an hour. no one should ever work for less than $10 an hour. she spends 3-4 hours a week on the mail. because we sell cds for $5 we can't afford things like advertisements in 'zines and full color posters, we rely on word of mouth and on the bands touring and playing live to get their music heard/known. i think that's about all there is to it. we are not a business, we are friends. I release music i love made by people i love and i hope you will love it, too. this music is the truest and sweetest music made by some of the best people in the world.

the new record will be out any day now. go ahead and order if you like gambling. it really should be out really really soon. tbiapb is on tour, hopefully the dates will be on the web-page soon. they will also be touring japan soon and hopefully we will have more info soon. terry has opened her club: SLUGGOS, in pensacola.

japanther has joined the plan-it-x family and will be recording for their new record in AUG. hopefully the record will be out by the end of september. they are on tour right now. in case you don't know, japanther is an awesome band. they are a two piece from brooklyn NY. they are noise kids playing pop music. they have so much passion and magic when they play, they are both dangerous and sweet. romantic.

I guess the biggest news for us is that Ronny Joe is no longer going to be playing in One Reason. This is a pretty huge change since we've always contributed equal 1/3's to everything in the band and he was so essential in everything we've done. He's living in Austin, TX now and is going to continue to play and record as the Saw Wheel. Our new bass player is Greg Harvester from Chattanooga/everywhere else. He played with us at plan it x fest and for the last tour we did with Carrie Nations. When we asked him to come fill in for that tour we didn't even think to ask him if he could actually play bass, that's how awesome he is. Speaking of that, our tour last month with Carrie Nations and Hot New Mexicans was muy ocho. Lexie wants me to say that. They are the best bands on earth. Now we are at home in Mississippi writing new songs for a split 7" on Anti-Creative Records with the other best band on earth- Defiance, Ohio, and for another 7" we are doing on Salinas Records. We all live in a house together and you can come visit us. We shot out the streetlight but there are still lots of bugs. We are playing some random shows out of town but pretty much won't be touring for a long time again, at the least not until after new years. That will be a change of pace. Things are pretty sweet over here. Thanks for caring about us. that is all I think. -ginger

rosa are also new members of the plan-it-x family. they are on tour of course, or traveling, or both? they are sweet little kids from huston TX that play folky pop music on acoustic instruments. sweetness, is a word that comes to mind. smiles. they might be the punkest band on earth.

played a great set at the fest and will have a new CD out sometime soon on plan-it-x!

Okay, so we're back from the US tour and we had an amazing time. Every gig was great, playing in loads of different places with lots of great bands. Highlights for me were Richmond, Gainesville and Detroit but all the gigs were fun. Here are a few stats:
Distance travelled: Approx. 5400 miles
Gigs played: 25
Gigs that fell through: 3 (2 due to acoustic only shows)
Bands played with: 46
Venue types: 2 record shops, 1 Kebab house, 2 basements, 1 Pizzeria, 1 carpark, 2 back gardens, 4 houses, 4 coffee shops, 2 masonic temples, 5 all-age venues and 1 bar
Vans broken: 1.5
Tires blown: 2
Friends made: Shed loads
Root beer drank: 1200 litres
Massive thanks to Chris and Hannah for putting up with us on the tour and sorting the whole thing out. There's kind of a tour diary on the message board that just needs a few of the final dates included.Also both the CD and 10" are out now. The CD is available from Plan-it-X direct and also from No Idea Records and we have a limited number which we'll be selling at gigs. The 10" is available from Somebody's Song Records. Both formats came out great, although there are slight spelling problems on the CD which happened when text was converted to US standards. We also have t-shirts, stickers and badges which I may put on-line at some point.Our next plans are to do a split 7" with Jets Vs Sharks which is gonna be ace, being hopefully more of a collaboration than a split. Heard one of the Jets songs thats going on the split last night and we'd best write a beauty! We are also doing a few dates with Minority Blues Band from Japan in September and as usual we are looking for gigs around the
UK.In another piece of news, Matt has unfortunately left Fig. 4.0 (Steve and Joe's other band for those not in the know). It doesn't neccessarily mean the end but it'll certainly be a while before they are back in action as they try and figure out a replacement....That's it for now, Andrew

so we've streamlined carrie nations contact, ian, jon and andre all live in the same house. its 649 N. Milledge Ave. athens 30601, we are currently writing our new album, to be recorded in the next two months or so. also working on our diy space, making it clean and awesome and making shows more smooth and sweet. andre's wedding is the 28th, horray. life will be more normal soon, i promis...bye -carrie nations (best band ever)-andre

i cant think of much news yet but were getting ready to book a huge fall tour starting sept 19th......our lives,,,,,,im working on a farm right now in north judson,in and if any one wants to come hang out with me at indiana beach ill be around here until mid September.... daun and chris are bustin' their asses in greenwood recording solo projects on the four track....chris just finished his second 50 song c.d. that is 100 songs in less that a year not including the thirty plus door-keys songs.....he's a machine. if any one is interested in hearing those recordings they can e-mail me we made a bunch of what else i think that is about all for now we're taking a break for about a month and a half then going out on a two month tour and all moving back to Bloomington after that. -matte

No news is good news, right? I don't really have much. Thirteen days until I move to Bloomington and start at Ivy Tech community college. I'm planning a release with an Athens label called Cloud Records. I am also going to record with them so I'm looking forward to a brand new sound. It will be a very slow process what with being in school and all. My only recording time will be these next few days and then thanksgiving and christmas break. I might do some recording in bloomington as well. I am currently doing mail orders for the madeline and the beets cdr and I'm going to start doing mail orders for my first recording I made when I was fifteen as soon as I can whip up some artwork. -madeline

we have the new split CD on plan-it-x with ghost mice.. we have a split 7" coming out in September or October with one reason. we plan on repressing both the share what you got CD and the LP at the end of the summer. we have a european cd version of share what you got coming out in france the end of this summer/early fall. -Geoff

The Bananas have been taking a break from playing shows and drinking Sparks to work on new songs for their next album. Word has it that VidaLoca Records from Italy will be releasing "Nautical Rock 'n' Roll" on vinyl, which would be the first Bananas album to ever make it to record. Mike Banana is getting married to a very rad lady in September; Scott Banana is currently selling merchandise for and drinking pints with The Frenchmen, a Sacramento pop band, in England; and Marie Banana just got a new haircut. -marie


has a new CD called "pass ion, sleds, the drag-on" out now on plan-it-X and also available on LP from Harlan Records (, and in europe from Narshardaa Records ( They have some upcoming shows, a u.s. tour planned for August, and tentative plans to record again over the summer and fall. New members have been added in the form of Kristine Barrett and Electric Dukes, bringing the unit up to a baker's dozen! contact nate at

the ghost mice have a new split CD out on plan-it-x records. it's a split with DEFIANCE OH. each band does 5 songs. 2 of the ghost mice songs are re-recordings from the rymodee split because we thought we could do them better and we changed the key of one of them (jailbird+bloomington). we should have a split out with PRETTY HOT on anti-creative records (jer's label) sometime in the late fall or winter. we have plans to record two concept albums, one about our first trip to europe (as people not a band) and how we lived on a total of 10$ a day. the other one is going to be all about different political prisoners and their stories. these two records will be on plan-it-x and will be out sometime in the spring or maybe even next summer. ghost mice is about to go on tour in europe again: AUG 6th-SEP 19th.

we found a drummer, or a drummer found us. it's ryan quinny from gainesville FL. you may have seen him play drums in his other bands: R-3 or FIYA. we (ghost mice) played with R-3 at the gilman last month and ryan expressed his interest in the band so it's done. we have a drummer. i think we will tour sometime in the spring for 2-3 weeks, the south and east or some mid-west? if you want us to play your town let me know. our only full length CD "i've never trusted a revolutionary that was afraid to dance" will be repressed in the fall. the repress will include the 7" and some extra tracks as well as the disarm 7" (disarm was hannah and i with matte cathcart of the door-keys playing drums, mikey hotsauce put out our only release, the 7") it will also include the peanucle CDR if there is room, i just want to use up the extra space and stop making CDRs. it will not include the bonus track that's on the LP version (on hotsauce records.) we are still hoping that our split 7" with the CARRIE NATIONS on neon boom box records, and our split with ABE FROMAN on smack dab in the middle records will both come out some day. the CN split should have been out in april. the AF split is waiting on AF to record. cross your fingers.

we played a show, june 20th in bloomington. it was fun. people stage dived and went crazy. there were 600 people there. you might have been one of them. we will be releasing a discography of everything we did in the 90's it will have at least 10 more songs than the last one and will come with a DVD of live stuff. it will not include "who needs electricy" or "tour of the living dead" it should include a lost song called "what do you wanna be" if frankie can find it. it was so much fun playing the plan-it-x fest we thought about playing some more shows and maybe even writing some new songs but i'm not saying anything yet. the discography of the 90's will be out in the late fall.

played a secret show at a secret party and have been doing some practicing. we heard a rumor that some band is calling themselves the ted dancin' machine. i hope not, we have been using the name for 10 years.

sadly abe froman has been on a sort of hiatus for a few months since Ryan (bass) is living in Philly and Erin (guitar) and Matt (drums) are now living in Bloomington and play together in mount gigantic. Erin is my new housemate and Matt lives 2 blocks away! they will have a new split 7" out sometime in the future with the devil is electric on smack dab in the middle records (home of chain reaction) contact SDM records: the CD version of their split LP with soophie nun squad IS OUT NOW! all 3 members have been playing/recording solo. (see matty pop chart below). Ryan's solo act is called babe in the woods, and has 1 CDr out already on the bloomington label: and a new one in the works. contact the various fromans like this:

has a brand new split CD out with welcome home nemo (who is ian of the carrie nations) on friends and relatives records and it's really good. it's his first release that was recorded in a studio. it also has the plan-it-x CDR songs on the disc as MP3s. we don't have the cdr anymore. you better like MPC now so that when he is on the top of the charts you can say you liked him back in the day. contact matt:

we just released "everything in the world, a discography" on plan-it-x. it has both full lengths (geography and look back and laugh) as well as some rare 7"s tracks, some alternate versions and some stuff you have never heard, including some demo stuff and live stuff. itÕs really cool in case you havenÕt figured that out yet. the sissies are broken up sadly, but two of them are in a sweet new band called what the kids want. ali sings and writes the songs so they obviously sound a little bit like the sissies. they have a 7" that they released on their own label (talking dog records) and their new full length CD just came out on smack dab in the middle records (check them out on the links page) i suggest you get their cd. you can contact ali:

Make your own CDs.
do you want to make your own CDs?, start your own record label?. its easy. we use to make CDs. they are a local place and they have pretty good prices. they may not be the cheapest but they are very fast and dependable and do a good job. they can do either the raw discs (just the CD) and you can get the printing done yourself and stuff them into little bags ( ) or you can get them to do a whole packaged deal, like the bananas CDs (slippery subject and NrnR) tell them we sent you. (this is not an ad, its just that a lot of people email me and ask me where to get CDs made)

contact me: chris
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