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Posted 15th September 2004

Barry's chemicals are to be sold on the web site below. Sorry for not informing anyone before but Monochrome Photography had to wait for papers to be signed before going ahead with this announcement. This message is being posted within minutes of me receiving the news in order you remain kept up-to-date.

The web site is at and contact can be made on

As the webmaster for this new site I would be happy to answer/pass on any questions


Andy Hollingsworth


Posted 9th August 2004

It is with great sadness that Kate Thornton has decided that it is not possible to carry on with the shop or this web site. I have spoken to her and found that there will be no more chemicals or books. I will keep the web site on-line until the next renewal date and then it will be closed. For this reason I will no longer be able to take questions on this site.

I am sorry that you have all waited so long to hear this news, which I know, is very disappointing.

As one thing stops another starts. I am in the process of completing a web site for some new photographic chemicals. The site, owned by Peter Hogan (a friend of Barry’s), will be open for sales in the near future. In my opinion, with my photography teaching background, I would say this is well worth your serious consideration.

The web site is at and contact can be made on

As the webmaster for this new site I would be happy to answer/pass on any questions


Andy Hollingsworth

Posted 5th May 2004

Kate Thornton would like to pass on her apologies to those awaiting the re opening of the shop. Due to unforeseen circumstances there has, as many of you are aware, been a delay. It is still the case that the shop will open up again - we just ask you to be patient at this time.

Again I can't sat what will be in the shop.

As always I will reply to all emails (and I have received hundreds) but ask that you don't email for information on the opening date and items to be stocked as this will be mailed to you as soon as I have those details.

Regards as always

Andy (AWH Imaging)

Posted 3rd March 2004

The shop will be open by Easter.

If you are on the mailing list and think I have not informed you - don't worry - I will be mailing with the actual date when I have it.

I can now confirm that not every item will be present. At this time I do not know what will be in and what will be out. Suffice to say though, as soon as I know, you will too.

Andy (AWH Imaging)

Posted 4th January 2004

The shop will definitely be re opening

Kate Thornton would like you to know that the shop will be re opening. Due to the fact that Barry died without leaving a will all his business has, as you will understand, been tied up in probate. This is now being sorted out and it is hoped the shop will re open sooner rather than later. At this time we cannot be completely sure if every item will remain in the shop.

I am sure you will all understand and be patient under the circumstances. Anyone that has emailed AWH Imaging will receive information of the opening date.

We thank everyone for their messages of condolence and wishes for Kate and her family.

Happy New Year to one and all

Andy (AWH Imaging)

Posted - 27th October 2003

It is with the deepest of regrets that I have to let you all know that Barry Thornton died on Saturday night (25th October 2003) in his hotel room following a seminar. I have spoken to his wife, Kate, and she has asked me to keep his email open for the time being for anyone who would like to pass on their condolences to the family.

I heard it said on several occasions that Barry was the new Ansel Adams and having known him personally for quite some years now I will not disagree with that. He was quite brilliant in his approach to photography and the results he achieved.

I had the pleasure of knowing Barry personally while many of you only knew him through email. We were all very lucky to have know this man so dedicated to the photography we love so much.

Barry will be missed throughout the photographic world.

Although his memory will go on for many years, the shop is now closed …... for the moment...
If you have questions about the shop please contact me at
It is hoped that the shop will re-open and have all the items as listed before - but please be patient for Barry's family as they have time to reflect on the man they loved so much...


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