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Every Duck has his day... until sniped.
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  Title: Screwball Islands
Description: What would you do if you were stuck in the middle of the ocean with a bunch of mentally deficient archetypes? What's that? Nothing? Ok.
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  09.22.04 Wednesday 8:55 pm

» Here's some stuff you may find amusing....

In THIS THREAD, coydog shows us something that Bud Light came up with online that is really quite funny. I'm partial to THIS ONE by my brother, SpANG.


In other news, Chupa Chelano (Writer of that wacky bird BRUTUS has started up his own WRITER'S FORUM and invites all to take a looksie. If you have a story, want advice on a story, or want to read other people's stories, writer's forums are a great place to exchange ideas.

This weekend will be the last day to advance order my book THE GODS OF ARR-KELAAN: GOING HOME (BOOK 1) at your local comic shop. I think Tuesday is when the final orders have to be sent to the distributing company. After that, you'll have to hope they stocked up, or you'll be able to buy them through me again with the wonderful shipping charges added.

There are still plenty of copies of DRUNK DUCK VOLUME 2: Drunk and Disorderly left, so order one if you like great comics and want to help the duck.


And finally, here's a DNQ strip from Stephen Hayes:

Remember, if you send me a DnQ strip, and I like it, I'll post it up here for all to see AND link to your comic.

09.22.04 Wednesday 8:56 pm

» Aw, nuts, it didn't work!

Okay, view Stephen Hayes' DnQ strip here:


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