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This page highlights recent additions to this Web site and upcoming events.
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SSSS 46th Annual Meeting, November 4 - 7, 2004
Sexuality Research Fellowship announces the 2005-2006 Postdoctoral Fellowships on Sexuality and Policy.

It's a hoax- The Kinsey Institute is NOT involved in a study about IQ; we have no reason to believe that IQ changes after childbirth. This story is circulating through emails, and is not true. The Kinsey Institute has not been, and is not involved in this 'study.' But thanks for checking!


UW researcher Julia Heiman named Director of The Kinsey Institute.

Liam Neeson stars in Kinsey


Kinsey Today newsletter is available online. photo of newsletter

Kinsey Institute News

Sex in America: Art & Artifacts from The Kinsey Institute Collection, 1900-1968
July 1 through October 15.

See our gallery webpage for more information on this and upcoming exhibits.

Please call 812-855-7686 for reservations.


The Allure of Clothing: Function, Fantasy, Fetish, Fashion is on view now at the Mathers Museum of World Cultures on the Bloomington campus. This exhibition is the exciting result of a collaboration between three Indiana University institutions--the Mathers Museum, the Elizabeth Sage Historic Costume Collection, and The Kinsey Institute.

Sex Among the Lotus features art from The Kinsey Institute at the Museum of Sex in New York

Film Collection
The KI's Film Collection is now online.

John Bancroft reflects on time with the Kinsey Institute


Tours are offered monthly. Please call 812-855-7686 or email for reservations.

Federal funding and sex research:
Should the National Institutes of Health fund sex research? Is sex a part of personal and public health? We think so.
Research Projects:
Participate in an on-line research project.
Factors that enhance or inhibit women's sexual arousal.
Using focus groups, Dr. Stephanie Sanders and Cynthia Graham are developing a questionaire on factors that enhance or inhibit women's sexual arousal.

Read about these research projects at the Kinsey Institute.

New Publications:

Sexual Development in Childhood, edited by John Bancroft, IU Press, 2003.
Essays and discussions from the 2002 workshop on Sexual Development seek to help in the understanding of both the normal range of sexual development in children and the consequences of abusive sexual experiences.

" Recalling Sexual Behavior: A Methodological Analysis of Memory Recall Bias via Interview Using the Diary as the Gold Standard" Graham, C., et. al., (2003), The Journal of Sex Research, 40 (4), 325-332.

"Sexual risk taking in gay men: The relevance of sexual arousability, mood, and sensation seeking" is in the Dec. issue of Archives of Sexual Behavior. The companion study on heterosexual men will be published in 2004.

APA Monitor highlights Janssen and Bancroft's research on sexual arousal



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