Philly Fringe Performance!

Mounted and Framed

Not everything in a gallery stays confined to a frame or pedestal. Psychiatry, pinkeye, government crackdowns, bridesmaid gowns and waterslides come to you in site-specific one-acts by the Philadelphia playwrights you’ve been waiting for. Art’s action comes off the wall and right up to your personal space, from the people who brought you the 2003 Fringe sellout show, Mixed Drinks, and the writers of this season's Skitzoid.

Dates are:
Mounted and Framed- 9/3 &9/4 @ 10, 9/6 @ 4, 9/10 and 9/11 @ 8pm

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Surface Tension is the
force in a liquid that
attracts its molecules
to each other, thus
making it more stable
in contact with other
forms of matter.