It's a fucked up world, no?


Jeez, was it THAT bad?


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You know what would be my dream-job (aside from a few obvious ones of course)?
As long as I can remember I have been thinking up cartoon-ideas. I can't read a newspaper normally, without making the oddest connections. Some 20 years ago I tried to pursue a career doing just that and got published a few times in local (non-paying) newspapers/publications. It didn't work out like I had planned.
Since then that ambition has been dormant, with a few outbursts disguised as illustration jobs.

During my vacation I have started reading Mort Gerberg's "Cartooning: The Art and the Business", which has been in my possesion some years now. I'm half-way through it now, and that which lay dormant is starting to wake up again! It is my intention to work through the examples and exercises in the book, and perhaps post a daily or weekly cartoon right here on my blog.

Until that time I'll post a few old ones from years ago in the next few posts. Please let me know what you think. :)


Long time no blog, eh?
Well, I've been on vacation, which to me means having time to read two or three books. Yay!
I started with Dan Brown's superb "The Da Vinci Code", folowed by Michael Moore's hilarious/shocking "Dude, where's my country". Both books were, to me, very thoughtprovoking and I'll be googling for weeks to come, to try and answer some of the thought they provoked. Good stuff! :)


For a few months now, I've been testing the waters at a website called Miss Cyn mentioned it some time ago. It's a very nice place and it's run by some fellow Dutchmen, so I couldn't resist starting a little gallery there. Among it's users there are some fabulous artists, especially in the paintings section. Maybe a bit angsty, gothy and angely, but still. Worth checking out.


Okay, list-time for ikookeen too (cause I'm a blogger, yes I am, so let's blog this):

Teh hotz famous women top 3 are (in no particular order): Alysson Hannigan, Angela Basset and Jennifer Connelly.
Teh notz famous women top 3 are (i.n.p.o.): Jennifer Aniston, Alyssa Milano and Pamela Anderson.

Teh hotz famous men top 3 are (i.n.p.o.): Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt and Russel Crowe.
Teh notz famous men top 3 are (i.n.p.o.): Matt Damon, George Bush and J. P. Balkenende (our prime-minister. YIKES!!)

Top 10 favorite albums: Subdivisions (Rush), Riverdance (Bill Whelan), Retropolis (The Flowerkings), OK Computer (Radiohead), One of a Kind (Bill Bruford), Valensia (Valensia), Cosmic Thing (B52's), Post (Bjork), Slipknot (Slipknot) and A Night at the Opera/A Day at the Races (Queen).

Top 10 favorite movies: Star Wars (the whole lot), Strange Days, Battle Royale, Fight Club, Citizen Kane, The Matrix (all of them), Batman Returns, Seven, Twelve Monkeys and The Usual Suspects.

Ah, lists... what fun they are. :)

About not writing two languages anymore: it's because I find it quite cumbersome. I'd like to write some longer rants and don't really want to bother with having to translate what I just wrote. So...


Oh my Yoda!

I have this thing. A small, tiny thing, but it's a thing nonetheless. Whenever I see ants I can't help but drop to the ground instantly and check on how and what they're doing. I've had this TTT (teeny-tiny-thing) for as long as I can remember. I also have a METT (maybe-even-tinier-thing) for insects as a whole. They're marvelous creatures. With their designs, their colors, the way they live, communicate, create and die. As the elf-eared alien would say: "Fascinating!"
One of these days I'm going to make an ant farm, one that I can put in front of my workroom's window. Hell, I may even get me one of these to take some of them with me.
This'll be so cool!



Pencildrawing of Jennifer Connelly that I made recently. Posted by Hello


Fantastische (digitale) illustraties van Kness en haar vriend Bengal. Gewoon geweldig!


Fantastic (digital) illustrations by Kness and her buddy Bengal. Simply superb!


Hel op aard #18: Een nachtje in Paris Hilton.


Hell on earth #18: One night in Paris Hilton.


Hoe ongelooflijk ziek ben je wanneer je gaat googlen voor "the Nick Berg beheading video"? Behoorlijk!
Wel, deze mensen zijn ook ziek, op hun eigen manier. Op een goede manier. Op een gestoorde, komische, bizarre manier. Een oudje maar goedje.


How sick are you when you go googling for "the Nick Berg beheading video"? Pretty bloody sick!
Well these people are sick too, in their own way. In a good way. In a totally insane, hilarious, bizarre way. It's old, but good.


Ik ben verzot op oude tv-series. Wanneer ik naar de beginmuziekjes op Bubblegum (Nederlands) en Retro Junk (Engels) luister, verzink ik direct in dagdromen.


I just love old tv-series. When I listen to the tunes at Bubblegum (Dutch) and Retro Junk (English), I immediately sink into daydreaming.

via Yoshe/


Mijn oudste zoon (4 jaar) is een tekentalent. Althans, dat vind ik. En ik ben jaloers op zijn frisse kijk op de dingen, alsook de snelheid waarmee hij tekent. Op gezette tijden zitten we samen aan tafel met een behoorlijke hoeveelheid tekenpapier en allerlei potloden, viltstiften en dergelijke. "Wat gaan we tekenen", vraag ik dan aan hem. Natuurlijk. Ridders, piraten, draken, monsters, kastelen, schepen, enzovoorts. Echter, tegen de tijd dat ik net klaar ben met mijn eerste ridder, begint hij al aan zijn tweede tekenvel. Onder de indruk bekijk ik zijn werk. Allerlei losse lijnen met slechts die details die er toe doen, maar onmiskenbaar visualiseren zij ridders, piraten, een draak, een kasteel, etc. Fantastisch!

De illustraties van Jon Burgerman maken een dergelijke bewondering in mij los. Pracht mooi werk!


My oldest son (4 years old) has a talent for illustration. I think so anyway. And I sort of envy his fresh look on things, plus the speed with which he doodles. We'll be sitting at the table with quite a quantity of empty pieces of paper and lots of pencil, markers and such. "What shall we draw", I'll ask him. Of course. Knights, pirates, dragons, monsters, castles, ships etcetera. But by the time I have finished my first knight, he's ready to fill his second piece of paper. Amazed I check out his work. Lots of loose lines with just the details that matter, but unmistakenly arranged to depict knights, pirates, a dragon, a castle and so on. Fantastic!

The imagery of Jon Burgerman invokes in me a similar awe. Just wonderful stuff!

Stickernation. Ga en plak.


Stickernation. Go and stick.


Pak Een Boek Spel (via Jameekae)

1. Pak het dichtstbijzijnde boek.
2. Open het boek op 23.
3. Zoek de vijfde zin.
4. Post de tekst van die zin in je blog, samen met deze instructies.

De zin: "It had been an epic battle." (Clear and present danger, door Tom Clancy)


Grab A Book Game (courtesy of Jameekae)

1. Grab the nearest book.
2. Open the book to page 23.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.

The sentence: "It had been an epic battle." (Clear and present danger, by Tom Clancy)

Koel! Een nieuwe template. Blogger-commentaar. Yes!


Cool! A new template. Blogger-comments. Yes!


Geen blog is compleet zonder een link naar die van De Bie.


No blog is complete without a link to De Bie.


FUN! Ron van der Ende ken ik reeds een kleine 20 jaar, en zijn werk blijft me verbazen. Ooit zal ik een zak geld aan een van zijn objecten kunnen besteden. Let op mijn letters: O O I T !


FUN! I've known Ron van der Ende about 20 years now, and his art still amazes me. One day I will be able to spend a big pile of money on one of his works. Read my text: O N E D A Y !


Hel op aard #17: Paul Marchall heten. :(


Hell on earth #17: Being Paul Marchall. :(
(Paul Marchall is the father of one of the girls that were slaughtered by Marc Dutroux.)


Ken uw goden, check Godchecker. Gecheckt? Check!


Know your gods, check Godchecker. Checked? Check!


Interessant om te lezen. Af en toe een beetje vreemd, NMM, maar toch...


Interesting read. Sometimes kinda weird, IMHO, but still...


Okee, DIT is GEWELDIG! En en en... en hij is nog Hollander ook!
Nu is het wel zo dat de een zijn beelden als schokkend/smerig/gruwelijk/nietfijnomnaartekijken zal ervaren, terwijl een ander zich al kwijlend van genotsdruft aan al dit moois te goed zal doen. Deel mij dus maar in bij die tweede categorie.


Okay, THIS is FANTASTIC! Plus... he's Dutch!
Some people will find his images shocking/gross/horrifying/unnerving, while others will thankfully feed on it's beauty. Put me in with that second category.


Altijd leuk, optische illusies.
Vraag ik me wel af hoe men een tekenaar noemt die dergelijke potloodvruchten maakt. Een illustratillusionist?


Always fun, optic illusions.
I do wonder though, what to call an artist who creates such works. An illustratillusionist?

Via Yoshe (


Ik kan mijzelf compleet verliezen.
Verliezen tijdens het bezoeken van websites waar creatievelingen hun laatste digitaal beschilderde ei hebben uitgepoept.
Ook de tijd verliest zich met mij. De uren gaan tijdens dit gluren razendrap als hete broodjes over de toonbank.

Wanneer uw tijd zich als koude stroop voortsleept, doet u er wellicht goed aan de volgende websites te bezoeken:
Worth1000, GFX Artist en Sijun Forum.


I sometimes lose myself completely when visiting websites where creative people display their latest digital gem.
It seems that time itself loses it's grip as well. The hours vanish like fresh baked Krispy Kremes.

If your minutes seem like days, perhaps it might be a good idea to check out these sites:
Worth1000, GFX Artist and Sijun Forum.


Juist! Daar is ie weer! EN tweetalig (met enige artistieke vrijheid dan toch)!


Right! Here we go again! AND in two languages (with a bit of artistic freedom anyway)!